T3Leads Review : An Effective Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program

The make-money-online secret sounds fascinating when we see people earning a lot just by spending few hours on the computer. And the income is also far better than those who spend most of their time in office. You see, this is no longer a secret anymore.

Introducing T3Leads, THE best lead generation and affiliate network. T3Leads allows you to earn more through their Pay Per Lead (PPL) program or even the Pay Per Click (PPC) program.


With more than 20,000 loyal affiliates from 2006, T3Leads is widely establishing itself on the internet. There are a lot of people who dreamt of monetizing their website through the Google Adsense but failed due to the strict TOS of Google. But T3Leads provides the best alternative to the Google ads where you can earn lots more than the former. Actually, the income you earn with affiliates will always be better. Because only certain niches can serve ads and convert them but whereas in affiliate networks, every niche gets benefitted. However, with T3Leads, you can earn both with affiliates and ads.

Unlike Google ads, you won’t be excluded from your traffic or website. Because, T3Leads doesn’t have such norms in their TOS. They want the users to get benefitted and that’s how they can grow, they believe. Adopting the technology from Google ads, T3Leads provides you quality ads with rich monetizing and conversion rates. You won’t be excluded in T3Leads. Every webmaster and blogger can immediately start monetizing their site.


Associated with Pay Day Loan industry and the insurance sector, T3Leads provides quality, profit and performance all together. It allows you to convert the maximum for a day and so, you can earn better. They come with £75 UK payday loan lead and $150 US payday loan lead. Even without having much knowledge in the affiliate networks, you can start earning like a professional with the T3Leads.com affiliate network. With their 24×7 support, you can contact them and get your query, solved. You can easily monetize your website traffic and maximize your net profit because T3Leads gives you the maximum share for affiliates.


T3Leads has a huge network of internet clients who want to get themselves promoted and this is what affiliates are supposed to do. T3Leads provides merchants with the required filters so as they get the highest quality leads. It maximizes the customer reach through their leads. It also ensures that you get lower advertising costs and higher conversion rates.

Just like the other systems, T3Leads don’t just give you a link to promote. You have to create channels and promote ads through them. There is also a built-in form generator based on Java which you can either use to generate traffic from your website. The four ways to create lead campaigns are Channels, Javascript form, ads and CMS websites. The personal/public profile CMS is built using a unique technology. All you have to do is upload the CMS to your server. It will automatically setup everything; you write content and generate traffic, a simple way to generate leads.

If you think, your Adsense ads are not monetizing your website completely or if you don’t even have an Adsense account, you can start using T3 Ads which look just like the Google Ads but generate more income for you. You choose a product to promote and you can create your own ads by writing a headline, two-three lines of description and provide the link to the landing page.

Besides, they provide the best support to the affiliates and merchants. If you are new to internet marketing, they can give you personalized help to create channels, generate ads and make profit. They have the best support system when compared to the other affiliate networks.


If you are looking for a network that gives you the maximum benefits and options for your online business, then T3Leads is it. It is the best affiliate network with simple interfaces and maximum revenue shares and also is the best Google alternative in terms of PPC ads. You can immediately start monetizing your website or grow your business with T3Leads.

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  1. Sarah says

    Submitted my account application for approval, How much time they’ll take on approval process any idea?

  2. Renin says

    I am earning nuts from my Google adsense and I am seriously looking for an alternative or somthing which I can use side by side. After being rejected by Yahoo Bing, I think this is the right choice for me. Lets see what happens now.

  3. says

    Looks promising! I visited the site and found that they only have merchants dealing in finance/loans. But they have a cool affiliate solution where one can choose and customize turnkey websites for affiliate business.

  4. says

    a new tips for me!!! now my blog is running with google adsense.so can i play with T3leads along google adsense? and because of my curiosity why did’t you use google ad on your blog?share the secrets behind it ammar:)

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