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Step by Step Guide to Creating a Travel Blog

Have you ever had the urge to pack a bag, hop on a plane, and travel to exotic destinations around the world?

Or maybe you just want to relive your past travels and share your experiences with others? Well, have no fear – travel blogging is here!

But before you quit your day job and set out on your journey to become the next great travel blogger, let’s take a closer look at what it takes to create a successful blog that people will actually want to read and one that provides you with regular income. …

How to Start as a Freelance Writer & Is It Worth?

There are thousands of writing opportunities in the market today. In the era of digital transformation, everyone has their presence online, and the need for content writing has increased. That is where the art of a freelance writer comes into play.

Who is a freelance writer?

freelance writer

A freelance writer is someone who writes on a self-employed basis. He doesn’t belong to any single company, but work as a small business. The freelance writers work for websites, magazines, and many more areas. More diverse the areas of writing, more likely they get published and paid for it.

5 Reasons Customer User Experience Has To Come First In Any Business

customer user experience

Customer user experience is one thing that can make your business grow in popularity and outperform its competition. This is why a lot of businesses and corporate organizations are investing more and more resources into making sure that the experience their customers have while doing business with them is positive.

There is no doubt that businesses are done with a lot of emotions attached. If you treat a first-time customer shabbily, the tendency is that the customer goes away with that horrible experience chiseled into his brain, and he/she would never want to be reminded of you in the future.

The way you treat your real or potential customers, what they feel about your brand, and how satisfied they are with your product would make or mar your business in the long run.

It would suffice to say; therefore, that customer user experience is an integral part of any business success and must never be overlooked. In this post, we shall take a look at 5 reasons customer user experience has to come first in any business.

5 Types Of Posts That Gets Shared Like Crazy


So, you are working hard on your blog. You are trying to write the best content you want and you are also trying to get it shared and linked back. But, do you think that you are getting the results that you want? If your answer is “NO!” then continue reading.

Because today I am going to tell you the type of blog posts you should be writing to get more shares and link backs to it. So, keep roureading and get ready to get the blog traffic you should be getting to your blog.

The Simple Unknown Secret to Start Making More Money

Stop! Stop everything you’re doing and give this post your full attention. Spending the time reading this post could be the best decision you’ll make this week.

What if I told you that I’ll share  with you the secret to monetizing your blog?

Monetizing your blog or site has for the majority of site owners hasn’t been that successful with them only making a few dollars each month from carrying ads on their site.

The secret to monetizing your site  is simple: Stop selling Advertisements.


Don’t worry, you’ve every right to be.

What I’m stating is hard to digest, right?

But it’s the harsh truth. …