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Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing – Which is Better and Why?

Since a decade ago, business was all about in-person, that is offline or direct marketing. Later, all sort of business move on to online, as digital approach started proving its efficiency.

Now we will have to blindly agree that “online” itself becomes a business platform to make money through blog. No boss, No Assistants. You are everything.

Adsense vs affiliate marketing

There are loads of online money making sources available. Among all,  these two are the predominant sources of income through online.

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing

However, I am not giving you any fake message that you can merely make money through online trying these type of sources. There are digital players still struggling to earn even enough money out of it whereas many bloggers are making millions of dollar online.

How to Earn $50-$100 Daily with Affiliate Marketing?

make money with affiliate marketing

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7 Smart Steps to Write a Money-Making Blog Post Every Week

Blogging has gone beyond writing a 500+ word post. Way more!   make money online

Every blog post you write should bring you profit.

The profit could be anything worthwhile – fresh readers, repeat readers, authority, sales, improved rankings and clients.

I want to quickly show you how to write a blog post that generates income for you every week.

It doesn’t matter how much you’ve struggled to achieve this goal in your business – just believe it’s possible. And every business failure will be gone.

5 Ideas to Create Online Product and Earn Money Easily

Have you been blogging for quite a long time but yet to make more than a few bucks?

Traffic on your blog is not so less, your contents are great, readers comments are also awesome, you also perfectly optimized Google Adsense and you regularly write reviews of different products and put links of Affiliates in your every second post.


But still you are not making money to live a happy life.

Ok, don’t worry there is a big reason of your not earning huge money and you need to first accept its real cause. I am sure after reading this post completely you will entirely change your monetization strategy to make a full-time income from your blog. So let’s move on.

5 Ideas to Create Online Product and Earn Money Easily

Making Money blogging was not much difficult in past

A year ago earning from your blog was so simple. To start your blog, you simply needed to;

  • Pick a profitable niche that should also be your passion
  • Buy a domain name with simple and easy to remember words reflecting your niche
  • Hosting that serves your blogging needs to compete well
  • A wordpress premium template with easy template and best SEO options.

After uploading your template on your hosting you just needed to write and write. Your success mostly depended upon quality of your contents. How much you would earn it used to depend upon monetary value of your niche. Your main source of revenue used to be:

  • Brutally unpredictable Google Adsense and
  • Risky affiliates.

You simply used to work as seller to showcase others products. But later on it proved to be not the best way to earn money easily. You needed to put your entire efforts to sell a few number of others’ products for making few bucks.

What is winning approach of making money blogging now?

In a little time of hardly one year things have entirely changed.

Now every pro blogger advises you to create online products if you really want to earn money easily and regularly. For this you should not become selling agent of others and remain uncertain how much money you will earn in your next selling attempt. Also, everything is changing in internet marketing.

Rate of selling commission on each product is quite unpredictable. On some products it is higher; on some other it is dismally low. Now it is needs entirely a changed approach to earn money easily.

Your own product is the best way to earn money easily

It happens to many bloggers that a product they can sell like hot cakes offer little commission while a product offering huge percentage as commission is so difficult to sell. So the only solution to establish a strong earning stream base of your blog is to create online products to sell and make money easily.

To create online product the following five ideas can be your stepping stone to get rid of:

  • Unpredictable way of selling others’ products and
  • Google Adsense that offers peanuts until you have millions of visitors on your blog.

create online products

1. What your audience doesn’t have?

Your audience will not tell you what it does not have.

So first thing to before you create online products is to know what your audience does not have. You can sell their need and earn money. For example if your niche is “how to get student visa”, your audience is obviously those who want to go abroad for higher studies.

You need to assess what is the main problem they have to get a student visa without spending much money. They do have various consultancy services but that are not general. They vary from case to case. So your target audience needs to have a primary consultancy product that guides them how to get student visa and who to hire as consultant for helping them go to the country of their choice for higher studies. So you need to stimulate the demand of your target audience for the product of primary consultancy for student visa and then sell them your product – basic guide to get student visa – on reasonable rates that they can easily afford to pay.

2. The best thing which you can offer

It is equally important to examine your own skills and expertise before developing a product. If there are already many product of similar nature in the market people won’t have any reason to prefer your product.

So your product should not only be unique but it also has value addition as compare to similar products available in the market. Here again let’s suppose your niche is how to get student visa.

There are numerous consultancy services everywhere to help students get a student visa on payment of advisory fee. So here value addition in your product is “how to get student visa without spending a dime”. It will attract your target audience because of its value addition.

3. Branding

This is an age of packaging and branding.

You can’t sell a product if it doesn’t have an impressive packaging and branding. So your product should have an impressive brand name. It may be with a prefix of your blog like “All Blogging Tips for Retiree Executives”.

Yes it is equally an impressive idea.

So many executives of corporate sector want to start a blog after their retirement. They don’t want a blog as hobby but they also want to make some bucks with it to make their retiree life more prosperous. They want tutorial in simpler terms without lengthy plans as younger generation needs.

4. Packaging

Packaging means how you offer you product.

If it is simply a report in PDF then no one will love to buy it.

It must have an ebook, an infographic series, Create Online Course and a few video packages to facilitate buyer to learn the contents of your products in whatever format he wants.

5. No seasonal product

Apart from three important points the last but not the least point is; your product must not be seasonal. You can sell it whole year. If your product pertains to Summer Vacation Travel Package you need to take extra efforts in summer vacations to sell hugely and equally cover the off-season slowdown of your business.

Secondly competition is also stiffer in seasonal products market because every seller has same plan as you have to cover the off-season expenses as well. So, select a product that is free from seasonal effects and you can earn money easily during the whole year.

Final words

In short we can say for regular stream of income relying on Google Adsense and Affiliate products is quite risky. Google can cancel Adsense account any time without informing you.

You cannot sell an affiliate product confidently unless you first try it and be fully satisfied with its features. For this you need to buy one such product to use and test it before selling it on your blog. It needs money and time both.

So the best option is to create online products to earn money easily. You can improve it as and when the need arises and also introduce several sister products if you get huge response from your market.

Share your ideas

I know you are an energetic and smart blogger. ;)

You must have pretty good ideasto create online products in order to earn money easily. I won’t ask you to share your secret but you can tell a little about it. I have huge experience of idea market consultancy and can advise you to add more value in your project.

So let’s talk about ideas in comments section below.

Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Sales With Your Landing Pages

It’s always great to generate new leads for your affiliate marketing program, but every experienced business owner knows that it’s never easy (or cheap) to attract new customers. Instead of fretting over new marketing methods to grow your customer base, you should look towards your affiliates’ existing visitors and focus on increasing conversions from that group.

One important element that you should improve upon for conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the landing page. Before you do get started, you should get in touch with your affiliates. Brief them about your plans so that they can take the necessary steps in making their content and affiliate links consistent with your enhanced landing pages.

Once you’ve communicated your intentions clearly to your affiliate network, you can begin implementing the tips you’ll read below.

optimizing landing pages


Keep Visitors Focused

When people find their way onto your landing pages, you want their attention to be focused squarely on doing the one thing you want them to do on that page. If you want them to subscribe to a newsletter, don’t give them any links to other pages on your site or stuff a long article within the same page. Just place the form with easy-to-follow instructions.

By doing so, you place them in a mindset that has them concentrating on accomplishing one goal. They won’t be distracted by anything else that would lead them out of the page, thereby increasing your conversion rate.

Shoot Straight with Your Copy and Design

The very moment the page loads up, the visitors must know exactly what you can offer them. You have to capture their attention with a value proposition that’s both clear, useful, and of course, honest. There are many different ways of writing a compelling headline such as posing it as a question that your product/service can answer, and using the phrase “How to” in the beginning.

You can have a short summary of how your offer can help visitors. Include the biggest benefits to elaborate on your headline’s promise, keeping it to a concise bullet-points list of three to five items.

As for the overall design of the landing pages, it’s best to keep them as clutter-free as possible. Your layouts have to guide the visitor’s eyes in a way that directs them from reading the headline to the benefits and to the call-to-action button. Contrast your colors and the size of the copy with the button so that the latter stands out from the former.  Make the copy on the button specific so they know what will happen once they click on it.

Simplify the Process

The forms that you require visitors to fill out should be as simple as possible. You don’t have to get all the information from those signing-up at once. In fact, you run the risk of people not completing the conversion if you ask for every single detail in one long form. The name, the email address, and probably one phone number should suffice.

Make the labels for the input boxes clear, and they have to be aligned correctly for no confusion. Provide an example for tricky data like phone and credit card numbers, or limit the characters that can be typed in. If you really need a lot of information from the visitors, break up the form into multiple pages with a progress bar indicating where they are in the form-filling process.

It also helps if you allow them to go to previous pages without having them start over an entire page if they leave it.

Include Real Recommendations

To help overcome any worries your prospects might have about the quality of your product, ask those who’ve already tried out your offer to vouch for you through testimonials. People are more likely to trust a human face than your own marketing, so make use of your happy customers to be your brand evangelists.

Just don’t settle for generic phrases that sound phony. Get them to write a more detailed testimonial that outlines how exactly your product benefited them, and include their business titles if possible. It would also greatly help if your business has been mentioned by mass media channels or if you’ve partnered with well-known companies. Request their permission to use their logos. Above all else, don’t be tempted to get fake reviews on your site, as that can lead to a PR disaster if you’re exposed.

avoid fake reviews

Match the Message

Quite possibly the most important thing to keep in mind when updating your landing pages is that it has to make a connection with the page where the visitors came from. It’s only logical that when you click on a link that tells you how you can make money online, the page you end up on has to provide you the way. If you get anything other than what you’re expecting, you probably wouldn’t even bother sticking around to read anything on the page.

Talk to your affiliates about where they place the affiliate links. You have to know if the content on the page linking to your landing pages prepare visitors properly for what you’ll be selling them. If you want to target specific audiences to take specific actions, start creating more landing pages that are customized to their expectations.


Optimizing landing pages never quite ends, as you can always find one element of your landing pages that can be tweaked to bump up your conversions. Introduce changes bit by bit so you see which parts work and which don’t, and keep on testing.

Did I missed any points? Which method you’re using to boost your affiliate marketing sales?

Images by AdAge| Formstack