10 Interesting Ways To Become A Famous Blogger Quickly!

become a famous blogger

Let me paint a picture of a famous blogger.

A blogger that has armies of fans online who awaits to read their new content. The blogger who’s featured on popular websites or top blogger lists. He has a massive social media following and has an influence. His unique voice makes a difference in online space which makes him recognized. He did not just buy any established blog but he build a successful blog to become a famous blogger. His blog turned into a full-time business. Inspiring?

But, how did it all happen?

10 Proven Ways To Make Money Without Google AdSense

Make money without adsense

Is Adsense the only way to make money from your blog? Certainly, not. Many bloggers are making money without Adsense. As a blogger, you just need to figure out other profitable methods to monetize your blog.

Guess what – I did the homework.

So, if you are frustrated after applying for Google Adsense again and again, and got rejected every time then this post has got some wonderful material for you. Even, if you hate getting pennies from ad networks then you should stick to this post. Because, I will share some profitable methods to make money without AdSense.

Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing – Which is Better and Why?

Since a decade ago, business was all about in-person, that is offline or direct marketing. Later, all sort of business move on to online, as digital approach started proving its efficiency.

Now we will have to blindly agree that “online” itself becomes a business platform to make money through blog. No boss, No Assistants. You are everything.

Adsense vs affiliate marketing

There are loads of online money making sources available. Among all,  these two are the predominant sources of income through online.

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing

However, I am not giving you any fake message that you can merely make money through online trying these type of sources. There are digital players still struggling to earn even enough money out of it whereas many bloggers are making millions of dollar online.

Step by Step Guide to Creating a Travel Blog

Have you ever had the urge to pack a bag, hop on a plane, and travel to exotic destinations around the world?

Or maybe you just want to relive your past travels and share your experiences with others? Well, have no fear – travel blogging is here!

But before you quit your day job and set out on your journey to become the next great travel blogger, let’s take a closer look at what it takes to create a successful blog that people will actually want to read and one that provides you with regular income. …

ResellerClub Review – Plans, Pricing & Features Details

ResellerClub aims at becoming a one-stop shop globally for web-presence needs of professionals as well as businesses. With the wide range of products; starting from the basic web-hosting, email-hosting, cloud-hosting, website security and backup products to the latest trendy products like domain-reselling, ResellerClub has it all. Almost all of these services are combined in various packages according to the needs of different clients.

ResellerClub also offers WordPress, Magento and Drupal hosting under the umbrella of CMS Hosting services. Their advanced services also includes VPS and Dedicated Server options, with various packages and features. Another amazing option is to choose from their pool of themes and use the very much user-friendly drag-and-drop editor for website building.

Are Backlinks Becoming Less Valuable?

For any business, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing today. How you optimize your website has a major impact on where it ranks on search engines.

The most popular tactics for SEO are: backlinks, on-page optimization (keyword rich content), and metadata. But let’s not forget that there are other ways to ensure your website is in top shape for search engines.

Google wants to ensure it provides users with the most optimal search experience, which has prompted the search engine to constantly change its ranking metrics. It now includes metrics that take into account whether the website is optimized for mobile, the site’s speed, security, and so on. All to ensure that users get what they are looking for along with the site experience. …

5 Tactics To Boost Your Content Reach & Engagement

A strong content marketing strategy is essential to success, regardless if your business is a storefront or online. But it is surprising how many businesses get content marketing wrong. From not producing consistent content to not serving up content to the most number of people, many businesses are failing at content strategy.

The two key factors of any successful content marketing strategy are quality and reach. Once you have quality content, whether it’s a WordPress blog or podcast, you need to get it to the masses. This makes content reach critical. Because if you can get maximum content reach for your quality content, all your analytics will increase.

Is Your Blog Properly Optimized? 5 SEO Must-Haves to Check Off Your List

Company and personal blogs play a key role in keeping internet users informed. After leaving a good blog, readers or customers should feel like they’ve found the answer to a question.

However, blogs serve another purpose: search engine optimization (SEO). With a few carefully-implemented strategies, a website manager can use blogging as a platform for boosting their site’s rankings on search engines like Google.

Not all SEO is created equally. The SEO tactics you choose can be the difference between a high-ranking, widely-read article and a blog post that goes unnoticed on the fifth page of Google’s results.