Let me Setup Your New WordPress Blog For FREE!

One of the most common excuse, I’ve been hearing from new bloggers that they don’t know how to setup WordPress.

So what they do?

They won’t start WordPress blog or They’ll use Blogspot.

Not every new blogger is great with Setting up new blog, optimizing permalink, improving blog design etc.

If you’re one of them. Then you’ll be happy to know about my new free WordPress installation service.

I’ll help you to Setup Your New WordPress Blog for absolutely FREE!

I’ve decided to provide this service to new bloggers who want to start a new WordPress blog or those who’re using Blogspot and want to setup WordPress Blog.

Let me Setup Your New WordPress Blog For FREE!

What I will do in this service?

Setting up a new blog, making it Search engine friendly is not easy. Here are list of features you will be getting with this free WordPress Install Service:

  • Installing Latest Version Of WordPress
  • Updating Ping list
  • Setting Up Permalink
  • All Important plugins Installation and configuration.
  • Installing Themes (Free)
  • Setting up Best SEO WordPress plugins
  • Speeding Up WordPress
  • Sitemap submissions
  • Feedburner Setup and Integration
  • Contact Page with awesome contact form
  • Google analytics Integration

No, it’s not only that!

I’ll provide you email support for a month. You can ask me any questions about any anything related to WordPress. Isn’t that cool?

  • How to use WordPress
  • Getting Traffic
  • Theme Suggestion
  • Social Media Tips
  • Writing Search Engine Optimized Content

Note: The only thing which you will not be getting in this free setup is: Theme setup. For this you can visit Deals Page to find any theme for your blog

Why am I offering so many things for free?

First of all my this service is totally FREE!

I will not ask you even a penny. The only thing you have to do is to buy web hosting using my special affiliate link.

This service is only available for free if you buy hosting from Bluehost using my affiliate link. If you don’t like to buy hosting from bluehost or any other company. You can contact me, I’ll provide you this service at very low cost.

How to Get Started?

For this all you need to do is, clean your browser cookies and click on Bluehost hosting link, and get an account with them.

Signup for Bluehost

You will be getting free domain along with it. If you already have a domain from any other company, you can send me domain details.

If you don’t want to buy hosting from Bluehost. You can try Hostgator. Using coupon “AllBloggingTips25” to get flat 25% OFF!

I will earn commission from Bluehost or Hostgator when you signup using my affiliate link and no additional cost to you.

Confused? Bluehost or Hostgator? Check this comparison!

After getting webhosting account. You need to send me following details:

  • Your Full Name:
  • Your Email:
  • Bluehost cPanel login details:
  • Domain access
  • Skype / gTalk ID:

Once, I have all these details, I start setting up your WordPress blog. It will take 24-72 working hours. You can send me details via below contact form.

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)


Your Message

You can also email me info (@) allbloggingtips.com

NOTE: I will not keep any of the forwarded information from you. Once I setup your WordPress. I will destroy the email!

So What are You Waiting for?

Let me setup your WordPress blog for FREE and take all these advantages. 😀

Don’t forget to share this service with your friends and bloggers. If they want to start a WordPress Blog

All the best. Check out my guide on How To Start a Blog

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A blogger, web designer, front-end developer and WordPress expert since 2011. I started this blog during high school. I’ve gone from 0 to $3,000+ per month all in my spare time. Here I share what I've learned so far and what I continue to learn through blogging so that I can be of assistance in some way to improve your blog. Interested?

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  1. Noyan says

    Hi Ammar,

    It’s a nice Win – Win deal. I learned a lot from here, Also I’m a permanent visitor of your blog. You’ll be happy to hear, I’m following your steps.

    Thanks friend.

  2. says

    This service is great help for newbie bloggers. New bloggers can’t setup his blog professional without help of any others.

  3. Muhammad.Hamza says

    AOA Bro.I am Hamza from Islamabad.Do I have to buy a hosting or any other plane with blue host because when I click on signup they ask for domain name after that they ask to choose a plan.What I have to do there because U said its free.but when I pay for it,then how it becomes free.Please tell me what I have to do to get wordpress blog.

  4. Aliakbar Fakhri says

    Very cool idea for helping lot of new bloggers yet generating commissions..
    I will surely buy Bluhost form ur link once I get my credit card,,

  5. Rupak Kujur says

    Looks promising Ammar. I’m moved by your offer. I already have an account in go daddy.com where I’ve bought a domain. But I don’t have any hosting plan yet. I would like to know whether you can provide the same service with go daddy too. …

    • Ammar Ali says

      Sure, if you buy hosting using my affiliate link, I can offer you this service for free. Just drop me email for further questions :)

      • Rupak Kujur says

        Hi Ammar. Happy to get your quick reply. I’ve been subscribed to your news letter since one year. I love your exclusive articles about affiliate marketing and blogging. I’m a great fan of yours. I’m waiting for your Godaddy affiliate link. Once I purchase the hosting plan I’ll mail you all the required data. Thanks

  6. prince says

    this is a great offer that any newbies or any blogger wishing to move to wordpress blog shouldn’t miss it is a wonderful offer thanks Ammar Ali

  7. ecblogging says

    Dear Ammar,

    You might have come to known that I have signed up for the LBT 3 months program and ecblogging.com is live and kicking.

    Some of my friends were asking me whether I can help them set up a blog in tie-up with Rahul..However he is doing only two blogs at a time..I just wanted to see whether you will do the content as well or just build the blog..


  8. says

    Good luck Ammar.

    Great strategy buddy. I remember starting my first blog via blogspot however learnt various things over the time.

  9. says

    Hey Ammar!

    What a great offer…! Enstine Muki well said, It’s a win win situation you have created by offering your services to newbie bloggers. I like your idea. Keep it up.

    • Ammar Ali says

      HI Mubashir,

      Right, This is a win win deal. Hope to help new bloggers in setting up their blog.


  10. Jeniffer says

    wow. Excellent way to win a lot of hearts :)
    One of my friend wants to buy web hosting, I will ask him to buy from your affiliate link.
    Thank you

    • Ammar Ali says

      Sure, you can recommend your friend to use my service. I’d be glad to setup his/her blog.

  11. Jaykrishna says

    Nice to see that you are offering a great service for newbies ,all the newbies should grab this golden opportunity

  12. says

    Really Great Ammar! Its indeed a great offer for new bloggers who want to start their journey as a WordPress.

    It would be great if you can also give them some tips so that they can get success as you got in quick period of time.

    Any ways, Nice innovative service.

    • Ammar Ali says

      Hey Faizan,

      Glad to see you here after a long time. Where you was? 😉

      I’d be glad to provide them tips to get success. If they want to use my service.

  13. says

    HI Ammar

    Nice gesture of giving back to the community and in turn building a great relation with them. I appreciate that.


    • Ammar Ali says

      That’s really a good way to give me to community and help new bloggers to setup their blogs .

      Thanks for stopping by Sapna. :)

  14. says

    This seems to be a great offer. Thank you for sharing this. I was actually thinking of something different like using a different hosting company but with your free services, I wont hesitate to apply for this one. I will also refer this to all my friends.

  15. says

    Hi Ammar Bro. This is good news for new blogger. they don’t know about wordpress and how to install wordpress. really Awesome job bro keep it up…… And i know about wordpress but if i want to ask something wordpress and getting traffic. Could You say me. :)

    Rahul Kashyap

  16. says

    That’s a lovely gesture Ammar!

    It reminds me of the time when I also started blogging, though it was on Blogspot. However, when I switched to WordPress and got to know about things, it wasn’t easy either, especially if you are not all that tech savvy with codes etc!

    I’m sure newbies are going to love this awesome offer from you, and would get a properly set up blog for free too. :)

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Ammar Ali says

      So glad to hear that Harleena.

      Right, It’s hard for new bloggers to setup wordpress blogs, installing plugins, optimizing it… That’s why I decided to provide this service. This is a win win deal.

      Thanks for stopping my Harleena. :)

    • says

      Hi Enstine..

      As I always say about you “Naturally Motivating Personality”….. :)

      @ Ammar: I love the way you have described your FREE services with 100% transparency about the affiliate program… It is learning for me… Thanks.. :)

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