Run a Blog Survey to Know the Taste of Your Readers

Would you be interested in knowing the taste of your readers? Would you like to know what your readers favorite pick of topics are? Well, it’s a just a matter of fact that every blog owner would love to know these minute details for they allow the authors to come up with extra trendy posts that takes its readers by great interest.

Well, now the casual question of ‘how’ pops out?

Run A Blog Survey!

Yes, it is as simple as it is!

I have been following the same methodology in my previous blog and let me tell you, it worked like a charm. The results have been generous and the readers have surprised me with their feedback. It was just few weeks ago that I had a survey live, asking my readers how often should I post in a week. Normally, I come up with 1 post a week. But the enormous reply emails and feedbacks that I have received was overwhelming. Majority of them wanted to hike the frequency of my posts with 90 percent stating that they need at least 3 posts a week. I was glad to know that my readers wanted more from me. I couldn’t resist their appeal and I went with the 3-posts-a-week convention. I really feel proud now as it not only did raise my reputation, it turned my blog into a trustworthy resource.

Run a Blog Survey to Know the Taste of Your Readers

Top 5 question to ask your readers in the survey

1: How often do you visit my Blog?

This is an important question as it would help the authors to know where his/her blog stand in attracting visitors and weather they are sticking to your blog or bouncing away to better resources.

2: What are your favorite picks of topics?

As an author, it is important that he/she should know the exact interest of their readers.

Once they give you a feedback, like ‘SEO‘ which is more precise than the common ‘blogging’, it becomes quite easy for the author to target his next post based on the reflected interest. This guarantees more pages views, better search engine rankings, more traffic and latter, a better reputation.

3: Do you have any Problem you would like to address the blog owner?

Just as the common byword goes by, every day ends with a night. Even after hours spent on design, the readers may still be unsatisfied, this is plainly because your perspective is that of an author while the others look at your blog with a perspective of a readers (believe me they are at the opposite hemisphere).

So why don’t welcome the suggestion from the readers end?

Kindly open up for the words of your fellow readers. It would help you to serve them in a better and much resourceful way. Once you are able to establish a trust in the readers mind, you could easily grow your blog and expand your horizon such as diversifying the niche or when starting a new micro blog

4: Are you interested in our premium services?

A blog cannot stand on its own unless funded by a strong financial input. Therefore the need to monetize certain features of your blog becomes necessary.

But how would the readers react to such a quick overturn of decision?

Reader’s survey makes sure your reputation is kept undisturbed. You could easily grab the feedback of the readers on your newly launched product or service and make amendments corresponding to the feedback received.

5: Your Email address.

Yes this is an important part but yet optional. The reason why this is optional is that the readers are often hugely cautious about their privacy. So if you are asking for the reader’s email address, I would recommend you to convince them that their mail is going to be safe with you and spamming policy has to be amended.

How to organize a Readers survey?

Organizing a reader’s survey is very much easy especially if your blog is based on WordPress as they are abundance of plug-in’s to serve the purpose. But if you have hosted your blog somewhere else, still you don’t need to worry as many website offers genuine and better survey tools .Here, I have listed top 5 survey tools to help you out with the survey.

 Top 5 Survey Tools

So when was the last time you had a survey?

A year back? Oh, it’s not too late .Take a reader’s survey now and know your readers.

Let me know if you found this post useful? Do you want my suggestion about running survey? Just let me know in comments.

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  1. says

    Great post. This is really great way to reach our readers and by using these tools we are more likely to get close to our readers and we can easily known what our readers actually want to read.

  2. Hamza says

    yes,conducting surveys is good way to make yourself more profitable towards your readers and increases your knowledge as well regarding the needs of your readers.I will definitely conduct surverys when my readers grow.Thanks for the nice article.

  3. says

    Yeah, this is a good idea but it kind of depends what sort of blog you run. Really, I shouldn’t imagine many customers would care if you ran a site about, for instance, sheds. You’d just have to write something interesting about sheds every now and then, not ask your readers what shed information they want to see.

    A survey could be great, but sometimes it’s best to surprise your followers with something they wouldn’t have expected.

  4. says

    Hi Pradeep and Ammar,

    You are absolutely right about surveys, something that every blog needs to do, at least once a year. I recently learnt about this must-do task from another awesome pro-blogger and conducted mine at the beginning of this year, it still features on my blog because it was done through SurveyMonkey.

    What matters most is the amount you learn from such a survey, just the questions you mentioned, which helps you take your blog in the right direction. I think I learnt that people were loving all that I shared with them regarding blogging, my experiences, the how-tos, and even the new recent category about making money that I added.

    So, if you gain feedback from your readers and give them what they want, they would keep coming back asking for more. Besides that, at least you show you care for your readers through such surveys, which matters most, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

  5. says

    Great idea.
    Sometimes it is just best to ask and see what the readers really want.
    I think I shall be doing this very soon on my blog too
    thanks for the tip

  6. says

    Conducting occasional surveys are pretty important, as it helps to understand your audience and give you directions to enhance the user experience. This technique can also be used by all kinds of businesses, so that they can improve their services.

  7. Brad Scott says

    The idea is good to engage more visitor to my blog. I am currently running a wordpress theme review blog. Any idea what type of survey ican post in my site??

  8. says

    thanks for sharing this blog survey tacties. I am agree with you,we need to make an interact with our readers.It also increse returning readers and also blog posting frequency affect in readership.Again thanks for sharing this valuable post.

  9. Tan Nguyen says

    Thanks for the post. Those are the real questions everyone should use to ask their visitors and the websites you provided above are great.

    P.S: I’m sure everyone of us here hated the survey page where you need to answer questions in order to download a file.

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