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The Idiot’s Guide to Write 1000 Words in 30 Minutes

write faster

There was a certain time that I had so many articles to write up for myself and for some freelance clients I had then. However, the problem at that time wasn’t that I couldn’t write fine, but simply because I had the inability to write fast – in short, I wrote articles slower than a… Continue Reading …

How to Get Out of Niches and Blog for a Purpose Instead?


Money is not everything. Anything beyond an optimum amount causes more misery than happiness. Yet, with a stereotypical assumption that most of us want to make money (let’s not kid ourselves by saying “no” to this assumption), we all have a tendency to get stuck in a rut: the dirty groove of a routine that… Continue Reading …

Elegant Themes Giveaway – Win 3 Developer Membership Worth $89 Each


As, you know my blog just turned 2 years old. I was thinking to organize few giveaways but didn’t got much time. But.. Today, I’m happy to introduce Premium WordPress Themes giveaway by Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes is offering 3 Developer Membership worth $89 each for our readers. An Elegant Themes Developer Membership is a fantastic prize… Continue Reading …

Google Page Rank Update 6 December 2013


There has been recent Google Page Rank Update on 6 December 2013. We all have been waiting for this page rank update and it’s here now. Google pagerank update is in progress and Google is updating pagerank. Google pagerank is very important for sites and blogs. Google Pagerank basically ranks a page on the basis… Continue Reading …

Happy 2nd Birthday to My Blog – What I Achieved in 2 Years


So, finally it’s 2nd year of blogging.   So many amazing things have happened in the past year because of this blog.   I can’t quite believe I have been blogging for two years now, (it has gone way too quickly)   At the beginning I didn’t know where to begin… my blog posts were short… Continue Reading …

Learn Blogging With Rise Forums : Win 3 Membership Worth $97 Each


Rise Forums is a brand new private discussion forum that was created specifically for bloggers and internet marketers. I launched the forum as a way of providing help and feedback to aspiring bloggers. In the past, I would do this through email and video consultation, however I have always been of the opinion that discussion… Continue Reading …

Why AussieWriter Is Good Platform for You to Get Your Content Created?


In any business, content creation is an important process that should be done by someone who has experience and knowledge of this field. Creating business documents, writing company history, preparing sales letters or even blog posts require certain skills. As a business owner/ manager, you will not have enough time to write sales emails, product… Continue Reading …

The Dirty Little Guide to Optimizing Your Blog for Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird

Google has dropped its age old Core Search Algorithm and replaced it with a brand new version called “Google Hummingbird.” But have you optimized your website or blog for this new algo? Have you changed your content marketing strategy for higher ranking of your blog posts in Google SERPs? Even though you think your answer… Continue Reading …