8 Reasons Why I Hate Google Adsense

This article was published in 2013 and since then there are many changes carried out by AdSense. I’ll be updating this post soon.
No doubt, Google adsense is one of the best way to make money from website. But I am not using it anymore.

I often get asked Ammar, Why you don’t use google adsense?

There are many reasons and here is my answer to this question. In this post I explain Why I hate Google Adsense and why google adsense sucks!

I hate Google Adsense

8 Reasons Why I hate Google Adsense?

You may think I have personal reasons for writing this post.

No, this is not like that.

I don’t want any new bloggers, my web friends and new web-masters to quit blogging just because google adsense is not approving their blog. There are far better ways to make money without adsense.

Let me know in comments if you want me to write another post on making money without adsense.

1. AdSense Make Readers Leave The Site

The first thing I hate about google adsense is it make the readers leave the site.


When someone click on ad, they leave your site. Because adsense links doesn’t open in new tab. Majorty of Adsense ads are CPC based. In order to make money readers have to leave your blog.

So, would you like to lose readers just for few cent?

The visitor that leave your website can be;

  • A lost subscriber
  • A lost sale
  • and so on..

2. Getting approved is so hard!

I’ve been asked so many times by other bloggers, why google adsense is not approving their sites.

Google is getting strict day by day. They don’t approve any blog easily even if its six month or one year old. If you make site perfect to apply for adsense. There are less chances they’ll approve the site.

3. Too many rules to follow, Huh?

Just Try reading their terms and Conditions you’ll know what I mean.

They have too many rules to follow. Even if you follow them, they’ll ban your adsense account. Once you get ban, you’ll never get adsense back!

4. Email Support Just Sucks!

Google adsense have email support. But you’ve to wait for too many days to get reply from them.

You might need another support to get their reply. ;)

5. Once you get banned, you can never get back in.

If you try getting approve for adsense for a new blog. They won’t approve your application. Even if you follow all the google adsense rules and TOS. There are chances that adsense will ban your website.

Once you get banned just forget adsense. They won’t let you to get back in the program again.

6. Low Cost Per Click (CPC)

If you are not from US or Western Europe – forget about big earnings.

For rich European countries price per click is relatively good. It could be $1 2$ or even more than this. It depends on keywords.

So, If you are getting daily 100-1000 daily you won’t earn much money.

That means, if your sites get small portion of such traffic – you will receive $0.01 – $0.05 for clicks.

Might be around 1$-10$ a month. Adsense pays very less per click.

If you have high traffic, many big advertisers will contact you to pay much better than adsense.

7. Little Editorial Control

Do you know Google has over 100,000 advertisers or might be more than this.

You have no control which one can advertise on your blog or not. Isn’t that sucks?

If you want full control over ads you can use OIOPublisher for WordPress. This is the best plugin to manage all ad spot, advertisers, payments and stats.

8. Big delay in payment

First in order to receive money from adsense you have to verify your home address. Adsense sends pin that might take 2 or 3 months depend on where you live.

Adsense minimum payout is 100$, once you reach this minimum amount. You have to wait for many weeks or a month to receive checks.

Your thoughts please

So above were few reasons why I hate google adsense [You Should too!]

My blog niche is blogging, most of readers are bloggers and webmasters. They don’t click on adsense and other reasons for not using adsense are given above. That’s why I am not using google adsense anymore on this blog.

I haven’t listed other reasons why AdSense sucks and it is not really the best way to make money from blogging, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Leave me a comment below as always. I’d be glad to hear from you.

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251 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why I Hate Google Adsense”

  1. Very well said, my all concepts are clear about AdSense what is the problem we face on the AdSense, your blog helps me so much nice writing skills.

    Thanks, Ammar

  2. None of these are my problem. When I apply, it just shows me this message: “We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to process your request at this time. Our engineers have been notified of this problem and will work to resolve it.” OH MY GOSH, NO THEY WON’T! Maybe it’s just because I don’t have 1000 subscribers yet on YouTube.

  3. Hi Ammar,

    Thanks for the article! One another reason for not to use Adsense is, It increase page load time and thus lower the page rank in Google search.

  4. For me as well, with certain disagreements. The only thing with AdSense that annoys me the most is its freaky low CPC in India. You could imagine the disgust of having $0.01 CPC in Indian states.

  5. Your post made me realize adsense is for me. My team and I have been doing it for quite some time. We have never been banned, we have never had to wait to get paid. I come to undertand what a great team I have.

    The only thing you are right about is earnings if you are not in Western Europe or in the US. But even with that, my team has managed to index thousands of keywords in those countries. The only boundary is language. What really matters in SEO is working hard to find information gaps and add value to readers.

    Once again I am convinced that most people writing on blogs really don’t know much. The ones who do know keep the knowledge and apply it to grow their business.

    Thank you.

  6. Hi Ammar,
    Thanks for sharing your story with us. I was a member of Adsense since 2012 but was recently kicked out of the Youtube partner program because of their new terms. I have been paid three times, but I am going to cancel the account for good. I do not like the way Google treats people.

    I didn’t like not having control over the ads. My channel is family friendly and not all of their ads are. I also disliked how they used monetization like a punishment stick and if you said some word they didn’t like, your video would be demonetized. The Google ad system is a mess. They are not even human, that is probably their problem. I guess AI has taken them over. At any rate I am glad to be out of their Partner program and in the future I will seek income streams from more reliable sources.

  7. Thank you so much, Amar, for sharing your thoughts.
    It’s damn true about what you said here. Recently and luckily I got approved Google Adsense. I placed the ads in a proper position.
    For Asian countries, AdSense is a very poor. If I get 1000+ daily pageviews I might deactivate my Adsense account. This is what I am thinking right now. For me, I think to get my first payment it would take almost a year. Haha…

  8. Hi, I just got approved for AdSense today, and right away my friends started to tell my why AdSense sucks. I was excited at first, but now I’m not so sure anymore. I will need to look into other ways to make money.

  9. I have a batch of niche sites currently using adsense. The sites cost little to keep online and they make me money so I’m keeping them for now.

    I live in the UK so my clicks are better paid than many other countries so I do get where your coming from. I am thinking of adding additional revenue streams to increase earnings but I haven’t as yet. Maybe you could do that.

    Cheers for the post Ammar

  10. I have used Google Adsense just for one week, this is what happen for my website:

    – The speed to open the all pages are 30% longer
    – The keyword was placed on the position 1st (with 1800 unique search monthly and always on the position #1 since more than 6 months) of the Google search engine become in the position #6
    – The keyword was placed on the position 4th (with 50 000 unique search monthly) of the Google search engine become in the position #8
    – Before using the Adsense, my website received 12 000 unique daily visitors, after using the Adsense for 1 week, the daily traffic become 9 800 only.
    – All others keywords lost around 30% of the keyword rank position
    – I believe the AdSense use the dofollow extern link for all ads banner (because not show nofollow on the source code)
    – Earn around $30 by the week. But my website earns $120 for 1 ads listing, so why lost everything to earn only $30 by the week??????

    After 1 week, I have removed all Adsense banner from my website, and hope the keyword position will be back like before.

    So keep away from the Adsense if you really want your website get a higher rank and more traffic.

  11. I got approved from adsense in Just 15 days of creating my blog. I was very happy . But I am seeing that its RPM is very low, CPC too. Not sure will it increase or not? If not adsense , what other methods can I use to monetize my blog. ? and how to increase RPM OR CPC? Can anybody suggests to me…plz

  12. Hello Ali,

    I agree with some of points but not all. AdSense is #1 source of earning for most of bloggers. CPC depends upon your site quality and keyword. So I don’t thing AdSense is worst.

    Nice article by the way. :)

  13. Great article…it convinced me to not even bother with Adsense anymore. One thing you forgot to mention was the unbelievably rude and snarky help forum moderators and experts. I posted a single question on why I wasn’t approved…looking for help and I was set upon by 17 rude morons. They gave no advice but instead told me things like my content was obviously plagiarized (It isn’t…all original) and that I need to be a certified expert in my field (I publish a car blog). They are nasty little creatures. Adsense is not worth it for all the trouble it now takes to obtain it. I’d rather not have the income.

  14. i love this post, Ammar. this is exactly why you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket by depending on only google adsense for monetising you blog. I’ve been looking into other ways to monetise and i’ll soon put more in place.

    -Moses Njoku.

  15. Adsense might be harsh but after starting my android app I’m getting quiet good results with Admob. I think if you’re a mob developer you can earn good money. I have started earning $100 per month and it’s totally passive as unlike blogging you don’t have to update your apps. Also I have started sharing my income reports over my blog!

  16. I have just started to use adsense but as you said when you use adsense you will always be in fear if google disable your account and same is the case with me.
    The problem with adsense is that, if your traffic from search engines is low then they may disable your account and due to this reason many people have left blogging but there are other ways as well like you said about affiliate etc.

  17. Google did not pay billions publishers, i have thousands proof agains. google give you fake traffic, fake clickist through his own clicking system, he did frauds billions dollars with publishers, by professional jalousie, that facebook, linkedin, twitter, and othere social networks are earning directly, he started google plus. any one contact me for proof, google is scam, i have billion avidances. please share this and save hardworking people and advertiser money. google is making fool publisher that it has strong bots and softwares he can track, but he don’t have software or bot that can stop accidentally clicks. google is fake, there are thousands software, apps that can do block same ip. but google is making fool to world. google is doing frauds with both publishers and advertisers

  18. Peter Griffiths

    I know what you mean – personally I think there’s not enough reward for such a risk, and if they find you’re breaking their blanket rules, I’ve seen lots of people get their checks cancelled days before being sent – which means that Google was getting free advertising.

    I use Adwords, but I don’t like the idea of being on the other side of the fence. There’s (almost) always a more profitable way of monetizing a site.

  19. Hi Ali,

    I don’t agree with any of your points that you mentioned above. I am also a blogger from Allahabad India, and what i have experienced, there is no other Adsense program like google Adsense. I started blogging 5 years back and have written just 20 to 25 articles on my blog there was no design, bad navigation on blog, less and not very good content, and i just wanted to be millionaire in a month with Adsense. But then i didn’t know that there is no shortcuts to success and Google also say this. I just don’t want to work hard but just wanted to get success in a very short time. Rollover years, so many time i applied for Adsense but they didn’t accept my application.

    I didn’t know that why they are not accepting my blog and was thinking that how they could do this, but i was not seeing myself that i don’t want to work don’t want to create good quality content but i wanted is lots and lots of money without working for a minute, but how it could be possible? So till December 2012 i was just playing games with my blog and not serious about it, but after this i started working hard on every field of my blogging and applied for Adsense they rejected my blog again and this was so embarrassing for me.

    And then i heard from Adsense Forum that Google has stopped accepting blogs related to technology then i thought that how it could be possible but i didn’t stopped here i started a new blog on travel, food related topics and posted about 100 articles and all the other thing was just good then i applied for Adsense with my new blog and it was just one and a half month old and and it got accepted into Google Adsense program, and then i applied Adsense codes on my tech blog too and its been 1 and half year now, i am using Adsense on my blogs and there is no issue with it. Before this i had used all other revenue sharing program that you have mentioned above but didn’t got a single penny, on the other hand i earned good amount of money from Adsense.

    I think Google Adsense is much better and easier revenue sharing program than any other, all other ad program like Media.Net rejected my blog but adsense approved my application, and this was enough for me.

    I get all my payments in time, and this not true that Adsense makes your readers leave your post. As it’s our own interest that where we want to go, if we are interested in the post then we will read the post first or if we are interested seeing ads then we might go with the ads it’s all upto our interests. The fact is we don’t want to work hard on our blog, we only want to get success fast.

  20. I am really shocked that CPC is around 12$ for European countries damn I get around 7000 views per week and around 10$ a week I am from India well not actually 10$ last month I got 44$ so I am just wondering if CPC will be that much high for me it will be around 220$ this is insane! :(

  21. Well, most of your points are undoubted, however, on the time frame for the pin code request was not the same as mine. I live in Ghana and upon the request, it took less than a month to arrive. So I guess it differs. Anyway thanks for the other points.

    1. what do you mean by “Affiliate marketing in your blog”. Banner doesn’t work well in making money from affiliate.

  22. Hi Ammar,
    If you hate adsense, It means you’re only using direct advertising.?
    I also love direct advertising but many people are just not interested. If I get a Domain, maybe I can try it.

    1. My #1 income source is affiliate markteing and then direct ad sales. :D

      You should try it, Did you got approval by adsense?

  23. Great Post here Ammar! However I only use Google Adsense and rely on it as a source of my income. However, i want to know if i want to use adsense, how can i maximize my earnings? How about using it on a personal blog like yasirsaeed.com? I want to establish my brand identity on my own website which has an 8 year old domain. I have even earned a few dollars off my website. How about if i consider this as a starting point? Have you looked at jeffbullas.com? Similar like that, but with adsense model… Let me know

    1. Hello Yasir,

      Adsense CPC depends on keyword and country of visitor. If you want to increase CPC search for “High paying adsense keywords” and then write post which contains these keywords.

      Don’t reply much on Adsense. :D

      You might be get slap from Google, so always consider building multiple income sources.

  24. Guess we are on the same boat Ammar. I applied for the Google Adsense few weeks ago for one of my blogs even though this blog is upto their criteria and also i’m getting an impressive UV on the blog, still Google Adsense rejected the site.

    I guess they don’t accept blogs until they have PR 3 and above.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing your reasons.


  25. Hi Amar,
    I started a tech blog about automation testing using VBA, from somme forums I got information like, google adsense will not accept the request for tech or coding blogs????
    is that correct?

    With Thanks,

  26. Yes adsense is not for all but I find it great but then again most of my visitors are from Western Europe. However the CPC seems to go down the more visitors/clicks I get which I find unusual.

    Example – if I earn €25 for 1000 visitors @ .25 per click with 100 clicks I then only only earn €35 for 2000 visitors @ .175 cent with 200 clicks. It seems the more visitors and clicks the less I get paid per click. Also I agree that support takes a few days to respond.

  27. I have to agree with a lot of what is being said here. Many are still using Adsense purely out of habit, but this is not necessarily the way to go anymore since there are other technologies that can be used. It’s all about adapting.

  28. Hello Ammar Ali,

    Great post and much clear one. Could you please let me know if the same case goes with WordAds.

    I think compare to Adsense, WordAds program from wordpress is good but when it comes to earnings from ADs the same story repeats for ASIAN bloggers and it’s difficult and hard task.

  29. Adsense is monopolized, and so Google does what it wants. And you are right, once you are banned for any reason, then it is for life. And even if you bought some good traffic for your site or blog, they may deny you when it is time to pay you. Great Share Ammar!

  30. Great post! I must agree with the majority of the comments on here, Adsense sucks. I got banned from Adsense a number of years ago while I was still developing my old blog. The reason for getting banned is still unknown to me because they would never really explain why. Looking back at it now I think that was the best thing that could have happend as it made me realize there are plenty of other great, less intrusive ways to monetize your blog.

    I think all or most of professional blogger tent to shy away from Adsense. You really can make much more money without Adsense because Google as many already know takes a huge and I mean HUGE cut of the ad revenue. That ad revenue can potentially go to you if you establish direct advertising connections. So, think twice before putting up Adsense on your blog. Also not having Adsense makes your blog look more clean and professional.

  31. Moreover you don’t have to wait for PIN because you can just straightaway upload any address proof of yours for adsense and they’ll never ask you for PIN. This is what I did and in just 5 hours everything is cleared….

    Hello Ammar, here is the tutorial and links: himanshunegi.in/google-adsense-address-pin-verification-process-in-minutes-alert/

    Adsense is actually the easiest way to make money and aff. marketing is the easiest way to make big money.

  32. i visited your site
    you are not using any affiliation program as well as you are not publishing any kind of ads on your site.
    So i want to know how you are earning money from your site.

  33. Interesting post. However I happen to disagree with just about everything that you have said.

    AdSense makes readers leave the site > Maybe, but if the information contained on your website is of interest and is what the reader is looking for them they will only leave once they have got the information they want

    Getting approved is so hard > I didn’t have any problems whatsoever

    Too many rules to follow > rubbish, there are some basic policies you need to stick to, if you do then you’ll be perfectly okay.

    E-mail support just sucks > why do you need to contact them? There are quite a few forums around that will help you with any problems you may have.

    Once you get banned, you can never get back in > Don’t get banned them, stick to the rules and you will be okay

    Low cost per click > Websites with good quality content will earn you a nice bit of money every month. If your website is not earning you much money then don’t blame AdSense, improve your content.

    Little editorial control > You can block certain subjects if you want. However, remember that Google mainly followers peoples browsing history so what you are seeing is probably not what other people are seeing.

    Big delay in payment > Not true, my payment comes through on approximately the 24th of each month. So for instance, earnings for July will be arriving with me in a few days time since it is August 20 now. They get paid straight into my bank account

    AdSense is a fantastic way of earning extra money. However, so many people want something for nothing are not prepared to put the working to create a great website with lots of good quality content that will bring the visitors in. I and several hundred pounds each month from a fairly small website so I dismiss most of what people say when they run AdSense down and say that it is a waste of time. Mind you, I have put years of hard work into my website and now it is paying off for me.

    1. Penn, you just talked rubbish. What Amar said is quite correct. Get this straight. He who the spirit of benevolence helped cracked his nuts, should not for any reason think life is easy, and laugh at those who has to crack theirs themselves. You should thank your lucky star you are probably from the UK.

  34. Hi Ammar,
    You are right in your opinion but adsense can be start for your blogging journey because it’s very difficult to start affiliate marketing when you are newbie in blogging. After getting familiar you can start anything like reviews or affiliate marketing direct banners etc.

  35. Oh Well, that is a good post. I recently installed adsense on my blog, well, for me it didn’t really take a lot of time to get approved and since mine is a technology blog, i have noticed i actually get ads that are related to my website, however, the major problem i have noticed now is that you cannot control what type of ads you receive, that actually sucks?

    have you tried working with Amazon.com, as an affiliate, i hear they are good. Problem though is that they don’t offer pay per click, instead they only pay you a commission when someone purchases something. So someone has to purchase something. That sucks too, haha!

    1. Buddy, Google is too good to find best ads to show so don’t worry about not being able to pick your ads. Here is a good advice for you as well as anyone reading this.
      1. Change your theme. This kind of theme suits for big brands not us small bloggers. Use simple clean theme (example: allbloggingtips itself). I would recommend genesis eleven 40 theme or thesis theme.
      2. I couldnot even find your adsense code lol. Finally i found it hiding like a shy dulhan. Place it inside the posts not the sidebars or headers.
      3. I am amazon affiliate myself and I do good!. All you have is a sidebar banner. This is not how you become successful affiliate. Get good traffic from USA (follow ammar’s idea). May be you already know that to get revenue from Amazon you just have to direct your visitors to Amazon. I live in the US and and let me tell you, almost each and every person know about Amazon and they buy a LOT from amazon. So, place product links on reviews page and place text links on each and every page making people click the link. After that whatever they buy within 24 hours, you will get your cut. Remember, it can be any page on amazon you can place links for. Remember those pages on amazon where people write customer reviews? Thats where I redirect my visitors most of the time.

      1. Bahadur,
        Thanks a lot for your very sincere comments regarding my blog, Its been 3 weeks since i launched it so i will accept there is a lot of work remaining to be done, but with guides from people like you i’m pretty sure i will get to satisfy my career for blogging. I am going to follow everything you have advised regarding the adsense codes and amazon codes, however i really like my theme, i feel that its simple and classy and as i am looking forward to make the blog a big brand, i think its just okay. I guess am just dreaming big.

  36. Hello,
    The people we believes on Adsense are completely fools. Some time Adsense bane without any reason. There are lot of alternatives ways to earn. I think Email marketing is the best process.

    John Smith

  37. I make good money with adsense, your just not placing your ads right or not using the right types of ads. On my least busiest day I make $3 and on my busiest I make $10 so it’s a living for me. I work part-time and earn from adsense so I don’t need a full-time job thank God. Try Yahoo publisher if Adsense isn’t working for you.
    -Osman Musa

  38. Hi,
    Many of your points are right…. but on some points i totally disagree… if you have traffic from US, UK, Canada, Australia etc. … so will get more than a $ for click …. its experienced…. but if you have an Asian traffic …. then forget it….
    If you are using wire transfer so there is no delay … another thing … approving adsense is not a big deal … as to my experience…
    What do you say about BSA ads??

    Check my blog: http://www.ideasonclick.com

  39. Jean-Pierre Beaulois

    Adsense provides URLs with logos that distract and send visitors away from your website and what’s worst when many of the visitors will type the URL into their browser giving you 0.00% earnings for your ads. Plus, Google allows 1-800 toll-free numbers listed on the ads, so again – you get $0.00 for displaying their ads. Plus! recently and allegedly Google decided to cut the pay off to its ad providers and many webmasters’ earnings have collapsed 80% to 90% just because Google allegedly wants to keep most of your ad revenue. What i do? I am now deleting all Google ads from my website like a plaque.

  40. Me too facing difficulties in making money with adsense. I’ve added infolinks in my blog as secondary income source.

  41. Online Business Blog

    Agree on your points Ammar. I stopped AdSense ones as they tale months to send the money. I firmly agree on your pint on “Big delay in payment”

    I started back recently on couple of my blogs as it makes something like £5-£10 on good days of aggressiveness content marketing and attracting visitors. Here in Europe it’s not bad, however there were times my account was freeze and stuff.

    Affiliate marketing is the best way to go and make more solid online revenue.

  42. Yes I’m agree with your thought, originally Google Adsense was not support for my own language (Malay), but support for Indonesian, What is this? our country are big supporter for Google product since they are little junky search engine. In Google Adsense itself having an issue communalism to our people, but didn’t giving better explain for their cold-blooded action. They just action and judge the publisher without investigation first at all.

    1. It’s seem you are truly hate GA for a good reason with proft you are not putting any banner from GA, I’m wonder what’s your income source coming from with your blog? or you are just blogging on your part-time (working at day, support your blog with your won salary income)? Don’t you ever want to place any of “MONEY” banner on your blog Ammar?

  43. Olusegun Zaccheaus

    Adsense really sucks big time, I was baned for reasons best known to them, but I don’t know what I did wrong, and since them am not allowed back.

  44. I believe many factors determine if it is the best way to make money by blogging. There are top blogs who use adsense (definitely not idiots who can make their blog so popular) to monetize. At the same time there are blogs who avoid it. So we can say it works for one and sucks for another. True, a blogging niche possibly will not generate much Adsense revenue because almost all of their visitors are bloggers themselves. I am not in blogging niche but I can tell you guys can do really well with affiliates programs. WordPress, hosting, cloud hosting is what you guys should keep posting more often. Reviewing top themes like thesis, genesis and themeforests etc. in a single post should get you targeted traffic from search engines (just target long tail keywords that gets around 1500-5000 US visitors). Similarly for hosting there are ways to make affiliate incomes. This technique should work for blogging niche with high number of subscribers. Go to retailmenot.com and find the coupon for hosting or domains. RIGHT NOW THERE IS COUPON FOR .com DOMAIN FOR $2.99 using coupon code cjcrmn299c as I am writing. Create a post letting your subscribers know that they can buy a .com domain for $2.99 at this very moment. Redirect them to godaddy using your affiliate link and you and both your subscriber is happy along with Godaddy. It is just an example. Another example is crystone hosting is offering $0.99 a month hosting through CJ affiliate. I mean just do the research for many things a blogger would be interested in ( wordpress, plugings, affiliate softwares, clickbank products, hosting, content buying like textbroker and iwriters). Good luck all of you :-)

  45. hey ali
    how do you get so many comments in your blog its good to see people commenting on your blog… :) what should i do to my blog to engage people in comments. my website is 5 months old….

  46. When my blog thetrickcrunch.blogspot.com has 15 articles I applied for Adsense, and Google rejected Adsense application saying “Insufficient Content”. Then I added 5 more article and after few days reapplied. Again I was denied but now with “Copyright Content” and “Insufficient Content”.
    Then I removed all last 5 posts and then reapplied, though I got same messages of Copyright. I think Google is not viewing any application in deep! Or they dont even check that some pages is gone! Also none of posts has even 1 line copied or even 1 image copied…. That’s fake reason to avoid Asian earn ….! I think they cant tolerate so many Indian earning so much!

    Google Sucks for Adsense., … Today i applied for last time…! If they disaprove with Copyright Topic, then I am going to shut off Google forever!

  47. Hi Ammar,

    I think there is something wrong with this: “When someone click on ad, they leave your site. Because adsense links doesn’t open in new tab.”

    Try to click some adsense ads today and you will be directed to a new tab – living your site still open and visible to readers.


  48. I was not too fond of google adsense.
    For certain country, TOS google is very strict and heavy even though not all publishers cheat but who gets the bad outcome is all the publishers in the country.

    I hope going forward, google can be wise to not make us disappointed and hate google adsense

  49. Kortingscode zalando

    Well justified, Adsense is indeed waste of time. I have never got enough benefit of using it. On the other hand, I have just witnessed fake traffic and lower pay per click rates. Its not that easy to earn at all.

    #Another Adsense hater

  50. hi ammar..
    its a awesome blog. i have a question that my website is only 20 days old and it is tutorial website for comptitive exam and i know that google adsense will not approve my account so can you suggest me other alternative by which i can make money from my new website..

  51. Shan King Khan

    Hahahahhahahaa… What it sucks,,, My dear

    visit this site i think you are from India and one of the best blogger earner from your country

    He is getting 46,000$ Per month ok. You know why you hate Adsense because he never accept your application or approve your application that’s why and that is main big reason.

    Don’t say that you hate Adsense. See my blog I’m getting 20$ every day and more and I’m getting 40,000 RS salary per month in Pakistan. Ok So we are so happy.

    http://www.urdu9.com you can see my site another. But my dear Adsense is batter than other’s fucking advertiser. Anyway Good Luck.

    1. I’m from Pakistan. :D

      Right now I’ve no plan for running adsense on this blog. I might use adsense on my other blog.

  52. question is how do you earn??
    Just place the ads at some place which gets the user attention but don’t annoys the readers,it’s not necessary that you should place all the three ads.

  53. I agree to a point, my main problem is that you cant focus all of your advertising in one niche. Personally i dont want to advertise hot tub direct all over my site when my site is about dogs & Puppies. If there was a better way to control all ad types I would have stuck around.

  54. Hi
    You are 100% right..google banned me two years back..after that i never applied for any new account. i use kontera and its giving me 200+ usd monthly. in recent days only im getting natural traffic from google and bing.

  55. Sandeep Chaudhary

    I support you strongly Ammar in case of blogs which review products. Such blogs should not use adsense because it will affect already set up advertisers.

    Adsense shows most relevant ads, so imagine if you are writing a paid post for “Bluehost”, then adsense will most probably show ads of “Hostgator”.

    Am I right? Kindly correct me if I’m as I just share my thinking.

    1. I don’t have much experience with adsense, so can’t say!

      Usually if we write about HOSTGATOR, adsense will show ads related to hosting companies.

  56. I know money making from adsence is possible, are you making money from adsence or affiliate? What is best at your point of view? Give me some suggestion – I’m new here :)

      1. Hi Ammir,

        I have been googling for days now and your blog is amazing. I am new to blogging and your posts are helping me alot, so thank you very much. If affiliate marketing is working good for you, what do you mean? What do i need to do that, high traffic, good writing skills, or both? Can you make a post about that?

        Best Regards

        1. Hi,

          Good traffic with proper monetization is needed for making good money from affiliate marketing. Sure, I’ll do ASAP

  57. Hey Ammar,

    After reading this article I’m confused. I started a blog back in January 2013 to earn money through adsence. But now I’m totally confused. Man what to do?

    Great article.

  58. I’ve noticed lately that although I’m getting more clicks they’re paying less. Having said that I’m happy to leave Adsense on my blogs because I look at it as offering another service to my visitors. Sure they will be taken from my site if they click on an ad but if I’ve done my job an piqued their interest they will use the back key to come back. If they don’t then they didn’t find my post interesting enough and probably wouldn’t have stuck around for long anyway.

  59. Hey Ammar,

    Well, I signed up a long time ago but I don’t like them for the reason that they make people leave your site and unless you have a heck of a lot of sites your take away is a joke. No one is ever going to get rich from Google Adsense.

    I find their ads annoying myself and I seriously don’t think too terribly high of the person who’s site I’m visiting and they have them on there. To me it just says they’re more about the petty money they can make then helping their readers.

    Not that I don’t visit the sites anyway but I’m allowed my impressions.

    Good reasons you shared and I definitely don’t care for them myself.


    1. Hey Andrienne,

      I’m glad to see you here, welcome!

      Thanks a bunch for sharing your views about google adsense. Can I know how you are currently monetizing your blog without adsense?

  60. Thank you for your thoughts on Google Adsense. It’s nice to know misery loves company. I found Google’s customer service a lot like trying to meet the great and powerful Oz to get back to Kansas. I have ads on one of my blogs and not making much money. I think I am going to try fiverr.com as an alternative. Thanks again for your blog.

  61. Nice article Ammar.You said quite right that the CPC for asian customer is very low but i don’t think that getting an adsense account is too difficult.Many blogger fails to get it because either they apply before 6 months or they post copied contents.What do you say?

  62. Vishesh Kachheda

    I Don’t Think So! Ammar
    AdSense is Surely The Best Ads Provider For Bloggers!
    It Also Supports YouTube Monetizing and The CPC is Not So Low! :)

  63. Mohammed Siadath Ali

    Very well said Amar,
    Still i wonder why people go behind Google Ads only?
    Their rules are very much strict, we must be on panic every secondary even after they approve. because i heard they will deactivate anytime if they find it anonymous.

  64. WOw man! Awesome post ! I have to believe that Adsense is a Shit ! As a blogger I used to think that blogging is mainly for adsense..You changed my way of thinking ! Very well Written ! :)

  65. Hey Ammar Ali,my adsense account was disapproved.But i tried media.net and i thinks it’s the best alternative for adsense.Till now i have earned $35 in nearly 50 days.They have great support and service.
    Usually i get traffic from U.S,Canada and India.My website is now 6 months old and wan’t to know how to monetize the site by not using adsense?

  66. I am not a AdSense fan but I still believe that- as AdSense is the best contextual advertising program containing huge number of advertiser so, it will serve relevant ads to any kind of website.

    Earning from any ad network is depend on your traffic amount. If you have huge traffic then you can easily earn better revenue from AdSense. And if you don’t have much traffic then you can’t earn a decent revenue from any ad network.

    At last I’m totally agree with you that it is too heard to approve and maintain AdSense account to generate online revenue for lifetime.

  67. Well, I don’t believe that there should be any reasons on which one skip the most paying advertising platform. I can understand, Adsense never works on our niche websites, as we do have a very specific kind of traffic. But still, It works great!

    One more thing, can you please specify any advertising that don’t make your reader leave your blog? :P

    Editorial Control is a very good thing, it makes you responsible and honorable in front of your audience, and yeah! Adsense comes up with too many rules, but there is no rule if you are playing the game honestly.

  68. i am happy with Adsence i got 1st payment already and waiting for next one…
    here my blog Qmobilez.com which made on Blogger platefrom :D

  69. ur ri8…
    I am also hate dis,..
    Ur ri8 dat many of new blogger tryng to approve for adsence bt they cant get…
    Im also faced this bt nt for long time….
    Now i dont need google adsence 4 make many….bt i thnk every 1 tryng to aprove adsence bt they have nt sence that without visitor adsence any service are notng so fast tryng to increas your visitor ..dont wst ur tym 4 addsence…..

  70. Yeah, getting adsense is hard. I tried many times to apply it including hiring someone to get it for me. It is time for me to concentrate other money making method like affiliate.

  71. I just read your blog post to confirm that what is happening with other bloggers. I found it that your post is 90% true and I agree with you..

    I faced these problems. I not agree about just americans or western will earn more. You can get your traffic form US and western coutnries and get more click rate.

  72. I have AdSense on my blog but I barely make $100 a year from Google. I was thinking about getting rid of it and use the space for something else.

  73. Oh! should I change my mind? I’ve been planning to apply for Google Adsense wishing I’d be approved…Maybe, I’ll try but thanks anyways for this post. At least I’ll have myself ready to accept and understand if it works or not :)….. You’re such a great blogger….

  74. The points which raise here are solid enough to hate Google Adsense but there are still some points that do favor Adsense like living worry free about finding advertiser to display ads on your blogs especially valid if you are not into affiliate marketing.

    PS: Although I do hold an Adsense account, even I don’t display Adsense on my blog because of the low earnings.

  75. Hi
    This sounds scary stuff I thought you could just sign up for Adsense and that was it. My blog is only just starting I might have to look at all options when I start monetizing it to make the most of it. That is presuming I get some success.

    Great insight thanks lee

  76. Ammar Bro i have problem whenever i write new post then it appear in search result after 9 days. i analyze my every post appear after 9 days in search result..

    first i was better but now its showing like this my blog age is 1 and half months old on blogger platform.. what should i do.. whats the mistake.. please reply me i will soon back..

  77. Thats exactly why i hate adsense, they disprove anyhow and their rule is to complicated to be adhered to, meanwhile when follow the rules doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get banned. But those who make thousands monthly wouldn’t count this as adsense fallback. Well i still manage them on my blog.

  78. why should worried if we are not in usa?
    optimize your article and set the target as usa in webmaster tool. through that way we get organic traffic from usa.
    also google will pay maximum cpc for organic traffic.

  79. Dear Ammar,
    I am one of those lucky to get the approval but earnings are very less.Problem is that there are no good alternatives.Please suggest a better advertiser for a website dealing with Jobs in medical Sector.I also want to ask you,how many affliate programme ads i can put after putting 5 google adsense ads…

  80. Hi Ammar,

    I was saying yes to your every point that I read. I had to wait several months before the pin came to my address, whole time thinking it may not come now that its too late. I would like to switch to other methods. Thanks for sharing your views.

  81. Oh never! Adsense was, is, and will be a boon for new and pro bloggers. Don’t just look upon cons of adsense. It has more pros. Can you name a company which pays per ad click more than average adsense click? $0.15 at least?

    1. Have you tried media.net? Check out above “Recommended Reading” links at end of post. They will help you! :)

      1. Yup, Media.net ads also pays near Google AdSense’s, but I read so many articles that Media.net suspend user’s account for nothing. So, I am using Google AdSense still, and also Infolinks.

        And Ammar, do you have tried Media.net?

        By the way, thanks for the article :)


        1. I tried but didn’t worked well for me. I can make 90% better with affilaite marketing than any other ad network :)

  82. You said they never accept website below 6 months or high content, but they approved me in one month and 14 posts.

    Yes when I join Adsense there was only 14 posts on my website.

  83. Hi Ammar,
    I see that you have good reasons for hating Adsense. I agree with you that trying to make the rules of the game stricter, Google makes things too complicated. Thanks for sharing your perspectives. To be honest, I wasn’t aware of some of these aspects before. Thanks for opening my eyes

  84. Hmm, really strong and true reasons to hate Adsense. I think you should keep hating Adsense as you are making more from affiliate. Anyway this should a great post for guys running after Adsense. Thanks Ammar :)

  85. 100% agreed. Getting in adsense is getting tougher for new webmasters and I also remember that they did a huge cleanup by banning lots of webmasters last year or so.

  86. Of Course I Agree With Your Thoughts, But I Never See The AdNetwork On This Planet That Pays Well Like Adsense, Did You Think 1$,2$,3$Per Click Mean Low Paying???

    1. If adsense is working good for you Raja, then its good. :D CPC depends on the keyword and country of the visitors.

  87. Gautam Doddamani

    i guess these points are valid ammar…i never google adsense has low cost per click…and yes i knew that whenever we make the click we are increasing the bouncing rate on our site.

    believe it or not i receive my cheque after 2 weeks when they have issued it…that is very late indeed…getting approved is a time taking process as well but even after all these cons, i still prefer adsense because it is my primary source of income…i guess it all comes down to opinions :)


    1. Gautam,

      I’m glad to see that you got adsense cheque and its working for you. Make sure to protect your adsense account.

      1. Gautam Doddamani

        can you expand on that response ammar…how to protect our adsense account? do you have a tutorial on that?

        1. There are some people who won’t let you earn money with adsense. They’ll try their best to get your adsense disable by invalid activity.

  88. Shivani Sharma

    Yeah you said true all these points are meaningful and most worst point is once u get banned will never get it back, but what are the other options we have as we know other ad networks pay even more less CPC and all.

    1. yaa shivani … m agree wid u and i also have a question that what is the proper way or options which helps us for the good results….. plz rply :) !!!

  89. You mentioned that if once account gets banned you cant get again. No it isn’t, Now you can get back the adsense account from Google Adsense Appeal form, My one friend recovered his account :)

  90. Hi Ammar,
    I was shocked by the fact that ” If you are not from US or Western Europe – forget about big earnings” !!!!!!
    So here’s another way to be punished just because you are from the 3rd world!!
    I have bachelors in physics. If I were from USA , I would have a better future!!!!
    But I am from Jordan, and I am very proud of that :)
    That’s not fair, and one day that should be changed.

    1. Hey Dima,

      Glad to hear that. That’s right. Google pays less for non US or Westren Europe visitors. You can read some of above comments to know what I mean. :)

      Hope that day will come soon.

      Keep visiting.

  91. Ammar your reasons all are acceptable and also thinkable.Yes cpc is very less and recently one of my blog got adsense approval after passing 2 tests.Till now that not give better results but i hope in future it may be worthful to me.

    1. Hope adsene will work good for your blog. Use high paying keywords that might help you to get high CPC :)

  92. Hi Ammar, I’d totally agree with you on all the above reasons. I think it’d be much better to fill out the ad spaces with affiliate offers or private advertisers rather than taking the risk of adsense. Because they can kill you anytime without giving any reason like you were getting fraudulent clicks DUH DUH, life ends. :D

  93. Hi Ammar,

    You are absolutely right. Am doing adsense for more than two years. But till now my earning is $42. Adsense is really a waste stuff for asians. Better we can try bidvertiser, chitika or kontera. Thanks for giving information about media.net ammar.

    1. Hi Nirmal.

      Glad you found this post helpful. :D

      You should give try to other sources as well to make money blogging.

  94. I am inspired a lot by this blog and as i luckily got approved by adsense but its very hard to earn clicks

    1. That’s right. Readers are becoming smart day by day. They don’t want use to make money with adsense ;)

  95. No doubt Ammar that things are very different and difficult now a days. When I started blogging some 4 years ago at that time getting Adsense account was a piece of cake and they approve even a one page free blog. But again I think it all depends on your blog traffic and content. So the love and hate story with Adsense will continue.

    Also I like your point that many newbie bloggers are leaving this field just because Google is not approving their blogs. This is very dangerous situation and I think you surly have to share your earning secrets with those bloggers in your next post.

    1. Right, Zac Johnson shared his love hate story with us above. :D

      Newbie bloggers shouldnt quite blogging. Thanks for giving me idea about next post.

  96. I’ll post again what I mentioned on the Facebook post thread…

    I have a love hate relationship with Adsense… I hate them because they have total control and can do whatever they want. Yet I love them because they have the largest selection of advertisers and their content works really well with sites.

    With that said, if you have an authority site that is “real”, you should be able to find better methods of monetization, through selling your own ads, affiliate marketing or building your own mailing lists and products.

    Adsense works extremely well for niche sites too. The problem most site owners see is instant earnings on a per click basis, versus trying to actually get conversions on $20+ commissions.

    It’s a toss up, but Google is the powerhouse and adsense is making them and their publishers a ton of money. Any method that is dead simple and easy for site owners to implement will always make money.

    1. Hi Zac,

      Thanks so much for sharing your views about Adsense. +1 for your commment.

      I really appreciate your time in leaving comment.


  97. yes…. Ammar you said here some good points about Adsense. I think if you are from Asian continent, then its too tough to earn much more than compared to other countries. The main point you said AdSense makes the readers to leave the site by a single click. So you are losing the readers. It is a huge traffic loss for the new site

  98. I second the second and fifth point and in fact the other remaining points too ))
    Getting approved is so hard that sometimes I determine that I will never again apply for Adsense. But many inspiring posts about “$1000 daily from adsense” attracts me towards this “worthless” CPC based ad network. I cant help :( But after reading your post and knowing about you I will never ever apply for adsense. I just hope I dont see any more inspiring posts. Thank you so much for the share!

    1. Adsense does work for few bloggers but not for all. They rarely approve any good blog these days. No one can really understand what are they doing.

      I’m glad my post helped you. But I think you should apply for adsense once. If they approve your blog thats good.

  99. I agree with many of the above points but I would like to add the many peoples blogs are not that popular to attract advertisers So adsense is a good way to earn money. I’m saying this because about an year ago my blog was not popular enough and Adsense really helped me fulfilling my wishes of owning gadgets and stuff from my online money. I also agree that Direct Ads pay a lot more than adsense and I know that because I earn twice the amount with direct ads that I would earn with adsense. Sorry for such a long comment but I couldn’t stop my self.

    1. Hi Jimmie,

      What sorry? I really appreciate my readers time that they take to leave comment.

      I’m glad adsense is working for you. :)

      Thanks for commenting.


  100. very nice post, but i totally disagree. Because it’s depend on site/blog.
    For example like a blog ABT, is not efficient for google adsense.

  101. Rahul Chowdhury

    Yup I agree with your Ammar, getting approved for Google Adsense is really hard and maintaining Adsense is hard too, due to all those terms and conditions.

    Recently I had applied for Google Adsense for my photo gallery site , but they didn’t approve my site and gave the reason that the site has less content, and thus it would be hard for them to place appropriate ads according to the content, moreover they do not accept photography collection sites.

    Now I have some questions, if they are so much concerned about showing ads related to content, then why do we see ads related to what we have recently searched for, or ads based on AdChoices.

    Secondly, if they do not accept sites containing only photos and with little text then why does Wallbase.cc has an approved Google Adsense slot?

    Do you find any reason behind these?

    1. Rahul, I don’t really understand what google is doinng with us. They don’t approve blog which have good quality content but they approve blog which don’t have any content just images. So strange?

      I’ve no specific answer to this..

      Might be we need to contact google for this. But they ar too lazy at replying back ;)

  102. I see alot of hate for adsense :)

    Well yes all of their process is very slow, also if you get payments in form of check it will take a month + month to get check, then another month to get it cashed.

  103. Totally agree with most of your point. maybe disagree about delay payment point because they used method such as western union which is easy and fast.

  104. Hi , Ammar . I am shocked by the amazing number of comments on this post . And that too in such a short period of time .

    Basically , I hate Adsense too ….

    Why ?

    I would go with all the reasons you have mentioned Ammar .

    For blogs with less trafific , Adsense not only generates Nil $ but it also will decrease the traffic which is already considerably low .

    1. Himanshu, I’ve covered a similar topic recently read here allbloggingtips.com/2012/05/23/top-5-ways-to-make-money-without-adsense/

      Have a look and let me know if you face any issue

  105. Danial Abdul Rahim

    “Wasting of my blogging career”

    Slow, a lot of terms and so on.

    That’s my opinion. And thanks a lot for this ;)

  106. Hey Ammar, a very strong post, really. But just wanted to know why this post now when you have your most Popular post is 12 Things to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense. Ain’t it contrasting? Though you have strong points to defend the post. Like your gutsy approach. keep blogging always. I am loving it!

    1. That post was created long back. I’ve seen the comments most people are saying adsense is not approvinng their blog. That sucks!

      Thats why I decided to create another blog post on why I hate adsense and why it sucks!

      1. Biswas Shrestha

        I agree with Ammar on most points but being in Asia doesnt affect much in approval. I got approved by 20 days old site with 8 posts and about 100 visitors per day with some few AMAZING tricks. The main thing is quality content as everyone hates plagiarism. Also Ammar Can you email me about some ways to earn from affilate marketing i dont know much about it. MY email is ———-

  107. Hi Ammar

    You make some great points about Google Adsense.

    I’ve been using Adsense on my blog for a while now but it doesn’t make me an awful lot of money. I’m not keen that it takes visitors away when they click on the ads.

    I also don’t like that the payment threshold is so high. I’d rather have the money in my wallet rather than Google’s!

    1. Hi Tim,

      Glad to see you here. Good to see that adsense is working for you.

      But NOT for all. Most of bloggers specially New are not happy with adsense. :)

      Thanks for sharing your views.

      Keep visiting.

  108. hahahaaa :) :)…….nice post Ammar…I think if you know how to use high CPC keywords in your blog then you can easily make more $$$$$$ from any country…

  109. Hey Ammar!

    Couldn’t disagree with your article. Though advertising is the primary source of income for the company itself, it pays too less to the people who actually, are making money for Google.

    Adsense ads are hard to get, easy to lose. When we accidentally click, it is lost forever. All the bucks we have in our account, are simply trashed.

    I hate using Google adsense ads on my blog. Ironically, I am using them, right now. As there is no other income source for me, I had to depend on them and I will surely move out.

    Thanks for the share.

    1. Koundeenya, Thanks for your comment. It is better not to depend much on google adsense. As no one knows what can happen. :D

      I always recommend to have multiple source of income. Have you tried affiliate marketing yet?

  110. Ammar, please help me, i am a blogger on blogger.com. Request u pls give me 2 or 3 best advertising platforms suitable for indians apart from adsense. I want to display related ads on my website. cURRENTLY I M USING CHITIKA AND QADABRA.

  111. Agree with your points. But Adsense is not meant to use on all types of blogs. There are certain niche blogs like Coupons, Prices, Exam Results etc where mass traffic can be easily attracted. I know many guys making 6 figure income only using Adsense.

  112. Ammar you are a great blogger and you know the feelings of other bloggers also. I’m also irritated with AdSense now, as you mentioned getting a 1000 Page views daily will get me only $0.10- $1.00 and yes it’s true sometimes when i get about 2000-3000 page views still i can make only $1.5 maximum and my CTR and CPC both are so low. don’t know why but one of my friend from US makes at least $5-$7 from AdSense and he gets only about 200-300 Page views daily. i have seen that you use Publicity clerks and i have also got approval from Publicity clerks can you suggest me some tips for optimizing my blog so that more and more subscribers will get attract to buy the ads.

    1. Hi Varun,

      Thanks so much for sharing your view Varun. Publicity clerk is good, to get more advertisers you need to focus on increasing traffic.

      You can also try buysellads :D

      Good luck, let me know if you have any other question.

  113. I am in you team Ammar. I also hate them because they don`t tell the damn reason ! the damn reason ! of rejecting your application .They just ask “Your site do not follow our policies” and every body is confused o man :0 which policy is not followed by me and you are right there are lot of ways out there to earn money and i am also not using adsense and earning good for my pocket :)

    1. Thats strange Tayyab, these are the reasons I hate adsense.

      We can make more money online, We just need to find out other ways to make money without adsense. :)

  114. I agree with you Ammar. Not just a little bit but more than 100%. As you know, I have adsense that is more than 1 year old now…But I never used it on my blog due to low cpc and less earnings…Hell yeah there are a lot better ways…

    1. Right Saqib, there are a lot better ways to make money than google adsense. We just need to found out perfect one. :D

      If not adsense, then how do you monetize your blog?

  115. Hi Ammar,

    These days, I couldn’t comment in any blog because I am really busy. But after reading this post I have to comment.

    You are 100% correct if a blog niche is internet relating blog like blogging tips, SEO tips, etc. What will happen if it is a technology blog? When beginning we can’t get 1000-5000 visitors per day for a technology blog. So we can’t get paid posts or direct ads.

    So I think that if it is a technology blog Adsense is the best way to make money. If I am wrong correct it. :-)

    1. Hi Raplus,

      I really appreciate your time in leaving comment on this post.

      Yes, Adsense works good but no on all blogs. It might work perfect on tech blog with good traffic.

      If not adsense, there are other adsense alternatives too. Like http://www.media.net :D

  116. Cheers!

    Mee to here have the same views, I also don’t like adsense much, but gonna try it in upcoming days!
    Lets see what results come!

  117. Hey Ammar.
    Another BIG thing is the Age Rule. Google doesn’t know there are teenagers who are lesser than 18 in age blogs like professionals. They think we will waste the money or something. And that’s total crap.

    But you said about the banning. It’s not like that anymore. :) !
    Google have changed the TOS and now we can get back our banned account simply by assigning it to investigation if we are on the Ethical side.

    Thanks for sharing it up! ;)

    1. Hi Amal,

      Ah, I forgot the age rule. Thanks for reminding me. Teenagers can get adsense on their parents name. No? ;)

      If I’m not wrong Banned and Disabled account are two different things in adsense. :D


  118. While you hate it, others enjoying its passive earnings..anyways… i really doubt about this and i would like to ask: do you really stop using adsense or adsense did not approve your request?

    1. I had stopped using Google adsense. :D

      I don’t care if they approve my site or not (if I apply for adsense) Because, I can make a lot better money than adsense

  119. I know how you feel like. But although what you saying was true but a lot of people love Adsense because it bring them some/many income. Right now I only like Infolink :D

  120. Hi Ammar, I COMPLETELY agree with you and this post, it was about time for someone to say what you said here. Google Adsense Is just making a fools out of us and they are making billions from our hard work while we get cents.

    Payouts even here in Europe are late and when they ban you, they don’t say why and don’t even give you another chance to joins, that role of untouchable God is so bad.

    People need to realize how Adsense is old school and that they need to give other companies a chance.

    thank you for sharing

    1. Hi JamesW,

      Glad to see you here after a long timme. Thats right, We should give a try to some other companies. Now adsense is not really the best way to make money from websites.

      Thanks for your commment.

  121. nice post.
    yes, you are right. i also do not like that much but still i m working with it because i trust it and i do not know other adsense.
    please let me know good adsense please

  122. Dipankar Mondal

    Hi Ammar,
    That’s a really awesome article!
    Actually google adsense is the best and biggest Add network that everyone want to use it. That’s why google is making adsense approval system strict day by day. Though adsense is a best earning programs online but it is not only one earning programs, and there are so many earning programs available. So webmasters can try elsewhere as well.
    The best alternative of adsense may affiliate promotion I think.
    After all I will tell, although you have posted all the important points at a glance that’s why you dislike to use of adsense, but most of people check mark their first choice on adsense!

    1. Hi Dipankar,

      That’s right adsense is one of the best network to make money but they are getting strict day by day. They don’t let any blogger specially new to get in to their program.

      Affiliate marketing is no doubt another best way to generate money from blog. Choosing best affliate product and promoting them by writing reviews, placing banners can help to increase affilate sales.

      If we have good traffic lot of commpanies would contact us to place their ads on our site. :D

      More Traffic = More Money.

      What do you think? Are you agree with me?

      1. Dipankar Mondal

        You are absolutely right Ammar. I strongly agree with you that if we are able to drive more traffic on our blog then we can earn a good amount from our blog.
        But the important thing is that the traffic must need to be unique and relevant. Otherwise our bounce rate will increase.

  123. I can understand the hatred you have against AdSense Ammar :p and it’s totally justified. When I first applied, instead of rejecting they straightway banned me! I was…confused actually as to figuring out, what did i do wrong? Luckily it was for another blog and not the current one.
    Your points speak out the feelings of most of the bloggers who are mainly from Asia. Of course if one has a blog that receives 100000 visits, he/she can easily earn a lot of money from ads but reaching that point needs heavy work and luck.
    Nowadays, I don’t even bother checking my AdSense dashboard because I know there’s nothing spectacular to see rather going there would be total disappointment.

    Anyways, I can suggest everyone to look into Yahoo ads media.net
    I see that I am getting good clicks and it seems to be a potential competitor against Google AdSense.

    However, AdSense can be a goldmine if the blog receives hundreds thousands of visits so there is no need to go totally against it.

    Great points laid out Ammar.


    1. Hi Mushfiqur,

      Greatly appreciate your commment. Adsense rarely approve any new blogs specially the bloggers from Asia. That sucks!

      You’re doing good by not checking earnings daily. :D

      Yahoo media.net ads are good. I’ve tried it once and they works really work and they pay good amount per click. That’s cool. No?

      1. do you mean media.net?
        if yes, then they didn’t approved my apps. just because i do not have much traffic from canada, US, UK.
        first they look for it :(

        1. I had good experience with them. I just used it once for 2 days. It was good. Just email them your problem. They’re good at replying back :D

        2. I applied for media.net & got approval within 2 days! I’m a non US blogger but my site gets a good number of US visitors. Moreover my site is only 2 months old! Their earning is the 2nd best after adsense.. :)

  124. Haha Awesome Post Dude Adsense really Suck!!!

    Adsense is having no reason for disapproving any website, Sometime they disapprove website because site owner hair color is red :p

    But I don’t agree with your 1st reason.

    1. Haha, not sure about red color hair owner. :D

      Google might have updated their system. Links might open in new tab. Not sure about it. As I already said good bye to adsense months ago :D

  125. nice reason to forget this google programs, but some feature like keyword detection from google adsense is really great and i never find in another ads programs, and one more. if i try to leave google adsense what adsense i should use cause i’m not an a affiliators and just use adsense for my blogs income.

    that’s it…

      1. i’ve been trying for infolink and get some difficult of click value they just give me how much i got. and if i want to get the details of my data i have to get premium publisher account . that’s really sucks….

      2. Eh Raman, you’re only one of the lucky ass Adsense user. Now the truth is 80% website owner or blogger today are totally give up on Adsense and Adsense has been voted as a suck service since 2010.

        Your words ‘Adsense is best’ is really showing how ignorance you’re.

  126. Yes, these are solid points against Adsense especially if you are not getting huge traffic. Someone who makes 1000s a month using Adsense may not worry about these points but one reason that really annoys me too is the fact that it takes my visitors away. Well, some may just use their right mouse click to open page in new window – but how many of them know this?

    One more – Some guys who got banned got their accounts back. Though it’s a hard process, it sometimes can be positive at the end.

    Tell me, what else do you use in the place of adsense?

    1. Not every one have time to manually open ads in new tab. :D

      Gettin adsense back is really a hard process..

      I do monetize my blog from direct ad sales, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing. :)

      What aout you Enstine?

    2. Its true Enstine,If once an adsense is blocked ,then forget to have it back.they will never approve .Actually they will never let you enter your blog address in the disapproved account.They just make your adsense account blog URL input box read only defaulting with some useless text.This is what happening now.

      1. Great content, I disagree with you on adsense approval…. I have relatively 150 adsense account. Adsense proves to be a learning machine but it doesn’t wish to disclose it’s secretes why publishers get invalid clicks or disabled…. I know more, all I seek are application developers. My last earning from Adsense within 2 month is 1500 dollars this 2018.

        1. If Google Adsense would be too smart to rob publishers off there data usage under policy agreement, they would be smart enough to suspend adsense account for invalid clicks done by users or you which indicate aren’t drive by Adword. Remember they are machine learning that know one thing, though know one has truly understand this myths but BlackBook….

    3. Google adds do not open in new tab or new windows,it takes the visitors straight out of your site. Maybe you are ignorant about this too. Find out Bro

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