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Are You Using TOO Much WordPress Plugins on Your Blog? Stop Right Now!

how many wordpress plugins you should use?

WordPress plugin is regarded as an optimal choice for extending website function, with which people can enhance their sites conveniently without learning professional skills. And also, almost all plugins are free of charge so as to encourage webmasters to install too many WordPress plugins immoderately. However, more installs doesn’t create a better site.

In most cases, webmasters install WordPress plugins blindly instead of thinking twice. That is the leading cause to slow down page loading speed and get the whole site in trouble. Thus, if you are in the same situation, you have to take action to clean some unnecessary plugins right now.

5 Free WordPress Mobile Plugins For Responsive Design

How often do you use your mobile phone for loading web pages?

A number of times, right?

A statistic presented that 33.4% of the traffic to the website comes from mobile phones and the numbers are increasing exceedingly. Just like you, there are multiple internet users who prefer a mobile device more convenient to visit websites.

In order to make your website mobile responsive, it is essential to understand the need of top most WordPress mobile plugins.

What if your WordPress theme doesn’t have a build-in responsive plugin?

Simple. You need one.

5 Best Author Box Plugin for WordPress

Now a days many of wordpress blog have author box at end of each post. Now it’s becoming very popular to have author box in author blog.

MOST of you already know author box and its importance to manage multi-author blogs.  There are many plugins that add author box to your blog but  I’m sharing 5 Best Author Box Plugin with many great features. Simple and advance plugins

5 Best Author Box Plugin for WordPress

Here I’m sharing free and best author box plugins for wordpress. You can try any of them you want.

1. Better Author Bio

best author box plugin

This is best author box plugin I like from our list of best author box plugin and would recommend to use as it don’t require any coding. Its just simple, neat and clean :D. Here are few reasons Why I like this plugin!

  • It’s simple, clean and elegant.
  • View All Post by Author Option
  • Author Blog Link
  • Author Social Profile Link
  • It shows Number of Articles written by author
  • Too much easy to install and configure!

2. Fancier Author Box

fanciest author-box

Give identity to your single or multi-author with Fancier Author Box Plugin. This plugin comes with great features as well as link to author posts and latest post. You can easily hide or show latest post. Though I’ve not used it but many other blogs are using it and its working perfect!

There is also paid version of Fancier Author Box which gives you more advance features like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Tabs. You can read more here!

Here are few feature of premium version of this plugin.

  • Simple and Clean
  • Link to Author Latest Post
  • Social Icons below avatar
  • Easy to enable / customize its look and tab option!


3. Social Author Bio

best author box plugin

Like other this plugin automatically adds an author bio box with Gravatar and social icons on your each posts. This is the most configurable author bio box with social profile links. It comes with 15+ Social profile links. You can easily customize any of them. Here are few features of this plugin!

  • Simple yet stylish like others! ;)
  • Gravatar with Author Bio
  • Shows Number of post by author
  • 15+ Social Profiles Links.

4. Cool Author Box

cool author box

This plugin don’t need much introduction. This plugin also works like others but it style is different you can see screenshot above. This plugin will add author box to end of your post with avatar at bottom right side and link to author site and archives!

5. Custom About Author

This is last plugin from our collect of best author box plugin. This plugin looks like Social Author Bio. But Its simple with only 4 social profile and rounded corner! It does not contain link to author archives! Although its good plugin. You can try!

Don’t forget to look at our recent plugin collection for WordPress Blog


Over To You!

What do you think why author box is important for blogs? Don’t forget to let me know which best author box plugin you use in your blog in comment section!

Happy Blogging! :)

10+ Best eCommerce Plugins For WordPress

Looking for Best eCommerce Plugins For WordPress ? Here it is.

With the recent advancements in technology, internet is being used by more and more people every day.  As a result online shopping has been much popular amongst consumers these days. You can easily check out various brands and compare prices and what’s even more satisfying is that you need not move a muscle.

All of this is done by a single click. You can read reviews and consumer’s advice about various products and brands. Though there is countless number of ways to do this, but in this article we will be discussing about some very cool and popular Best eCommerce Plugins For WordPress which one may easily incorporate in his blog or website for eCommerce.

eCommerce Plugins

10+ Best eCommerce Plugins For WordPress


The first plugin in our list of Free Best eCommerce Plugins For WordPress is Ecwid. It is always said that the best things in this world are priceless. So is true for this plugin because it is free to use. It is a shopping cart system which is easy to install and even easier to. It is fully customizable so you can decide how it looks on your site.The drawback is that this plugin uses Ajax, so SEO value of website is affected. Moreover the users who do not have JavaScript enabled will not be able to use it.


Irrespective of your product type and services, you can easily take payments from buyers using this plugin called cart66 (formerly known as PHPurchase). This plugin itself will cost you a few bucks but it is very useful. You can create multiple stores using this and can customize their interface as well.


This is a full ecommerce plugins system for WP. And moreover it’s free. The admin dashboard is very friendly and it is very simple to add new products, review products and checking statistics. It is very customizable as well.
But the problem is with payment options. One can only use PayPal, Payson accounts or you can use eShop to take in payments, but with eShop option you will not be able to print the customer invoice which is possible with other payment options.

WP eCommerce:

This is a fully feature-rich plugin that is free of cost. This adds a shopping cart to your blog rather easily and quickly. You have various payment options supported including Google checkout and Pay Pal. Various social marketing tools also come integrated with the plugin through which you can also connect to Facebook Marketplace. The only downside is that this plugin requires frequent maintenance and this can become a really cumbersome task. Looks great eCommerce Plugin for wordpress.


This provides a button which can easily be embedded into blogs and websites to accept payments or even request donations. This can be helpful if your blog is shared across the internet via RSS because it allows every blog entry to act as its very own mini store.

Quick Shop:

This is useful with the themes that have a sidebar installed as this plugins gives a sidebar shopping cart option in your cart. The plugin requires PHP 5 and you need to make your own CSS. The plugin is really customizable though.


This is an excellent plugin but comes with a price tag of 55$. What you will be getting is a single license to this plugin, some extra plugins and modules, and priority for support. This plugin is specially designed for big firms which can use this as a solution to all their online shopping problems.

YAK for WP:

If you already have an online retail presence, and want to create a blog to make sure your customers are constantly updated about the latest products and services offered by you, then this YAK plugin is an unbeatable option for you. This is an open-source shopping plugin which allows categorization of products and services, and gives the users a pool of multiple payment options.

WP Auctions:

This is a completely revolutionary Best eCommerce Plugins For WordPress which allows you to auction anything on your website and that too completely for free. You need not hassle about seller fee, gallery fee, final value fee, listing fee or any other type of irritating fee to sell your product online. What you need to do is to just create your own auction and register your plugin on the WP Auctions live page which will generate traffic for your website. A host can create as many auctions he intends to. But you can receive payment only via Pay Pal.


This is another free WP plugin for selling online. This was originally created for the artists to sell their art work online through their own blogs and websites. One can seamlessly integrate his/her Pay Pal account with this plugin and leave the rest on this plugin. This plugin does real time sales update, so as soon as your product is sold it will be excluded from your catalogue. You need not worry about your product being sold twice.

Are Pay Pal  eCommerce Plugins For WordPress

You can use this plugin if you want to provide privileges to access exclusive content of your blog, only to the registered users. It will restrict the guests from seeing the hidden content. It is basically designed to sell stuff which cannot be shown to all people , like digital arts or some intellectual property. Instead of showing the content to the unregistered users, they are shown with the actions they need to take (such as registering with you via a minimal payment) to view that content. Google’s bot can although index that hidden content, so that users can search for it but they cannot see and access it without registration. This plugin uses Pay Pal – IPN (Instant Payment Notification) protocol so that the payment and content delivery processes are quick and automatic.
These are 10+ Best eCommerce Plugins For WordPress . Did I missed any free eCommerce plugins for WordPress? Let me know in comments!

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Best Advanced Social Subscription Widget for WordPress

Recently we shared Stylish followers count widget for WordPress. Now its time for something new and advance. Today we came with Best Advance Social Subscription Widget for WordPress. This plugin is provided by CodeCanyon one of best marketplace that provide wordpress plugins and much more.

Right now Advance Social Subscription widget comes with 2 editions for WordPress. If you are using feedburner than 1st edition works perfect for you ;) cost is just 8$

  1. Advanced Social Widget FeedBurner Edition
  2. Advanced Social Widget – MailChimp Edition WordPress Plugin

Advanced Social Widget Subscription widget FeedBurner Edition Adds an advanced widget box to your sidebar giving users the ability to link your site/blog to all popular Social Networking websites such as Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and awesome FeedBurner Email Subscription with easy.

Advance Social Subscription Widget Preview!
Advance Social Subscription Widget!

Live Demo   |   Download   |   More Info

Features of Advanced Social Subscription Widget

  • Highly functional dynamic widget interface
  • Allow visitors to easily and effortlessly subscribe to your FeedBurner also display link to your sites RSS feed
  • Dynamic Google +1 features & follower count, Facebook Like features and Like count, Twitter Follows features & follower count
  • Allows you to save to Delicious. Automatically determines whether you are on homepage, category pages, single pages or other and dynamically creates the Delicious link to share
  • Links to your Twitter page, Facebook page, Pinterest account and page, LinkedIn
  • Open links in same window or new window with 1 click.
  • Decide whether to display social networking site name under social icons or not to display it.
  • Multiple widgets configurations
  • Inherits CSS styles from current active theme – fonts and colors

How to Install  Advanced Social Subscription Widget ?

It’s very easy. Just download widget from here (Pay 8$ ;) ) and then watch video given below!

So what you are waiting for ? Go and download this great WordPress plugin Best Advanced Social Subscription Widget for WordPress.. :) Let me know if you face any problem?