Top 10 Best Articles on AllBloggingTips in 2013

New year 2014 has arrived. I’m wishing you happy new year. Today I decided to share Most Viewed Posts Of 2013.

All were published in 2013 but that doesn’t mean you can’t read them in 2014 馃槈

Here I鈥檓 sharing top viewed, so that if you missed out reading any posts in 2013, you can quickly聽go through it.

Let鈥檚 see聽the top 10 now!

1.聽12 Things to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense聽– That’s one of the most viewed and commented post which includes all the things you must follow before applying for Adsense along with one ebook.

2.聽Top 15 Killer Tips To Increase Page Rank!聽– Working strategies that you must follow to increase Google Pagerank. All backlink methods and different factors are shared which can help you to increase page rank.

3.聽Powerful Ways to Increase Website Traffic聽– Who don’t want to increase website traffic? This post contains 7 powerful ways to increase your blog traffic. One of the best post on my blog about increasing website traffic.

4.聽Top 5 Ways to Make Money without Adsense聽– Getting approved by Adsense is not easy and remember that’s possible to make money without Adsense. Here are 5 ways you can follow to make money without Adsense. Some adsense alternatives like in-text ad are also given.

5.聽8 Reasons Why I Hate Google Adsense聽– I often get asked why I don’t use Adsense, so I shared 8 reasons why I don’t like adsense and it is not really the best network make money.

6.聽Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress聽– Want to get more traffic from social network? First, make it easy for your readers to share the content. Some of the best social plugins that can help you to make social sharing more easy.

7.聽Top 5 Best Related Posts Plugins For WordPress Blogs聽– Related posts are one of the best way to engage readers and decrease bounce rate. Here is list of 5 plugins for related post. The best one is nRelated Content.

8.聽How to Earn $50-$100 Daily with Affiliate Marketing?聽– Jafar shared some easy strategies that you can follow to make money. A complete step by step guide, over 1000 words!

9.聽3 Reliable and Cheap WordPress Hosting That Worth Using!聽– Choosing web hosting is important, if you don’t choose reliable one you’ll regret later. This post is full of best, reliable and cost effective web hosting., worth using.

10.聽How to Get Index Your New Blog Post Super Fast聽– Google is taking so long to index your post? Want to get index super fast in Google? Read all these methods that I use and how you can too.

That’s all. These were some most viewed and best of 2013 articles on AllBloggingTips. I’ll surely make more interesting and engaging posts here on ABT in 2014. 馃榾

Before I end this post I want to wish you Happy New Year.

Top 10 Best Articles on AllBloggingTips in 2013Thank you all for your support. Hope I’ll do great in 2014. 馃榾

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  1. says

    i think your blog and your readers increased in 2013.and at the end of 2013 your page rank also increased which is good news.
    Keep up the good work and good luck for 2014.

  2. says

    Happy New Year Ammar,

    To be frank with you, i’m really impressed with your list of the Top 10 articles in 2013.

    I will make sure to check around the top 10 articles on your blog.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Sumit Gupta says

    I was quite impressed by your post on Top 10 Social Sharing Plugins and Quick Indexing Methods.Since I am a newbie blogger following your tips help me learn a lot.Keep up the good work in 2014 as well.Happy new Year to you!

  4. Piyush Dhiman says

    Hie Ammar,
    First of all wish you a very Happy New Year 2014, may this year allah fullfill all your desire, dreams, demands and expectation, with lots of zeal and prosperity. Now moving towards you post, it is awesome i like all your posts n specially tip no. 3 that how can we increase the website traffic, but i have a doubt in tip no. 5 you’ve mentioned that you hate adsence! i mean its good to have ads of adsence why do you hate google adsence? Is it not Good?

    • Ammar Ali says

      I recommend you to read the posts completely. Adsense is good but only for few websites and niches.

  5. says

    I read all these articals thorougly. And each and every post is just amazing and indepth.
    may this year will bring more success to you. Happy new year

  6. says

    Hi Ammar,
    Congrats for another successful year. Nice collection of best posts of 2013.
    Happy new year and I am sure 2014 will be a rocking year for you and ABT :)

  7. says

    Hi Ammar,

    Wonderful round up of the best of your blog this past year :)

    I think I’ve read through most of your posts, and learnt a great deal from you and your blog as well. The association has been a wonderful one, and I remain grateful to you for being a good blogging friend and in your own way, teaching us so much.

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous New Year, with more success to come. :)

  8. Raees Hussain says

    Happy New near 2 bro.
    hope your blog will evergreen as usual for new year 2014 as well.
    My best wishes are with your.

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