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Most Useful Search Engines for Student

Search Engines for Student

When comes to searching something, Google tops the list. But talking about the search engines which are meant for students for their academic requirements, there are other options as well which serve a good purpose for them. Finding such search engines which caters students can be a difficult task for people who are not aware… Continue Reading …

An Idiots Guide To The Best Business Strategy

We figured out that it is the right time to post on “An Idiots Guide To The Best Business Strategy” after reading through all the over-amped business strategies which are making use of Bell-curves and survey methods, the post would provide as the simple refresher on what is really matters in a business strategy, it… Continue Reading …

Effectively Use Facebook To Increase Website Traffic


Of all the major social media platforms, Facebook is currently leading with more than 800 million users. Every month, you can see more than 115 million new users being added to Facebook. Facebook is considered to be one of the largest social networking tool which can even be used for your business promotion and marketing.… Continue Reading …

000WebHost Review : Free WordPress Hosting Provider!


000Webhost is not a goodwebhost! They can suspend your website at any time. So its better to use paid hosting like Hostgator BlueHost After our recent post about Top 6 Free WordPress Hosting Providers. So Today We decided to Review : Free WordPress Hosting Provider 000WebHost.  As name shows it is totally free like 000webhost… Continue Reading …

Simple Yet Practical Tip To Write More Blog Posts In A Day


For a big majority of people working as a full time writer, the productivity remains a constant worry. Very few good writers can manage to write as many articles or blog posts that they’d like to, and those who manage to churn out good numbers, end up producing substandard ones more often than not, which… Continue Reading …

6 CSS3 Buttons With Hover Effects


Today we decided to present some cool CSS3 buttons. These are 6 types of different buttons like blue, purple, red, green, blue, orange. These CSS3 buttons are compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE9(As it supports CSS3 now) and all other major browsers too. These buttons do not use any background images, therefore these… Continue Reading …

Top 10 Off Page SEO Techniques

top 10 Off Page SEO Techniques

There are many bloggers in this world who just blog for fun and take this field as part time but some bloggers take blogging seriously and take there blogs to the highest level with the help of SEO. There are basically two type of SEO On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. We have already… Continue Reading …

New Mashable Style Social Subscription Widget


Today we comes with New Mashable Style Social Subscription Widget.  You can add this to your wordpress or blogger/blogspot blogs. It includes Like Button, Google+, Twitter follower with a cool subscribe box. New Mashable Style Social Subscription Widget an attractive subscription form that will further increase the number of your Email subscribers. The conversion didn’t… Continue Reading …