What’s New with My Blog? New Logo, Comment Luv and Much More!

Recently on 1st June AllBloggingTips.com Completed 6 months :) I was pretty happy to see progress of my blog. So I decided to make some more changed to comes up with something cool.

I’m sure that you might notice these changes here with my blog.

So what’s it, exactly?

Today, I am going to announce few changes that I did recently. I hope you will like these new change. If not? Do comment below to let me know if I missed something ;)

I installed CommentLuv Plugin

What’s New with My Blog? New Logo, Comment Luv and Much More!

CommentLuv is an awesome WP plugin that allows commentators for adding links to their latest blog posts along with their comments. This plugin can help to get more comments, and it also help our readers to build backlinks for blogs effectively.

Now I installed CommentLuv Plugin. If you comment below it will show up your 10 recent post along with your comment. Which will help you to get few traffic, backlinks. Isn’t that cool ;)

Another thing good about Comment Luv Enabled is it automatically fetches ten most from the RSS of the URL you provide. And will show selected post with your comment. So what you are waiting for comment below and get quality backlink.. Currently this blog is page rank 3

We got Google Sitelinks.

Yes, We got google site links on 1st June. Its another good changes for SERP of this blog. To see how site links work see screenshot below!

What’s New with My Blog? New Logo, Comment Luv and Much More!

New Logo

Recently I was planing to use some good fonts for ABT logo and new icon. But I thought current one is better. I just did some customization like changing font, colors, Icon. Have a look below. Do let me know how’s it? BTW I like simple logo ;)

What’s New with My Blog? New Logo, Comment Luv and Much More!

What’s More?

A part from new logo and installing comment luv plugin. I also did some more changes to optimize this blog :)

  1. Adding Subscribe Box After header
  2. Floating Sharing Buttons, After post sharing buttons
  3. Little Changes to Menu
  4. Header, Sidebar, Before, After post option to add banners.
  5. Hot Products Widget in Sidebar
  6. Removing Author Avatar from Homepage
  7. Stylish Related Post
  8. Awesome Commentators Widget!

The main thing I want to write in this post that is Installing CommentLuv Plugin and New Logo. Rest are few things that I wanted to tell you. In the mean time I also join few affiliate networks like KolaKube. Currently this blog runs on Marketer Delight 2.1 Best skin for thesis.

I also added few ads on this blog.  These are some new changes has been added in my blog, I hope you will enjoy with these changing. Do let me know if I missed anything.

Have a great day.  :D

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Comment below, let me know what do you think?

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  1. sarankumar says

    I Like this website very much becouse of its content arrangement and presentation.titles are aranged in nice way to read.simple blog site but very helpfull and beatiful.Great Ammar Ali……….Great… :)

  2. says

    I always..thnx people like you by clicking on their adds.. after all they give me Chance to build backlink by allowing do follow..
    thnx a ton.. for helping new bloggers like me..:))

  3. says

    Its good for your blog that you have enabled CommentLuv. I think you have started getting more visitors who are willing to comment in your blog. And the new logo is good too. Sometimes some small changes can do wonders.

  4. says

    Keep up the good work bro. I really like the new look of your blog. You did right installing CL plugin, but you did something which is responsible of slow loading of your blog.

  5. says

    Congrats bro as you have been featured as one of the top 10 youngest bloggers of Pakistan. Liked the changes you made on your blog! You’re becoming more matured and professional day by day.

    Wish you all the best and good luck…

  6. says

    Commentluv working well right now.. :) but be ready for great shock !! some times it really gives !! .lolz..
    Well, logo is cool and i love your subscribe box :)

  7. says

    Your logo looks quite professional. Great job on this blog, its wonderful to see other pakistanis succeeding in the blogosphere. I’m also thinking of reactivating commentluv on my blog again. :)

  8. says

    Excellent Ammar, only 6 months old!, you need to write a report detailing how you went about doing everything. Giving it away to build an email list would be good for you but for us, reading exactly you have done, how you set it up, taking guest postings etc would be very useful :-)


  9. says

    Finally comment love has arrived here !
    By the way I will suggest not to change your logo at times , it is against the rules of branding , yes you can keep making it better.
    Removing the author’s images from home was a good step.

    • Ammar Ali says

      Thanks for the suggestion Ahmad, I am thinking to remove author avatar from post titles too. What you say ? 8)

    • Ammar Ali says

      Thank you :) and about site links. Just focus on quality, build backlinks and work on SEO. One day google will automatically shows site links!

  10. Main Uddin says

    Good works have done Dear Ammar Ali. It is now looking so cute .I am really satisfied with your new changes and another interesting fact is that your loading time has become more fast than previous .

  11. sandeep kumar says

    Congr8s Ammar for completing 6 months….
    Its really a big mile stone in the field of blogging….
    99% blogger quit blogging within six month from their start.

    Its really good thing that you have celebrated your 6 month with making changes in your blog…that will add some spice to your blog.

    I would like to see such more celebration from you.

    God bless you

  12. Tarun says

    You hadn’t mention about ads ;)
    And yeah i like all changes that you gave to allbloggingtips. You were experimenting on your logo from some days and Your current logo is better than your previous ones.

    • Ammar Ali says

      LOL, Too smart ;) Yeah, Currently I am trying ads with this blog. Not sure they will stay here for long time. anyway, thanks for your comment!

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