5 Tactics To Boost Your Content Reach & Engagement

A strong content marketing strategy is essential to success, regardless if your business is a storefront or online. But it is surprising how many businesses get content marketing wrong. From not producing consistent content to not serving up content to the most number of people, many businesses are failing at content strategy.

The two key factors of any successful content marketing strategy are quality and reach. Once you have quality content, whether it’s a WordPress blog or podcast, you need to get it to the masses. This makes content reach critical. Because if you can get maximum content reach for your quality content, all your analytics will increase.

To help your blog or business grow and be successful, we put together the following definitive guide for maximum content reach. Let’s dive in!

Begin with a powerful social media content marketing strategy

Having a strong social media strategy is very important when it comes to getting maximum content reach for your business. It may seem like a an obvious tip when it comes to reaching more people, but you would be surprised how many businesses do not use social media effectively.

One of the best ways to increase your reach on social media is to use more hashtags, and hashtags that are specific to your target audience, industry, products, and services. You can use Hashtagify to find the right hashtags, and hashtags that are trending.

Start using a content delivery network (CDN) to increase your reach

You might be wondering what a content delivery network (CDN) is. If you want to boost your content reach, a CDN is a great and easy way to do it. What is it? Well, traditionally content was served up to the world using a single server, or point of origin. This has disadvantages, however, because if your server was in New York, it would take time for your content to be visible to your audience in Los Angeles.

In fact, according to DreamHost, a global leader in WordPress hosting, “One way you can keep your site’s speed and performance consistent is by using a Content Delivery Network (CDN)”.

So if you had timely content, it may not be as relevant the longer the reach time is. A CDN changes all this. Instead of serving up content to a target audience in different locations using a single point of origin, content is spread via CDN using multiple points of origin/servers. Pretty cool!

In short, you need to optimize your website and make it load faster.

Don’t let content stagnate, repurpose it instead

Another way to maximize content reach is to repurpose old content. This extends the life of your content, a great strategy if you have very authoritative content already online. You should always repurpose your strongest content.

To do this, you can use blog content and turn it into a white paper, video on YouTube, Udemy course, and more. One of the most popular ways to repurpose content for maximum reach is to turn that text into a clean and informative visual, like an infographic for instance.

Create a lot more visual content to maximize content reach for your business

Like in the above about repurposing content into visually stimulating assets, create more visual content from the get go too. Visual content, like videos, images, infographics, charts, slideshare, and more are all highly shareable and have a better shot at reaching far more people than text these days.

Video is certainly one of the best ways to make this happen. Video content is some of the most consumed content by online users in today’s digital world. This is especially true for videos that teach or solve a common problem.

“In today’s fast-paced world, video marketing is one of the few types of online material that provides the value, relevance and flexibility consumers need, all while catering to the on-the-go lifestyle they want,” Matt Bowman explained in a Forbes article.

User generated content can spread like wildfire

If you hear the phrase, “user generated content,” social media probably comes to mind. And it should, since user generated content is pretty heavily used on social media. Interestingly, it is also a content strategy you can use anywhere. For instance, it can be a call to action landing page on your website.

The best part about user generated content is that you get user experience benefits, since user generated content increases engagement from your target audience. This is one of the reasons this type of content can go viral on social so quickly.

In Conclusion . . .

The above definitive guide for maximum content reach can help you and your business grows, as well as boosts success when it comes to reaching more of your target audience. Most of the above strategies are also pretty easy to implement. Increase your reach and gain more footing in your niche today.

16 thoughts on “5 Tactics To Boost Your Content Reach & Engagement”

  1. Ammar

    Well written.

    I’d just add a couple of points. First, commitment will go a long way. Deciding to start a world class blog and committing to it really the first step. Second, you should set goals – for example, I want to have x number of visitors four months from now.

    And – don’t be afraid to be yourself. Your personal story and insights have value.

  2. I understood your point Mr. ammar ali. Moreover, User generated content could help us to understand new trends and topics that we don’t know about. Yes its true a good quality content help in visitor engagement on website, now a days video posting also play a big role to increase visitors on website.

  3. Hi Ammar
    Thanks for sharing such valuable content. I agree with you that content is the king and it should be informative enough to enrich the knowledge of the customers . Hence quality content is the main requirement when it comes to blogging.
    Also, video marketing is really amazing and useful when it comes to reach large audience. Thanks for sharing and keep spreading your valuable knowledge.

  4. Hi Ammar.,

    Thanks for the article.

    What you said is correct about content.

    Content Quality will help for Complete Digital Marketing. Even for SEO, SMO, PPC. If we are using quality content, reach will be more and the quality content should match with customer expectations..

    Keep posting updates…

  5. Thanks, Ammar
    For sharing these tips. I noticed repurposing the old content is the best strategy to keep ranking constantly and more help for the audience spend time on website or any other platforms.

  6. Hi Ammar,

    This is a nice blog post on how to improve user engagement and increase the presence of content. I believe there are plenty of good blogs with great content online. Still, they are struggling to get traffic. So, for them, I must recommend these tips to improve their online presence and engagement.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful informative content with us.

  7. I understood your point Mr. ammar ali. Moreover, User generated content could help us to understand new trends and topics that we don’t know about. Decent article tho ! Much informative than most of YouTube vids on content strategy. Thanks again man.

  8. Hi Ammar,
    Great Content! . Actually I never had any idea of the importance of content on the website and hence I have been trying to learn about how the content makes a difference to your website and business. I came across your content through a google search and so impressed with the great information that you have provided. Thanks once again. I will try to improve the content on my website and social media channels too.

  9. I understood your point Mr. ammar ali. Moreover, User generated content could help us to understand new trends and topics that we don’t know about. Decent article tho ! Much informative than most of YouTube vids on content strategy. Thanks again man.

  10. Agree with you, Ammar. User-generated content or even comments inspired by social media is easier to grab attention from the readers. When writing content, we need to keep in mind that content should engage the audience. One of the first factors of content being viral is that when it generates the “aww” emotion. And content that is generated by users has a higher chance to engage other users as well.

    Keep up the great work. Cheers!

  11. Your blog is so amazing Ammar Ali it helps me a lot, when I started my blogging journey I don’t know how to write articles and how to do SEO but I have learned all this through blogs and youtube but your article helps me a lot.
    Thank you so much, Ammar Ali.

  12. Hi Ammar,

    I really appreciate the way you expressed your concern regarding Online Marketing. Yes, I totally agree that content is the king and a customer when comes to the website, see the engaging content and make every possible chance to learn something new.

    This really helps to attract customers online. The customers are eagerly waiting for engaging content to get the right product or service for them.

    I have also observed that .. is also providing overall Digital Marketing Services like SEO, PPC, SMO, Lead Generation, etc.
    You can refer to this website and see if you can get something valuable from their content.

    Thanks and Regards

  13. I will be honest this is the most useful tips I have read till date. Thanks for putting all this together. As a newbie blogger, I am going through different stages of learning and all ups and downs what a normal newbie blogger face. But the most important thing I am not giving up and holding it until I find success.
    I am really positive using your thoughts and knowledge will help me to improve myself.

    Great work. Kepp doing this great work for us. Loved it

  14. Yes its true a good quality content help in visitor engagement on website, now a days video posting also play a big role to increase visitors on website.

    Your articles really help us in online marketing.

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