Quick Starter Guide to Launch a WordPress Website in 5 Minutes

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Why I Recommend Bluehost?

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Now let me guide you through the process of setting up your very own WordPress blog with bluehost.

Choose a Domain Name

You have a couple of options when it comes to registering your domain. You could either:

Register with your host (Easier)
Register with a domain provider and change your nameservers over to your host

I always recommend first option for beginners, because it’s very simple and easy.

If you choose to signup for bluehost, you can use my special link to get free domain name for a year!


Sign up with Bluehost

Go to Bluehost and press Get Started Now:

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Select your plan:

If you’re just starting out, you only need the starter plan. You can always upgrade if you decide to later on.


  • If you already bought your domain, type it in on the right.
  • If you’re taking advantage of FREE domain you chose to the left.

3-Domain Registartion

Fill out your account information:

4-Contact info

These are the checkboxes that I suggest to check off. Because you don’t really need them.

5 - Choose Plan

After you’ve choosed the package, now include your billing information and press next.

When you get your login information, login to Bluehost.

Installing WordPress

Here is what you you need to install WordPress.

6 -cPanel

Under “Website Builders”, click “Install WordPress”.

This will open a new tab or window, where you will press “install” button.

Select “Do It Yourself (FREE)” portion.

Select your domain with the dropdown list. After bluehost check the domain, it will ask you to check off the terms and conditions box.

8-Install WP

Do that, and press: Install Now.

9-WP Login

You may be directed to a themes page.. Don’t buy any of them yet. You can easily find many great themes for free.

When the install is complete, press the “View Credentials” button.

Press “view” button, and click on the “Admin URL”.

Log Into WordPress

Your login URL for blog will look like this


Type in your username and password and you’re logged in!

You’re looking at your WordPress Dashboard.



You’ve now set up your website.