4 Tips To Force Visitors Not To Leave Your Blog

After Getting a good number of traffic to your blog the second question is that how to make them addicted to your blog ? If they Find your blog helpful for them they will surely Hold on your blog.  If there will be on your blog for a long while they will help you to improve your alexa rank and PR. When your blog gets much traffic, some of them are advertisers they will place ads on your blog and you can earn money from it. Lets come on the topic. Here are some working  4 Tips To Force Visitors Not To Leave Your Blog which will truly help you.

Clean Theme (Template)

Having a clean template of your blog will allow to read content with peace. If your blog’s theme is clean it will look professional. Don’t use too dark colors in background, use some light and impressing colors. Dark color will harass readers and force them to leave your blog. So better is that to keep an light color. Use simple fonts in blog posts so readers can read content easily.

Content Is King

Readers read blogs to enlarge their knowledge. If they don’t get enough good content they will read more and more posts of your blog. If they will find your blog’s content useless they will take your blog as garbage and never visit your blog again. Write quality content for your readers. Design a Request Accepting page where visitors ask you to share about their requirement.

Don’t set any pop-ups

If your blog have pop-ups, It will disturb users to read content. So they will go away from your blog. So be careful that your blog have no pop-ups.

Backlinks to other posts

After one paragraph, Give links of similar posts. This is a super duper trick to make keep reader for more and more time. If he will find the article helpful he will surely think that another post will be beneficial too. So that he will read another post and will get another link there and this chain continues for a long time.

Make Sub-Titles Attractive (Bonus Tip)

When you write a post usually you set some sub-titles there. If they are attractive readers will read full content in it. Try to make sub-titles as better as you can. If sub-title are good then users will believe content in it also good. So they read all and get help from it and comment it. It makes your blog’s alexa rank better.

15 thoughts on “4 Tips To Force Visitors Not To Leave Your Blog”

  1. Hi Jafar
    These are really cool tips and I have visited blogs where in a pop up always appears to like their page which at times I find very irritating and then often close on the cross button as a result

    Heard somewhere that you were leaving blogging?Hope this is not the case

  2. Andi the Minion

    Hi Jafar, yes I agree about the pop ups, many people say they should be used but I kind of find them really annoying and have been known to click straight off the site when they appear. I thought it was just me lol.

    As for content is king, giving good content works, I wrote a post that appeared within a week on page 2 of Google for a keyword that I had no intention of using. There were 25, 700,000 competing sites so Google said. Obviously Google thought it was great content and relevant to the search term Unfortunately it wasn’t lol.

    Still it made me happy. Great photo by the way.
    You really that young? :)

    1. Pop-ups are rally irritating for almost all internet users. So its better to keep your website pop-ups free. :)

      Glad that you liked my article.

  3. Hi jaffar,
    If your visitors stick to your site for ling time, this will decrease the bounce rate and your search engine rankings will improve.

    1. Yeah Search Engine Optimization is a big need to improve his alexa rank speedy.

      Thanks for dropping your comment here. :)

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