8 Reasons Why I Hate Google Adsense

No doubt, Google adsense is one of the best way to make money from website. But I am not using it anymore.

I often get asked Ammar, Why you don’t use google adsense?

There are many reasons and here is my answer to this question. In this post I explain Why I hate Google Adsense and why google adsense sucks!

8 Reasons Why I Hate Google Adsense

8 Reasons Why I hate Google Adsense?

You may think I have personal reasons for writing this post.

No, this is not like that.

I don’t want any new bloggers, my web friends and new web-masters to quit blogging just because google adsense is not approving their blog. There are far better ways to make money without adsense.

Let me know in comments if you want me to write another post on making money without adsense.

1. AdSense Make Readers Leave The Site

The first thing I hate about google adsense is it make the readers leave the site.


When someone click on ad, they leave your site. Because adsense links doesn’t open in new tab. Majorty of Adsense ads are CPC based. In order to make money readers have to leave your blog.

So, would you like to lose readers just for few cent?

The visitor that leave your website can be;

  • A lost subscriber
  • A lost sale
  • and so on..

2. Getting approved is so hard!

I’ve been asked so many times by other bloggers, why google adsense is not approving their sites.

Google is getting strict day by day. They don’t approve any blog easily even if its six month or one year old. If you make site perfect to apply for adsense. There are less chances they’ll approve the site.

3. Too many rules to follow, Huh?

Just Try reading their terms and Conditions you’ll know what I mean.

They have too many rules to follow. Even if you follow them, they’ll ban your adsense account. Once you get ban, you’ll never get adsense back!

4. Email Support Just Sucks!

Google adsense have email support. But you’ve to wait for too many days to get reply from them.

You might need another support to get their reply. ;)

5. Once you get banned, you can never get back in.

If you try getting approve for adsense for a new blog. They won’t approve your application. Even if you follow all the google adsense rules and TOS. There are chances that adsense will ban your website.

Once you get banned just forget adsense. They won’t let you to get back in the program again.

6. Low Cost Per Click (CPC)

If you are not from US or Western Europe – forget about big earnings.

For rich European countries price per click is relatively good. It could be $1 2$ or even more than this. It depends on keywords.

So, If you are getting daily 100-1000 daily you won’t earn much money.

That means, if your sites get small portion of such traffic – you will receive $0.01 – $0.05 for clicks.

Might be around 1$-10$ a month. Adsense pays very less per click.

If you have high traffic, many big advertisers will contact you to pay much better than adsense.

7. Little Editorial Control

Do you know Google has over 100,000 advertisers or might be more than this.

You have no control which one can advertise on your blog or not. Isn’t that sucks?

If you want full control over ads you can use OIOPublisher for WordPress. This is the best plugin to manage all ad spot, advertisers, payments and stats.

8. Big delay in payment

First in order to receive money from adsense you have to verify your home address. Adsense sends pin that might take 2 or 3 months depend on where you live.

Adsense minimum payout is 100$, once you reach this minimum amount. You have to wait for many weeks or a month to receive checks.

Your thoughts please

So above were few reasons why I hate google adsense [You Should too!]

My blog niche is blogging, most of readers are bloggers and webmasters. They don’t click on adsense and other reasons for not using adsense are given above. That’s why I am not using google adsense anymore on this blog.

I haven’t listed other reasons why AdSense sucks and it is not really the best way to make money from blogging, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Leave me a comment below as always. I’d be glad to hear from you.

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  1. says

    Totally agree with most of your point. maybe disagree about delay payment point because they used method such as western union which is easy and fast.

  2. says

    Hi , Ammar . I am shocked by the amazing number of comments on this post . And that too in such a short period of time .

    Basically , I hate Adsense too ….

    Why ?

    I would go with all the reasons you have mentioned Ammar .

    For blogs with less trafific , Adsense not only generates Nil $ but it also will decrease the traffic which is already considerably low .


    Nice information Ammar, but then what are other ad networks which pay well than adsense?

    • Ammar Ali says

      Himanshu, I’ve covered a similar topic recently read here allbloggingtips.com/2012/05/23/top-5-ways-to-make-money-without-adsense/

      Have a look and let me know if you face any issue

  4. Danial Abdul Rahim says

    “Wasting of my blogging career”

    Slow, a lot of terms and so on.

    That’s my opinion. And thanks a lot for this ;)

  5. says

    I agree with you in the fact that adsense will lose your traffic however it will always stay the bst CPC program

  6. says

    Hey Ammar, a very strong post, really. But just wanted to know why this post now when you have your most Popular post is 12 Things to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense. Ain’t it contrasting? Though you have strong points to defend the post. Like your gutsy approach. keep blogging always. I am loving it!

    • Ammar Ali says

      That post was created long back. I’ve seen the comments most people are saying adsense is not approvinng their blog. That sucks!

      Thats why I decided to create another blog post on why I hate adsense and why it sucks!

  7. says

    Hi Ammar

    You make some great points about Google Adsense.

    I’ve been using Adsense on my blog for a while now but it doesn’t make me an awful lot of money. I’m not keen that it takes visitors away when they click on the ads.

    I also don’t like that the payment threshold is so high. I’d rather have the money in my wallet rather than Google’s!

    • Ammar Ali says

      Hi Tim,

      Glad to see you here. Good to see that adsense is working for you.

      But NOT for all. Most of bloggers specially New are not happy with adsense. :)

      Thanks for sharing your views.

      Keep visiting.

  8. Rohit Singh says

    hahahaaa :) :)…….nice post Ammar…I think if you know how to use high CPC keywords in your blog then you can easily make more $$$$$$ from any country…

  9. says

    Hey Ammar!

    Couldn’t disagree with your article. Though advertising is the primary source of income for the company itself, it pays too less to the people who actually, are making money for Google.

    Adsense ads are hard to get, easy to lose. When we accidentally click, it is lost forever. All the bucks we have in our account, are simply trashed.

    I hate using Google adsense ads on my blog. Ironically, I am using them, right now. As there is no other income source for me, I had to depend on them and I will surely move out.

    Thanks for the share.

    • Ammar Ali says

      Koundeenya, Thanks for your comment. It is better not to depend much on google adsense. As no one knows what can happen. :D

      I always recommend to have multiple source of income. Have you tried affiliate marketing yet?

  10. says

    Ammar, please help me, i am a blogger on blogger.com. Request u pls give me 2 or 3 best advertising platforms suitable for indians apart from adsense. I want to display related ads on my website. cURRENTLY I M USING CHITIKA AND QADABRA.

  11. says

    Agree with your points. But Adsense is not meant to use on all types of blogs. There are certain niche blogs like Coupons, Prices, Exam Results etc where mass traffic can be easily attracted. I know many guys making 6 figure income only using Adsense.

  12. says

    Ammar you are a great blogger and you know the feelings of other bloggers also. I’m also irritated with AdSense now, as you mentioned getting a 1000 Page views daily will get me only $0.10- $1.00 and yes it’s true sometimes when i get about 2000-3000 page views still i can make only $1.5 maximum and my CTR and CPC both are so low. don’t know why but one of my friend from US makes at least $5-$7 from AdSense and he gets only about 200-300 Page views daily. i have seen that you use Publicity clerks and i have also got approval from Publicity clerks can you suggest me some tips for optimizing my blog so that more and more subscribers will get attract to buy the ads.

    • Ammar Ali says

      Hi Varun,

      Thanks so much for sharing your view Varun. Publicity clerk is good, to get more advertisers you need to focus on increasing traffic.

      You can also try buysellads :D

      Good luck, let me know if you have any other question.

  13. says

    I am in you team Ammar. I also hate them because they don`t tell the damn reason ! the damn reason ! of rejecting your application .They just ask “Your site do not follow our policies” and every body is confused o man :0 which policy is not followed by me and you are right there are lot of ways out there to earn money and i am also not using adsense and earning good for my pocket :)

    • Ammar Ali says

      Thats strange Tayyab, these are the reasons I hate adsense.

      We can make more money online, We just need to find out other ways to make money without adsense. :)

  14. says

    I agree with you Ammar. Not just a little bit but more than 100%. As you know, I have adsense that is more than 1 year old now…But I never used it on my blog due to low cpc and less earnings…Hell yeah there are a lot better ways…

    • Ammar Ali says

      Right Saqib, there are a lot better ways to make money than google adsense. We just need to found out perfect one. :D

      If not adsense, then how do you monetize your blog?

  15. Kate says

    Thank you for all the great tips. I would love a post about how to make money blogging! Thanks!

  16. says

    Yes , you are mentioned all points correctly. Payment procedure is very very slow.
    My adsense account is banned near about 2 years tell date not get back.
    Therefore use other advertising ways like direct advertising, buysell ads, affiliate marketing or any adsnese alternatives to earn money from your blog.
    Direct advertising is the best way..

    • Ammar Ali says

      That’s right. :D

      My best way to make money without adsense is affiliate marketing and direct ad sale.

  17. says

    Hi Ammar,

    These days, I couldn’t comment in any blog because I am really busy. But after reading this post I have to comment.

    You are 100% correct if a blog niche is internet relating blog like blogging tips, SEO tips, etc. What will happen if it is a technology blog? When beginning we can’t get 1000-5000 visitors per day for a technology blog. So we can’t get paid posts or direct ads.

    So I think that if it is a technology blog Adsense is the best way to make money. If I am wrong correct it. :-)

    • Ammar Ali says

      Hi Raplus,

      I really appreciate your time in leaving comment on this post.

      Yes, Adsense works good but no on all blogs. It might work perfect on tech blog with good traffic.

      If not adsense, there are other adsense alternatives too. Like http://www.media.net :D

  18. says


    Mee to here have the same views, I also don’t like adsense much, but gonna try it in upcoming days!
    Lets see what results come!

  19. says

    Hey Ammar.
    Another BIG thing is the Age Rule. Google doesn’t know there are teenagers who are lesser than 18 in age blogs like professionals. They think we will waste the money or something. And that’s total crap.

    But you said about the banning. It’s not like that anymore. :) !
    Google have changed the TOS and now we can get back our banned account simply by assigning it to investigation if we are on the Ethical side.

    Thanks for sharing it up! ;)

    • Ammar Ali says

      Hi Amal,

      Ah, I forgot the age rule. Thanks for reminding me. Teenagers can get adsense on their parents name. No? ;)

      If I’m not wrong Banned and Disabled account are two different things in adsense. :D


  20. says

    While you hate it, others enjoying its passive earnings..anyways… i really doubt about this and i would like to ask: do you really stop using adsense or adsense did not approve your request?

    • Ammar Ali says

      I had stopped using Google adsense. :D

      I don’t care if they approve my site or not (if I apply for adsense) Because, I can make a lot better money than adsense

  21. says

    I know how you feel like. But although what you saying was true but a lot of people love Adsense because it bring them some/many income. Right now I only like Infolink :D

  22. says

    Very well written Ammar. I am completely agree with the last point about their payments. It took so much time to get a cheque. I have also gone through your other article regarding selling ad space. Can you please tell me one thing is it necessary to sell ad space on a blog via a 3rd party, like OIO? I can controll them from my side also….Kindly let me know as I am new to this area.

    Thanks for sharing valuable articles.

    • Ammar Ali says


      OIO Publisher is a plugin that can easily help you to sell ad spaces with ease. Just checkout their site once. If not OIO Publisher you can create a killer advertise here page and payment mode as paypal. In this way you can get more advertisers. Direct ad sales works really great.

      Checkout my blog advertise here page for more info. :)

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


  23. JamesW says

    Hi Ammar, I COMPLETELY agree with you and this post, it was about time for someone to say what you said here. Google Adsense Is just making a fools out of us and they are making billions from our hard work while we get cents.

    Payouts even here in Europe are late and when they ban you, they don’t say why and don’t even give you another chance to joins, that role of untouchable God is so bad.

    People need to realize how Adsense is old school and that they need to give other companies a chance.

    thank you for sharing

    • Ammar Ali says

      Hi JamesW,

      Glad to see you here after a long timme. Thats right, We should give a try to some other companies. Now adsense is not really the best way to make money from websites.

      Thanks for your commment.

  24. krishnaTORQUE says

    nice post.
    yes, you are right. i also do not like that much but still i m working with it because i trust it and i do not know other adsense.
    please let me know good adsense please

  25. Dipankar Mondal says

    Hi Ammar,
    That’s a really awesome article!
    Actually google adsense is the best and biggest Add network that everyone want to use it. That’s why google is making adsense approval system strict day by day. Though adsense is a best earning programs online but it is not only one earning programs, and there are so many earning programs available. So webmasters can try elsewhere as well.
    The best alternative of adsense may affiliate promotion I think.
    After all I will tell, although you have posted all the important points at a glance that’s why you dislike to use of adsense, but most of people check mark their first choice on adsense!

    • Ammar Ali says

      Hi Dipankar,

      That’s right adsense is one of the best network to make money but they are getting strict day by day. They don’t let any blogger specially new to get in to their program.

      Affiliate marketing is no doubt another best way to generate money from blog. Choosing best affliate product and promoting them by writing reviews, placing banners can help to increase affilate sales.

      If we have good traffic lot of commpanies would contact us to place their ads on our site. :D

      More Traffic = More Money.

      What do you think? Are you agree with me?

      • Dipankar Mondal says

        You are absolutely right Ammar. I strongly agree with you that if we are able to drive more traffic on our blog then we can earn a good amount from our blog.
        But the important thing is that the traffic must need to be unique and relevant. Otherwise our bounce rate will increase.

  26. says

    I can understand the hatred you have against AdSense Ammar :p and it’s totally justified. When I first applied, instead of rejecting they straightway banned me! I was…confused actually as to figuring out, what did i do wrong? Luckily it was for another blog and not the current one.
    Your points speak out the feelings of most of the bloggers who are mainly from Asia. Of course if one has a blog that receives 100000 visits, he/she can easily earn a lot of money from ads but reaching that point needs heavy work and luck.
    Nowadays, I don’t even bother checking my AdSense dashboard because I know there’s nothing spectacular to see rather going there would be total disappointment.

    Anyways, I can suggest everyone to look into Yahoo ads media.net
    I see that I am getting good clicks and it seems to be a potential competitor against Google AdSense.

    However, AdSense can be a goldmine if the blog receives hundreds thousands of visits so there is no need to go totally against it.

    Great points laid out Ammar.


    • Ammar Ali says

      Hi Mushfiqur,

      Greatly appreciate your commment. Adsense rarely approve any new blogs specially the bloggers from Asia. That sucks!

      You’re doing good by not checking earnings daily. :D

      Yahoo media.net ads are good. I’ve tried it once and they works really work and they pay good amount per click. That’s cool. No?

      • krishnaTORQUE says

        do you mean media.net?
        if yes, then they didn’t approved my apps. just because i do not have much traffic from canada, US, UK.
        first they look for it :(

        • Ammar Ali says

          I had good experience with them. I just used it once for 2 days. It was good. Just email them your problem. They’re good at replying back :D

        • drason says

          I applied for media.net & got approval within 2 days! I’m a non US blogger but my site gets a good number of US visitors. Moreover my site is only 2 months old! Their earning is the 2nd best after adsense.. :)

        • Abid Omar says

          Yes….Media.net is a best Google Adsense Alternative. I used it on a blog. It performs very Well.

  27. says

    Haha Awesome Post Dude Adsense really Suck!!!

    Adsense is having no reason for disapproving any website, Sometime they disapprove website because site owner hair color is red :p

    But I don’t agree with your 1st reason.

    • Ammar Ali says

      Haha, not sure about red color hair owner. :D

      Google might have updated their system. Links might open in new tab. Not sure about it. As I already said good bye to adsense months ago :D

  28. Andi haidar says

    nice reason to forget this google programs, but some feature like keyword detection from google adsense is really great and i never find in another ads programs, and one more. if i try to leave google adsense what adsense i should use cause i’m not an a affiliators and just use adsense for my blogs income.

    that’s it…

      • andi haidar says

        i’ve been trying for infolink and get some difficult of click value they just give me how much i got. and if i want to get the details of my data i have to get premium publisher account . that’s really sucks….

      • Sentino John says

        Eh Raman, you’re only one of the lucky ass Adsense user. Now the truth is 80% website owner or blogger today are totally give up on Adsense and Adsense has been voted as a suck service since 2010.

        Your words ‘Adsense is best’ is really showing how ignorance you’re.

  29. says

    Yes, these are solid points against Adsense especially if you are not getting huge traffic. Someone who makes 1000s a month using Adsense may not worry about these points but one reason that really annoys me too is the fact that it takes my visitors away. Well, some may just use their right mouse click to open page in new window – but how many of them know this?

    One more – Some guys who got banned got their accounts back. Though it’s a hard process, it sometimes can be positive at the end.

    Tell me, what else do you use in the place of adsense?

    • Ammar Ali says

      Not every one have time to manually open ads in new tab. :D

      Gettin adsense back is really a hard process..

      I do monetize my blog from direct ad sales, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing. :)

      What aout you Enstine?

    • says

      Its true Enstine,If once an adsense is blocked ,then forget to have it back.they will never approve .Actually they will never let you enter your blog address in the disapproved account.They just make your adsense account blog URL input box read only defaulting with some useless text.This is what happening now.

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