4 Tips to Grow Your Blog While Working/Studying Full Time

Building a blog while studying or while having a job is no easy task.

It hard to do it even when you can dedicate yourself to it full-time, so what about when you’re limited on time and stress levels are higher?

Many people told me that it wouldn’t come easily to me, and they were right. But many people doubted that I could make it, and I did it anyway. I built a successful freelancing business while studying dentistry and scoring a GPA of 3.92 in the first 2 years.

Sound outrageous, right?

Here are 4 tips that helped me make it happen and that can make your chances of succeeding higher. Don’t forget to grab your cheat sheet; it will help you apply the tips shared in this post.

Focus Focus Focus!!

You’re limited on time. You have less than half the amount of time than others have to build their business. So what should you do?

You need to focus more. You need to do what takes others 10 hours in less than 5 hours. You also need to trim out all the unnecessary stuff. Don’t create content on all social media platforms. Focus on 1 or 2 that deliver the most results and ignore the rest, for now at least.

The question now is how to get more done in half the time.

I tried many different things but there was one technique that helped me do it easily, the Pomodoro technique.

In this technique, you set a timer to 25 minutes and focus on doing one simple task, like writing a post for example. And in this 25 minutes you try to finish whatever you can before the timer rings. But you can’t break the session, so you need to do it all at once with no interruptions.

Then you rest for 5 minutes, and repeat the cycle 4 times, and then take a bigger rest (30 minutes).

I know it sounds too good to be true, but after trying it for a week you’ll be a believer.

Your Secret Weapon

Many people have asked me what my secret weapon is. At the beginning, I said I didn’t have one, but after comparing other people’s routines to my own, I’ve found something that I consider to be my secret weapon.

And it is having a morning routine.

I know you’ve heard it before, but most successful people do have a morning routine for a reason. First of all, you have some of the best time where there aren’t any distractions, so you can get a lot of work done.

I was resistant about adding a morning routine before college; I barely woke up on time as it was, but when I noticed that Tim Ferriss always asks his podcast listeners what their morning routine is, I knew that they were doing it for a reason.

You don’t even to do any work at the beginning, a quick meditation session or just journaling what you want to get done in the day will set you up for success.

As you become more in love with it, you can add more time to your morning routine, and you could get an hour or two of pure focus time to accomplish a lot.

You’re also doing it before going to work and before any big emergency happens that could change your day completely.

Having my morning routine made me sure that even if an emergency happens in the evening, I would consider my day a successful one.

Choose One Path

This one piece of advice I wish I knew earlier.

Why are you blogging or doing what you do? Choose one business model and follow it. So maybe you want to earn affiliate income, or you want to sell more of your products, or get money through ads.

Whatever it is, choose one model. And then choose one strategy that will help you accomplish this model and be successful.

So you may decide to focus on doing ads, or guest posting or writing those uber long posts to get more traffic. Just use one strategy that suits your needs.

And focus only on this strategy. Don’t follow any trends that may come along the way. They come and go. Focus on your strategy.

After you get that one strategy down pat, you can change things as you go and include more income streams, more traffic potentials.

But just focus on one till you reach a satisfactory goal.

Evolve Yourself

I once heard Jim Rohn say, “Your business growth won’t exceed your personal growth.”

After applying this quote, things have changed considerably for me. I started changing my habits. Remove the bad ones and add better ones.

I started focusing more on my health. I started to read more books. I was journaling more. I meditated more.

And I noticed one thing: my business growth took a huge spike and my energy levels and focus level were through the roof.

You can’t build a successful business if you’re not a person who’s capable of being successful. You need to be capable of it. Don’t be the limiting factor in your business growth.

You Can Do It

I know many people will doubt that you can accomplish anything while working full-time. I know people doubted me.

But I am here to tell you that you can do it.

Just listen to yourself, follow the path you’ve set out, and apply the tips shared here.

I’ve applied all these tips and it was hard at first, but after I got into it, things were much easier for me.

And to make it easier for you to apply the tips in this post, I’ve created a cheat sheet. Grab it here.

16 thoughts on “4 Tips to Grow Your Blog While Working/Studying Full Time”

  1. I will take your words as an inspiration for myself. I have a penchant towards blogging but I am still not able to balance it with my work. Getting time outside of your work schedule for indulging in another work was being difficult for me. Reading your post I feel to achieve something we must work towards it with a positive approach. I am quite sure that I am going to start my blog now. Thanks so much for showing a constructive way.

  2. This is such a best post, it does not make us blogging style very much better even I will succeed in my hole my life. I hope I can change my life in the future AdSense offers recurring income, whereas affiliate marketing pays once per shot.

  3. Hey Ahmed!
    It’s very difficult for me to manage my blog and m studies together and i am looking for some ideasso, i came to your blog and i think your article will surely gonna help me in managing both my blog as well as my studies.
    Thank you

  4. Hello Ahmed,
    I have been a beginner in blogging for my own site in having a separate “BLOG” section, but, I hesitate much before reading this blog, to post my own blog contents for my site. After reading the one approach, posting morning session concept, etc,.. it gave a lot of confidence for me to post further blogs by myself,… Thanks a lot for “allbloggingtips.com” and AHMED!!!

  5. Hi Ahmed,
    It was really hard for me to manage my blog and work together. So, I was looking for the ideas and luckily I found your post it really helped me in solving my problem.
    Thank you

  6. Hello Ahmed,

    Very inspiring thoughts. Really great efforts and I really got very constructive knowledge about blogging when I am busy with my work. This article is absolutely great and very effective or someone like me who is doing SEO consultation and provide digital marketing classes but very much interested to start a blog for own. Some principles are fairly new to date, this article was great, very informative, and accurate.

  7. For me that actually work is that do not push yourself to produce more content but at the start you should since you dont have enough things to read on your blog and also try producing content that are in low competitions, like content in your own language works base on my experience.

  8. Hey Ahmed,
    I usually read about 5-10 blog posts every day and this is the most helpful article I went through so far today.
    My blog is very young yet. It has about 10 articles but, I have been setting up my blog for years. If you have few minutes (I know you are very busy), please have a look and tell me what do you think.
    What is your experience with affiliate marketing? Do you think I should join with affiliate programmes from today or not yet?
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  9. Hi sir,
    I am a jobber, before few months back i started my own blog, but i don’t have enough time to spend on my blog, but after reading this inspirational post, i able to manage my blog and blog posting. I am thinking to leave this 10-7 job and want to start my blog again to get good traffic and earning money through my blog, please give me the suggestions!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. Hi, Ahmed, i used to have a job before I joined the blogging world. Finally, I decided to be full-time blogging. But there were so many things to learn that I still can’t have enough time to do that. Your advice is practical and useful. I am doing in the opposite direction from your suggestions The biggest mistake is SEO which I almost focus completely to get the traffic. I will implement your suggestions into my blogging daily activities.


    This is a terrific post for making things clear with blogging, I am a busy person with a blog and i found it useful. I am really looking forward to make blogging as my full-time job but not today but soon.

    Great post and thank you for sharing!

  12. Great tips! As a student myself, I find it a bit hard to focus on one task. But after reading this, I think I can change the way my life is going. I need to start focusing on individual tasks that are the most important rather than trying to do everything at once. I also need to learn how to manage my time more effectively. Sometimes study tasks can be overwhelming and they interrupt the follow/organization of the weekly tasks. That’s what I need to figure out.

  13. Hello Ahmed,
    I am a student, and a blog owner too. I have started my blog few months back, but I have no time to focus on my blog posts, seo, promotion and all those things.
    But, After reading this post, I think I will now able to manage my blog as well as my blog both.

    Thanks a lot for these tips.

  14. Hiee Ahmed,

    I always feel annoying whenever i start writing content… before that i make huge plans.
    I have 10 to 7 job, i work constitantly. But i wanted to start my own blog and implement whatever I learn.

    I also find morning is good time to start writing a good content because ideas flows easily in my mind.

    I know, i am still in a process of becoming a good blogger. Lets see.

  15. Its in my nature to learn from others who are better than me. I apply a similar learning approach for blogging as well. A few week ago I started a blogging series by writing things that I have learned, Put to action and seen results.
    Thanks for sharing another sooper post.

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