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People don’t just use computers to browse, anymore in 2013 so It’s important to create mobile version of website

With the rise in the use of Smartphones, amazing gadget innovations at CES or such events and so, we no longer need a laptop or a computer to browse the internet. Smartphones and mobile internet made it so easy to watch videos, read blogs and get whatever, one wants.

Most of the blogs I read, are from my mobile and I can do it whenever and wherever. When I’m on a journey, the mobile becomes my best pal and so do the same, with others, as well.

Just like me, there are millions of others who love reading blogs from their mobile and this is why you should optimize your website for mobiles. Though there are some responsive themes which are pre-optimized, there are still a lot of others which further are to be taken care of.

But, why should you  Create Mobile Version Of Website / blogs?

Because, the number of people who own a Smartphone is rapidly increasing every day.

Internet is available on the go. It is convenient and comfortable carrying a portable device.

Google loves these blogs, which are mobile friendly too. A quarter of my site’s traffic is from mobiles.

My site is optimized for mobiles. Is yours?

If not, it is just a few steps away. I came across this site which made it so easy to Create Mobile Version Of Website, so simply.

create mobile version of website with ginwiz

Create Mobile Version Of Website Using GinWiz

GinWiz by InfoGin is an awesome site to create the mobile friendly version of your website with ease. With few clicks, you can optimize your site for thousands of mobile devices. Tablets, Smartphones, basic mobile devices, e-readers, desktops, game consoles and almost every device can load your website.

Features of GinWiz

Easy to sign up, create and convert. The best part is, it’s absolutely and completely free to use. You can simply GinWiz in less than five minutes and there are FAQs, Support forums, blog and video tutorials make it much easier.

Design Yourself

Unlike the other services/plugins, GinWiz allows you to create the mobile version of your site with your own requirements. Yes, you can do it all by yourself. There are really a lot of editing options on the go to make your site attractive enough. You need not be a master in coding to do so. One can easily get started, as there is really a lot of tools with a simple interface to create. Moreover, you can also add extra elements like YouTube videos, images, galleries etc., using HTML or CSS.

Easy To Use Templates

Though you can design, there is a really lot of stunning templates which you can use with a click. You can easily pick one from their collection of templates, which you can re-edit later on. They offer free templates for every niche site.


You can also have a detailed analytics on the traffic data on your site. GinWiz keeps a track record of all your site’s data including page views, unique visitors and even the mobile model, from which readers browsed your site. This will help you in better audience targeting and conversion.

Final Words about create mobile version of website

Though there are a lot of features, yet to be explained, I’m afraid this post is going to be so long to read. What all I say is, go get it. :D

This can be the best ever tool to Create Mobile Version Of Website. And, another awesome thing is, it also supports e-commerce sites for optimization.

You can also make money with ginwiz using their affiliate program. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and create mobile version of website now for free!

22 thoughts on “Create Mobile Version Of Website With GinWiz”

  1. With the growth of smartphones at such a pace, it will benefit us only if we optimize our site according to mobiles. Ginwiz sounds cool and I am gonna try it to optimize my site. Thanks a ton.

  2. Yes you are right . desktops or laptops going to be out of trend . I have read about it in a blog that soon We will never see any kind of desktop or laptop . Because next era is era of mobile phone devices .

  3. Hi Ammar,
    You have written a awesome article which is most important for us now a days.Most of the people are now like to use internet through mobile or similar devices rather than PC’s or Laptop.Because its more easier to use in almost every situation.In this time WordPress is most popular for developing a website.In Mobile GinWiz in similar to WordPress I think.The better side is,there are no need to know coding & anyone can edit it if he/she knows to operate computer.I definitely going to use GinWiz. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello Ammar:
    This is really awesome post, my blog is also growing day by day,so according to the need i would like to create a mobile version blog,and for that this post provide me stair.

  5. Wow! Great post i was looking for such kind of website to convert my wordpress blog into a fully fuction mobile version blog… by the way we can even use wordpress jetpack default mobile theme…Right?

  6. GinWiz seems really good. I know many websites are starting to engage into mobile marketing because a lot of business now are losing customers because their sites are not accessible through mobile.

  7. Ammar, you’ll have to compare it with the JetPack’s mobile theme and explain how it worth paying money.

    Google suggests dudamobile for the mobile version of websites. I used it and it is really great except the monthly charge $9/month which is more than hosting cost :(

    GinWiz too is not much different either. Free version has lots of limitation and standard version costs nearly $9/month.

  8. Thanks for sharing it mate. The service seems to be awesome for beginners.

    Mobile version of a website is very important these days. A mobile version of a website can help a lot in reaching new heights of earning with different advertisement programs. And, on the other hand, it helps your readers with bringing an extra layer of user-friendly layout.

  9. Are the Analytics provided By GinWiz are as Much as Friendly as Google Analytics?
    Are there Extra or Customizable Templates for Mobile?

  10. Hey Ammar,
    Thanks for the Post..!
    But I Think MobilePress plugin is the best way of creating mobile site of wp blog, It is highly customizable and also really easy to use..! :)

  11. In today’s day many people around world browsing blogs through their mobile device. So it is very essential to convert our blog mobile friendly. Also google loves this type of website. And yes GinWis is really best for that. Thanks for your update information!
    Great post:)

  12. Thanks a lot for sharing it Ammar. I think I should do it right away for my static sites.
    Do you have any idea on creating mobile versions for WP blogs? I’m little confused in that case

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