Find High Quality Photos For Your Blog Posts At Depositphotos

Are you worried about having copyrighted videos and pictures on your blog?

Do you want a proper solution?

You are on the right place and solution to all your problems is Depositphotos. Bloggers need a lot of things in order to complete even a single post and one of those things are photos or sometimes even videos and other stuff.

Well, it all can be very easily found on the Internet, but you cannot use that stuff because Google frowns on doing that. And, can seriously penalize your blog or sometimes even ban from search engine. You have to be the owner of photos or videos to use them.

This is exactly where Depositphotos comes into the play.

Find High Quality Photos For Your Blog Posts At Depositphotos

They have amazingly huge collection of royalty free pictures, videos and other stuff. This place was created in 2009 and it has made immense progress since then and now can be said the next big thing.

Depositphotos is the ultimate solution of all problems and you don’t have to look around to find things of your needs because you get them all on the same place.

Depositphotos has countless photos and videos to be downloaded. And, don’t think of them as some other website where tons of things are presented in cluttered style.

Depositphotos is different. They bring all things to you in highly categorized way so you can choose what’s best for you. Categories of images include background, abstract and technology as well.

Now you might be thinking that such high quality website would be very costly to buy your stuff. Right? Wrong. Depositphotos allows you to download stuff starting from just about $0.15.

If you want bigger resolution, you can definitely have it by paying a little bit more. You can also get the licenses sometimes if necessary.

Why is Depositphotos so good?

Find High Quality Photos For Your Blog Posts At Depositphotos

This place is filled up with all types of people from all around the world who are constantly sharing with community. There are sellers and buyers and some are doing both things.

That adds multiple flavors in quality and helps the users to get the best. Its such an amazing community to be a part of.

There Is Another Plus Point:

So Depositphotos is a place to spend money to get good stuff? Right? Wrong again. You can also make money from Depositphotos. That’s right.

They have a contributor section as well. You can join and start selling your stuff to one of the biggest audiences in the world. Imagine your pictures or videos being downloaded by millions and then the money that you will get from that and you’d run out of numbers just like me.

What If I Don’t Have Enough Money?

Find High Quality Photos For Your Blog Posts At Depositphotos

This is not an issue. As I told before, they are nice people when it comes to pricing as everything that they offer has a reasonable price. I said ‘reasonable’ because a high quality thing would definitely have a higher price as compared to crap quality.

Always remember, you’ve to spend money to earn money.

Final Words:

Depositphotos is probably one of the best places to get royalty free stuff and there is no one to deny this truth. There is no doubt that you can also get this stuff from many other sites, but you know what, non of them will give you as high quality things as DepositPhotos so make the smart decision and join them. Use the best and become the best.

Join Depositphotos Program for Bloggers

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  1. AMIT says

    Never heard about this great site, i would definitely give it a try, this is my first visit on your blog and i found it really valuable, i was looking for the sites that provide free images that are not licensed and one of your post really helped me. The best thing i like about your site is attractive titles and i think that is why your website has a good Alexa rank …………….
    well nice post …!
    Keep posting :)

  2. Victor Anya says

    Ali, this your article is incisive and wonderful! I’ve been looking for a place to get good photos for my posts when I got your email on my email box concerning this all important topic. Indeed, you’ve made my day and I’ll try it out. Many thanks to you for the good work you are doing. You’ve always come to my rescue anytime I’m desperately in need of information that I need to use. Once again thank you.

  3. Reetika Gupta says

    Hi Ammar,
    Great Info. Well i have not ever used this Site. Really Its best site for me and it helps also for everyone specially for bloggers. Thanks to you for sharing this post. and keep doing well.

  4. Sameer Sumdarshi says

    Thanks for the post.
    Really a needed post for the bloggers, as whenever we write posts, we need images and if we use Google Search results images, then it will be a dangerous thing for all the bloggers. So, I must recommend all the bloggers, to find free images for their blog.

  5. says

    That great I Visit the site its Good to find a good photos for your blog content.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    …………. :)

  6. says

    Im using depositphotos. Its great site and helps lot to bloggers like us. Thanks you for sharing it with valuable information aboue depositphotos.

  7. Sarah Harper says

    First time i am hearing about this site, i usually use fotolia but this one looks good to me. Thanks Ammar for the alternative.

  8. Tiana Kai says

    Thanks for this, I have never heard about this site and would love to have other options for my clients. I prefer to use my own photos for my personal blog, but it is not always easy when I am writing for others.

  9. says

    I was using flickr site for finding unique and quality images. Today i see this digitalphotos site and it’s look great and awesome feature. Thank you so much for share.

  10. says

    Images is that kind of part in website which is left good or bad impression on visitors and in other words it’s like “”First impression is last Impression”‘ so if you would like to convert things in favor of you then you should notice this part of your website to get more better result.

  11. says

    I had no idea about depositphotos. I think it will help me alot as I use a lot of photos in my blog and few of those are copyrighted. Thanks for the post.

  12. Felix Lee says

    I haven’t heard of Depositphotos before. But I am glad to have read this post and know about this. Having a quality photo for every blog is very important and I don’t want to just waste a good blog post just because the photo isn’t appropriate.

  13. says

    I am a regular user of freedigitalphotos for long. I think it will be great if I take a look on depositphotos. Thanks for this post

  14. Rupak says

    Hi Ammar! Thanks for introducing Dipositphotos . It’s very hard for many bloggers to create or design a quality image relevant to his/her topic. It needs good designing knowledge and expertise in tools like Photoshop and so. In these terms we are dependent on other sources on the internet. As you’ve said there is threat of copyright policy we are perplexed whether to use it or not. After reading your article I’m well excited to check this out. I also liked the buying and selling part of this program. Thanks again! cheers!

  15. says

    I really like Depositphotos website because it provides us bundles of photos, images and many mores in free of costs.

    Bloggers should must care of it whenever to use images in new post, there are out of thousands bloggers doing the same and the conclusion sometime they can easily penalized, why .>>>> because you have download the photo from google image search it is illegal in term of SEO to use others images without prior permission.

    So to save you blog from such plagiarism we should use some online free images websites like Depositphotos

    • says


      If you like depositphotos that much, you’ll love — it is a similar royalty-free website/service where you can earn money from your photos, and at the same time download them for $1 a piece (lowest resolution)

      I find them better/and in larger quantities than DepositPhotos… do try ’em and let me know how it goes…

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