Google Page Rank Update 6 December 2013

There has been recent Google Page Rank Update on 6 December 2013.

We all have been waiting for this page rank update and it’s here now.

Google pagerank update is in progress and Google is updating pagerank.

Google pagerank is very important for sites and blogs. Google Pagerank basically ranks a page on the basis of its backlinks and how authoritative that link is. High Google pagerank may boost ranking of the site.

Google Page Rank Update 6 December 2013 Google page rank update happens after 3-6 months after previous update.

It was last page rank update of 2014 which was Google Page Rank Update 6 December2013. Last Page Rank update was on 4 February 2013.

Check your page rank now here!

While going through my news feed, my friend Bilal’s status caught my attention. According to him.

Its second Page rank update of 2013, Last update was in Feb,, everyone saying PR is dead but its now back …. The business of Link Buying, Selling, paid posting is back …. #?pagerank

After checking Page rank of more than 100 sites, here is quick review

Many New Sites get PR1-PR3 (even without backlinkings)
PR dropped of many sites which was PR2,PR3
PR Improved of only few sites

Bilal Sarwari

What do you think about this? Are you satisfied with this page rank update?

All Blogging Tips Got Pagerank 4

Google update is in progress. I just checked and got to know that my blog got page rank 4. (It might be temporary?)

Google Page Rank Update 6 December 2013

But I’m still happy that most of internet pages have good Page rank.. I’m sure next time allbloggingtips will get at least PR 5 or 6. ;)

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’ve put together few questions to help you learn more about pagerank update and how to boost your page rank.

Here I am also sharing some of the most frequently asked questions about pagerank.

Should you rely too much on PageRank?

Now, that’s really important question to ask yourself, Should you reply much on pagerank?

Let me explain, I’ve seen many blogs with PR2, Pr3 that are getting thousands of visitors per day than others PR5, PR6 blogs.

That means Pagerank has nothing to do with your blog traffic. Try not to worry about pagerank / alexa rank.

Focus on providing useful content to your blog readers.

Your priority must be like this;

  1. Readership
  2. Traffic
  3. Alexa Rank
  4. Page Rank

Why my PageRank is not increasing?

Did you asked yourself this question? Why your pagerank is not increasing? There can be many reasons like;

  1. Poor SEO Structure
  2. Poor Link Bulding
  3. Not enough Dofollow baclinks
  4. No quality content in your blog
  5. Blog not optimized for search engines

How to increase PageRank quickly?

Here I am sharing some important tips to increase your page rank for next pagerank update.

Few Tips to Increase your Page Rank.

I hope above tips will help you a lot to increase page rank in the next pagerank update.

If not? then Also read below helpful articles to increase your page rank in no time..

Your turn!

So hope these tips will help you. How was this 6 December Page rank update turns out to be for you? And Have you seen any change in Page rank after this update?

Also, share any special technique to increase your page rank in next update ?

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  1. I’m not happy with this PR update from Google. When there was last PR update, at that time my blog was new with few posts and 0 comments, I didn’t do any guest post and blog commenting. Google gave me PR1.

    But now after 3 or 4 months of hard work which I did, I’ve done many guest posts, I comment daily on high blogs. I’m still PR1!

    I don’t know what happened there, I think Google forgot to check out my blog :D

  2. thank for the information. I was expecting pr 1 for my blog, but unfortunately it didn’t happened. Now I bookmarked this page to work on this in upcoming 3 months. Best of luck for allblogging tips.
    Adil recently posted..World Most Stylish Female AthletesMy Profile

  3. Rahul Kangjam says:

    now i got pr2 so what do u think will it be downgrade or up ??i mean when major update come as u say
    Rahul Kangjam recently posted..Karbonn launch Jelly Bean running tab just for rs6990My Profile

  4. Congrats for getting good ranking in internal pages buddy. My site’s PR is neutral but internal pages have ranked well, just like your blog :)
    Naser recently posted..Mobile App Development Is Spreading Like FireMy Profile

  5. It’s a PR update anyone has experienced? Most of the pages in my blog has got PR3 from NA and almost every page has got PR2 don’t know why home page is still on PR2.
    Irfan Siddiqui recently posted..Gmail FREE SMS Service Let you Send FREE SMS WorldwideMy Profile

  6. My site PR still 2. I heard that it continues for a week or 2. Hope this time will see some change. All the best to all bloggers who got PR
    Ahsan recently posted..Top 7 SEO Ideas For Web DesignersMy Profile

  7. Thanks for sharing the info. My website is still at a 3 for St. Paul Marketing Team. I am hoping just like you it will go up with the next update. Thanks for sharing the latest PR updates.

  8. Hey Ammar, Thanks for sharing the PR Update. My blog’s PR has been updated from 0 to 1!!!
    Kashif Minhaj recently posted..Top 5 Best Android Web BrowsersMy Profile

  9. Slowly working my way up to PR3. But I started out as PR2 (due to domain age). So I’m happy. Just need to get more traffic! Thanks for the tips.
    Jason Mathes recently posted..Google Fiber Being Offered in Kansas City | But Is It Worth It?My Profile

  10. Well congrats Ammar for maintain PR 3 and wish you best of luck for next time for getting higher PR.
    Mkumars recently posted..Google Page Rank Update 2nd August 2012My Profile

  11. Congrats Gary! Great going. :)

  12. Sandeep Kumar says:

    Hi Ammar….
    Congr8s bro for getting good PR for your internal pages…….great achievement….
    and I am sure that in next update your domain will get PR4 or PR-5……
    keep up good work….
    Sandeep Kumar recently posted..Google PageRank Update – What bloggers should do nextMy Profile

  13. Anton Koekemoer says:

    Hi Ammar,

    Thanks for sharing the relevant and viable links on the new pagerank update that Google has recently announced. Always good to read multiple sources of information as to make the best decision and analysis for yourself.

  14. Best of luck Ammar .Hope you will get what you are expecting. Some people say that directory submission is a useless seo strategy.Again there are a lot of link building firms which offer like buy directory submission in exchange of money.Should we rely on them or do it ourselves.What is your opinion about this fact.

  15. I lost my page rank from 2 to 1 in the last update because I had redirect issues in my website. I am eagerly expecting a higher page rank in the next update, when will Google update its Page Rank again?

  16. Ya dude….back-links are very important for page-ranks…according to Google search engine algorithm Google perform its page rank update in each 3 month starting with February 3..once i had a blog which was pr0 at Feb 3 it got pr1 and may 3 it got pr2 and august 3 it got pr3 and now this month Google performed its page rank update at November 9 and i reached pr4…that’s i knew how Google page rank update works.

  17. I think theres something wrong with my page rank. I only published 1 post but I got page rank 4.

    Very strange…

  18. I think the PR thing is still in progress so guys hold your breath.
    BTW, my blog moved to 3 this time ;)
    Enstine Muki recently posted..23 Active Facebook Groups For Bloggers – Join for trafficMy Profile

  19. I did that all except Guest Posting but fail in getting even pagerank 1 My alexa is 35K world and 2.5K India but still no pagerank please tell me what should i do, pls help…
    Krishna recently posted..My Dream Interview in My Dream, Got Selected !!My Profile

  20. This time PR really disappointed me. I expected PR 3 but my blog’s PR is updated from 1 to 2 :(
    Sai Kumar recently posted..Apple Officially Announced iPad 128 GBMy Profile

  21. Ammar,

    to me PR is less important than it was years ago, right now, what I care about is reader interaction and social media votes – quality, and quantity.

    I’d say that blog commenting and gust posting helps me achieve this goal, and indirectly raise my page rank. I won’t fret if my blog’s page rank decreases overnight, nor I’d jump up and down, if it boosts from 4 to 5.

    I’d definitely go crazy when my landing page conversion increases or traffic goes up – as this is a direct and measurable variable we can play with and influence.

    What do you think?
    John (Affiliate Coach) recently posted..How Does Affiliate Marketing WorkMy Profile

  22. Yup, even I noticed PR changes on most of my sites. Google has finally released after a long GAP. Enjoy folks.
    Steve recently posted..5 Tips To Keep Your BlackBerry SafeMy Profile

  23. yup this is really matter of surprise that Google did update Page Rank for long time. All were waiting for Google Page Rank & finally Today 6-Dec.2013 Google updated Page Rank :)
    Vivek Baghel recently posted..Microsoft Ready to Kill Windows RTMy Profile

  24. Im happy of this update because google gave me a pagerank 2. from zero rank jump into pagerank 2..not bad right?. Anyways thanks for this articles because you buzz me up about the page rank update. :)
    Adrian Lucernas recently posted..High PageRank Dofollow Blogs with CommentLuv EnabledMy Profile

  25. PR went down, traffic went up.
    As always, PR is good only for setting the link price…

    Seller – “hey, I have PR5 site, wanna buy link” (no traffic)
    Buyer – “Sure, what is the price”

    Seller – “Hey I have a great site with loads of traffic, do you wanna buy link?”
    Buyer – “What is PR?”
    Seller – “No PR”
    Buyer – “Sorry, not interested”

    PR won’t make you money! :)
    Syed Faris Hussain recently posted..Set Up WordPress Newsletter/Subscription Plugin To Get More Email SubscribersMy Profile

  26. Not the most vital update ever, but it’s interesting seeing all the change over the last… well, year pretty much. Not updated since February? That’s a huge gap. Well, cheers Google. The update is appreciated.

  27. Hi Ammar,

    Congrats to get new status. Wishing you best of luck for PR6 next year. We have got PR3 from this update:) Feeling much happy.
    Nasir Iftekhar recently posted..How To Collect Data From Your Website Clients In One ShotMy Profile

  28. I’ve got 2. Hurray! It’s late, but good! :)
    Hearty congrats to you as well, Ammar!
    Raheel Farooq recently posted..Moving Cross-Country? Tips to Get it RightMy Profile

  29. Hi Ammar,
    I got PR 3 , I did expect it, but still very surprised when I checked it out!!
    I got only few guest posts, but looks like blog commenting did a good job for me.
    Congratulations for All Blogging Tips , too :)
    Dima Al Mahsiri recently posted..8 Money-Saving Beauty Tips (Infographic)My Profile

  30. But ammar; you said blog commenting, sometimes people do wrong comments or attaching more links with comments that lead to be spam finally. So tell people about this too.
    Ahmed shawan recently posted..Guide To Google Keyword Planner for CPC | PPC AdvertisingMy Profile

  31. Lots of good and actionable SEO tips. I would add that its in your best interest to share your content on your top socials so that other influencers can and will share your content, which adds to your social authority.
    Neil Ferree recently posted..Dominate Page 1 Search Results using Social SEOMy Profile

  32. At last its done!
    But I don’t see any change on my blog. But, I doubt importance of Page Rank will be not be same.

    What do you say Ammar?
    Khaja Moin recently posted..Rule #1: Think About Earning More Not Spending LessMy Profile

  33. Even i am not happy with the update so early. But its alright and thank you for sharing this.
    Pia D’Alia recently posted..Dhoom 3 song download, Dhoom 3 mp3 downloadMy Profile

  34. It was nice to see that the pagerank actually changed – it had been way too long and I just about was at the point that I didn’t even care anymore. Now, some of those sites will become new sources of revenue – so that makes me a bit happier!
    Marc Norris recently posted..Vicks Babyrub Soothing Ointment ReviewMy Profile

  35. Hi.. Ammar
    Congrats for you to Get PR4 on your blog.
    This is very Amazing News for all readers of this blog and Most for you.
    Because you are doing Hard work from Long time on it and Finally Got Good Result.

    Thanks.. :)
    Siddharth Sharma recently posted..5 Best Games For Android MobileMy Profile

  36. age Rank is a good barometer of a website, but really nothing more. I use page rank when looking at a prospective new client’s site as a barometer of whether or not they’re doing things properly. If they have a high page rank, but the content quality is low, that’s a pretty reliable indicator that they probably bought links, etc. If they have high page rank and the content quality is high, that’s a pretty reliable indicator that they’re doing things properly and at least making an effort to be Google compliant.

    Shital Bhalani recently posted..MPSC Lecturer Exam Admit Card 2013 at Profile

  37. First, congrats on your 2 years! Second, i have noticed that it really takes a long time to get a high page rank. Now i have read things on how to raise this page rank, but i will tell you it is not easy. Congrats on the page rank of 4. That is a huge feat. Great article very informative i enjoy reading your blogs

  38. Is Pagerank worth the hype? I don’t think so and that is something I think this post addressed.
    Emmanuel recently posted..What makes me go GAY in Blogging?My Profile

  39. Hie Ammar Ali,
    I have a question i’m working on a blog and it shows me a pr of 0 since 4 days , before it wasen’t anything but now its showing 0, not 1,2 or something else what it means? and when will the next update will come for pr?
    Piyush Dhiman recently posted..Dhoom 3 Full Movie 2013 | Free Download HD Quality | Watch Free OnlineMy Profile

  40. Finally Pagerank rolled out I got my blog’s Pagerank dropped from PR2 to PR1 but that’s fine because I was busy and didn’t spent time on my blog
    I gonna work harder next time and try to get a better Pagerank score
    thanks for this post
    Anis recently posted..Funny ClipsMy Profile

  41. I noticed a correlation in drop in traffic & impressions with the latest PR update. There is no doubt in my mind, from the analysis that the PR affected the sites position in the SERPS

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