8 Reasons Why I Hate Google Adsense

No doubt, Google adsense is one of the best way to make money from website. But I am not using it anymore.

I often get asked Ammar, Why you don’t use google adsense?

There are many reasons and here is my answer to this question. In this post I explain Why I hate Google Adsense and why google adsense sucks!

8 Reasons Why I Hate Google Adsense

8 Reasons Why I hate Google Adsense?

You may think I have personal reasons for writing this post.

No, this is not like that.

I don’t want any new bloggers, my web friends and new web-masters to quit blogging just because google adsense is not approving their blog. There are far better ways to make money without adsense.

Let me know in comments if you want me to write another post on making money without adsense.

1. AdSense Make Readers Leave The Site

The first thing I hate about google adsense is it make the readers leave the site.


When someone click on ad, they leave your site. Because adsense links doesn’t open in new tab. Majorty of Adsense ads are CPC based. In order to make money readers have to leave your blog.

So, would you like to lose readers just for few cent?

The visitor that leave your website can be;

  • A lost subscriber
  • A lost sale
  • and so on..

2. Getting approved is so hard!

I’ve been asked so many times by other bloggers, why google adsense is not approving their sites.

Google is getting strict day by day. They don’t approve any blog easily even if its six month or one year old. If you make site perfect to apply for adsense. There are less chances they’ll approve the site.

3. Too many rules to follow, Huh?

Just Try reading their terms and Conditions you’ll know what I mean.

They have too many rules to follow. Even if you follow them, they’ll ban your adsense account. Once you get ban, you’ll never get adsense back!

4. Email Support Just Sucks!

Google adsense have email support. But you’ve to wait for too many days to get reply from them.

You might need another support to get their reply. 😉

5. Once you get banned, you can never get back in.

If you try getting approve for adsense for a new blog. They won’t approve your application. Even if you follow all the google adsense rules and TOS. There are chances that adsense will ban your website.

Once you get banned just forget adsense. They won’t let you to get back in the program again.

6. Low Cost Per Click (CPC)

If you are not from US or Western Europe – forget about big earnings.

For rich European countries price per click is relatively good. It could be $1 2$ or even more than this. It depends on keywords.

So, If you are getting daily 100-1000 daily you won’t earn much money.

That means, if your sites get small portion of such traffic – you will receive $0.01 – $0.05 for clicks.

Might be around 1$-10$ a month. Adsense pays very less per click.

If you have high traffic, many big advertisers will contact you to pay much better than adsense.

7. Little Editorial Control

Do you know Google has over 100,000 advertisers or might be more than this.

You have no control which one can advertise on your blog or not. Isn’t that sucks?

If you want full control over ads you can use OIOPublisher for WordPress. This is the best plugin to manage all ad spot, advertisers, payments and stats.

8. Big delay in payment

First in order to receive money from adsense you have to verify your home address. Adsense sends pin that might take 2 or 3 months depend on where you live.

Adsense minimum payout is 100$, once you reach this minimum amount. You have to wait for many weeks or a month to receive checks.

Your thoughts please

So above were few reasons why I hate google adsense [You Should too!]

My blog niche is blogging, most of readers are bloggers and webmasters. They don’t click on adsense and other reasons for not using adsense are given above. That’s why I am not using google adsense anymore on this blog.

I haven’t listed other reasons why AdSense sucks and it is not really the best way to make money from blogging, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Leave me a comment below as always. I’d be glad to hear from you.

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  1. says

    i alsoo hate google adsense because it is so difficult to aprove .cpc is the main issue views and then payment i leaved the work there is so much frastration and wait . i like you article as it was the voice of all adsense users thanks for sach article

  2. says

    Adsense might be harsh but after starting my android app I’m getting quiet good results with Admob. I think if you’re a mob developer you can earn good money. I have started earning $100 per month and it’s totally passive as unlike blogging you don’t have to update your apps. Also I have started sharing my income reports over my blog!

  3. says

    I have just started to use adsense but as you said when you use adsense you will always be in fear if google disable your account and same is the case with me.
    The problem with adsense is that, if your traffic from search engines is low then they may disable your account and due to this reason many people have left blogging but there are other ways as well like you said about affiliate etc.

  4. says

    Google did not pay billions publishers, i have thousands proof agains. google give you fake traffic, fake clickist through his own clicking system, he did frauds billions dollars with publishers, by professional jalousie, that facebook, linkedin, twitter, and othere social networks are earning directly, he started google plus. any one contact me for proof, google is scam, i have billion avidances. please share this and save hardworking people and advertiser money. google is making fool publisher that it has strong bots and softwares he can track, but he don’t have software or bot that can stop accidentally clicks. google is fake, there are thousands software, apps that can do block same ip. but google is making fool to world. google is doing frauds with both publishers and advertisers

  5. Peter Griffiths says

    I know what you mean – personally I think there’s not enough reward for such a risk, and if they find you’re breaking their blanket rules, I’ve seen lots of people get their checks cancelled days before being sent – which means that Google was getting free advertising.

    I use Adwords, but I don’t like the idea of being on the other side of the fence. There’s (almost) always a more profitable way of monetizing a site.

  6. says

    Hi Ali,

    I don’t agree with any of your points that you mentioned above. I am also a blogger from Allahabad India, and what i have experienced, there is no other Adsense program like google Adsense. I started blogging 5 years back and have written just 20 to 25 articles on my blog there was no design, bad navigation on blog, less and not very good content, and i just wanted to be millionaire in a month with Adsense. But then i didn’t know that there is no shortcuts to success and Google also say this. I just don’t want to work hard but just wanted to get success in a very short time. Rollover years, so many time i applied for Adsense but they didn’t accept my application.

    I didn’t know that why they are not accepting my blog and was thinking that how they could do this, but i was not seeing myself that i don’t want to work don’t want to create good quality content but i wanted is lots and lots of money without working for a minute, but how it could be possible? So till December 2012 i was just playing games with my blog and not serious about it, but after this i started working hard on every field of my blogging and applied for Adsense they rejected my blog again and this was so embarrassing for me.

    And then i heard from Adsense Forum that Google has stopped accepting blogs related to technology then i thought that how it could be possible but i didn’t stopped here i started a new blog on travel, food related topics and posted about 100 articles and all the other thing was just good then i applied for Adsense with my new blog and it was just one and a half month old and and it got accepted into Google Adsense program, and then i applied Adsense codes on my tech blog too and its been 1 and half year now, i am using Adsense on my blogs and there is no issue with it. Before this i had used all other revenue sharing program that you have mentioned above but didn’t got a single penny, on the other hand i earned good amount of money from Adsense.

    I think Google Adsense is much better and easier revenue sharing program than any other, all other ad program like Media.Net rejected my blog but adsense approved my application, and this was enough for me.

    I get all my payments in time, and this not true that Adsense makes your readers leave your post. As it’s our own interest that where we want to go, if we are interested in the post then we will read the post first or if we are interested seeing ads then we might go with the ads it’s all upto our interests. The fact is we don’t want to work hard on our blog, we only want to get success fast.

  7. Darshit Mulani says

    I am really shocked that CPC is around 12$ for European countries damn I get around 7000 views per week and around 10$ a week I am from India well not actually 10$ last month I got 44$ so I am just wondering if CPC will be that much high for me it will be around 220$ this is insane! :(

  8. says

    Well, most of your points are undoubted, however, on the time frame for the pin code request was not the same as mine. I live in Ghana and upon the request, it took less than a month to arrive. So I guess it differs. Anyway thanks for the other points.

    • Ammar Ali says

      what do you mean by “Affiliate marketing in your blog”. Banner doesn’t work well in making money from affiliate.

  9. says

    Hi Ammar,
    If you hate adsense, It means you’re only using direct advertising.?
    I also love direct advertising but many people are just not interested. If I get a Domain, maybe I can try it.

    • Ammar Ali says

      My #1 income source is affiliate markteing and then direct ad sales. 😀

      You should try it, Did you got approval by adsense?

  10. says

    Great Post here Ammar! However I only use Google Adsense and rely on it as a source of my income. However, i want to know if i want to use adsense, how can i maximize my earnings? How about using it on a personal blog like yasirsaeed.com? I want to establish my brand identity on my own website which has an 8 year old domain. I have even earned a few dollars off my website. How about if i consider this as a starting point? Have you looked at jeffbullas.com? Similar like that, but with adsense model… Let me know

    • Ammar Ali says

      Hello Yasir,

      Adsense CPC depends on keyword and country of visitor. If you want to increase CPC search for “High paying adsense keywords” and then write post which contains these keywords.

      Don’t reply much on Adsense. 😀

      You might be get slap from Google, so always consider building multiple income sources.

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