Make a Blogger Blog Dofollow to get lots of Comments

dofollow blogger

This post is related to my previous post about How to Remove Blogger Navbar Making a Blogger blog Dofollow is a nessecary thing if you want to get lots of comments. Peoples only comments on those blogs who are Dofollow like our’s. Because they need Backlinks for their blog which improve their Rankings. If your blog is Nofollow than these are only comments not back links so people will not comment on your blog. Making a blog Dofollow will increase SPAM in your comments so you need to check all comments before publishing. Well, To make a blogger blog Dofollow is not a difficult just follow following steps..

To Make Blogger Blog DoFollow

Just follow following simple steps

Step 1:

Go to blogger Dashboard > Edit Html > Expand Widget templates and search for

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'><></a>
or just

Step 2:



from step 1
Step 3:

Click on SAVE TEMPLATE and that’s all. Now your blog is Dofollow and will get lots of comments with SPAM