Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

Social sharing options are  must for any blog Blogger or WordPress. It help readers to share contact with their all social networking sites in return you will get few traffic from these shares. When you spend a lot of time writing a blog post , you want people to be able to share it. Here are Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress! to help your readers share your hard work.

1. ShareBar

Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress
Sharebar plugin adds floating social sharing buttons, dynamic and fully customizable vertical box to the left of a blog post that contains links/buttons to popular social networking sites. Normally it contains Twitter, Facebook, Digg, SU, Email button we can add more buttons easily as per our needs. We can also customize background, border color, margin etc. Currently I am using this you can see this at left site of this post. Its just awesome plugin and is #1 among Best Social Sharing Plugins ;)

2. Sexy Bookmarks

This plugin Adds an attractive social bookmarking menu to your posts, pages, index, or any combination of the three. Easy to use! with cool hover effect. It comes with lot of best social bookmarking buttons you can select which one to show. It also provide analytics to track no of shares.

Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

WordPress plugin for twitter, facebook, Google +1 and other social share. It Can add the sharing buttons before post contents, after and also floating too. We can easily customize its border, background color. Very easy to use with lots of features.

4. Digg Digg

Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

Digg Digg all in one social share buttons plugin. It Add a floating bar with share buttons to your blog. Display all popular social sharing buttons with count, such as Twitter, Buffer, Facebook Share, Facebook Like, Digg, Google +1, Pinterest and much more. You can easily adjust it as per your needs.

5. Socialize

Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

This plugin Provides an easy way to add actionable social bookmarks to your posts content or below the post in a ‘Call To Action’ box. Many more features. You can also add small message with these buttons. You can customize buttons with required size like small, big, tall even you can edit background, border of these social sharing plugins.

6. Share This

Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

The ShareThis plugin enables users to share your content through Email,Facebook,Twitter, Google +1, Like, Send and many more. It comes with 3 styles. Simple icons. Icons with counter and big buttons with counter as you can see in above image. This plugin is ranked #6 in our list of best social sharing plugins for wordpress :

7. Smart Social WordPress plugin

Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

Smart social – one awesome wordpress plugin smart social is one powerful , fuel customizable ,social sharing WordPress plugin that enables your site users to share the page to various social or bookmarking network.

Add jQuery social share buttons to WordPress in a stylish floating panel, toolbar or display inline. Adds buttons via jQuery for faster page loading.

 8. SocioFluid

Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPressSocioFluid is a Social Bookmarking/Sharing Plugin, displaying small icons, which grows when the mouse is moved over, similar to mac effect with awesome hover effect.

9. AddThis

Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

The AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget allows any visitor to bookmark and share your site easily with over 330 popular services. Very easy to you. Allow you to customize it as per your needs.

10. Sociable

Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

Last plugin of our best social sharing plugins collection for wordpress that “Sociable” it’s totally FREE, has over 1,5 million downloads and is another best plugin for WordPress you can have a look at above image to see how it looks!

Premium Plugins Worth Buying

Final Words!

Those are my collection of Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress to making your blog more shareable for your readers. Have you tried any of them yet? Which one are you using Now ? Do you have any other solutions I have missed with this post?

Over to you now.

Do you think that my collection of best social sharing plugins could be useful for you too?? Do let me know in comments :)

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  1. says

    hello i am searching a good social plugin for my blog on google, and now i finally got your post. i check all plugins but i like digg digg plugin. thank you for sharing this post. its really helped me. thank you

  2. says

    Great tips there, i am trying to implement bit same features as you have provide. Let’s see how I implement them.

  3. Hemendra Kumar Saini says

    Hello Ammar, just upgraded one of my websites to wordpress, need social buttons like on of Rahul Kuntala, can you help me on that.

  4. says

    Hi Ammar,
    I have started using Sharebar in 2 of my blogs after visiting this thread.
    You’re doing great job at the early age of yours. :)


  5. says

    I have recently been having trouble with Sexy Bookmarks & WP Socializer. I just need to find something that doesn’t mess up when you share!

  6. says

    Thanks for the great article. Was looking for a list of the best social sharing plugins for my blog and one that was up to date. Found yours and was delighted. Have installed Sharebar and it’s great.

  7. says


    I’m still not able to decide which one is the best. I tried some of them but was not satisfied. Currently I’m using social sharing option provided by Jetpack. I think Sexy Bookmarks would be better for Posts. What do you say?

    • Ammar Ali says

      I would recommend you to use “Digg Digg” or “Sharebar”.. They’re best. I’ve used both! :) Works great!

      You can also give try to “Twitter, Facebook Like,G+ one Social share” Plugin as well!

  8. says

    Nice Post :) Ammar .

    its disappointing that we need to Install two plugins to have both Floating social share as well as above/below post social sharing widgets…

    is there a plugin that do both in a single run ?

    • Ammar Ali says

      Yeah. Seems to be. Here is solution for this!

      Just install any of floating social sharing plugin. It will add floating social buttons to left side of your page. And then goto and get social sharing buttons and place their code after post. It will do all things you need! :D

  9. says

    yes WordPress has huge collection of plugins, so its difficult to find right one, its good article about best plugins, so bloggers can easily start their blogging carrier :)

  10. Rohith VR says

    This is yet another great list of plugins. I’m a big fan of Digg Digg! I took out the rest of the social networking plugins and stuck with just one to make it easier for everyone to share. I’m sure they work the same way. Great Post!

  11. says

    hello..This Is Really A Nice Article..
    Before this i am really Confused alot on which social plugin is best for my blog..But Thnx To You That You Solve my Confusion.. :)

  12. says

    Hey bro,
    GetSocial is also a fantastic social plugin which i am using currently on my blog. You can have a look at it. thats awesome.
    BTW your plugins are also great. I am using Sexy Bookmarks too. :(

    • Ammar Ali says

      What you are doing here? Today is your birthday ;) Go and enjoy it.

      anyway, Get Social is also great. I am using Sharebar.

      BTW, why you are sad? :|

  13. says

    I currently customized the social buttons on my site, but from those you have listed, by far sharethis is the best solution for a single reason: you can track with Google Analytics. In this way you can see which articles are being shared the most and invest more on articles like those.

  14. says

    I dont use plugins as I blog on blogger but i used most of these social sharing buttons for my blog.
    Later i removed almost all of them as they take much load time :)

  15. luaggz says

    I’m currently using It’s a single JS code, so it’s lightweight and doesn’t affect my load time on my site. They have every sharing option available, just like the others, but the kicker is that they help me make money by showing an ad after someone shares my content. I don’t believe that any other sharing tool does that.

    Check out my site:
    Twitter: Advertise_ME

  16. says

    I have used Digg Digg, ShareBar and Sexy Bookmarks but did not satisfied with their performance. Each one loads their javascript increasing load time. I prefer to use own codes.

  17. says

    Hey Bro,
    I am really happy to share what i am using?
    Firstly I used the AddThis plugin on my blog.
    But presently i’m using ShareBar and Sexy Bookmarks.
    These 2 plugins are working fantastically on my blog.
    Although some plugins takes a lot of time to load but these 2 are not so. They both loads in normal time and works best for my blog. :)

  18. Hamza says

    Share This is one of the worst sharing plugin. I have ever used in my career. It just increase your website load timings, also delays the browser side rendering of your website pages. My advice is to stay away from such a buggy product. There are already number of Sharing Plugins..

  19. says

    Even the one I’m using on my blog is amazing. Pease check it out. If I’m not wrong, it’s known as SOCIAL BAR (or something like that, I’m not really sure :D

  20. says

    Hello Ammar,
    I love all of them and I know all of them works perfectly for every WordPress blog I want to know that which one of them are you using?
    Because I wanna use the one which you are using

      • says

        I’ve started using the Twitter, Facebook, Like G+ share plugin after reading this post because I’ve found that awesome and working perfectly on my blog.

        • Ammar Ali says

          I am using Sharebar along with this I also added social sharing buttons using custom codes. You can see them below related posts!

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