How To Easily Create Animated Favicons And Add It To Blogger

Favicon Demo

Favicon is actually the icon that appears next to your Website URL in the browser address bar. A favicon is usually your blog logo. There are many services which only provide you facility to add image to favicons only. But now you can Create Animated Favicons which will allow you to add image with animating text. I will show you How To Easily Create Animated Favicons And Add It To Blogger.

Steps To Easily Create Animated Favicons?

  • Goto FaviconGenerator
  • And Just goto Bottom of the page. Upload your image which you want to use for favicon and type desire text which you want to make animating You will find all the help at favicongenerator

Favicon Generator Screenshot

  • Hit the Generate Favicon Button and you will be taken to this page,

download animated favicon

Here you will see many images just right click the animated one and save it to your computer.

How To Add Animated Favicons In Blogger

    • Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
    • And Search For <b:skin>and just above it paste the code below,
<link href='ADD YOUR FAVICON LINK HERE' rel='icon" type='image/gif'/>
  • Replace ADD YOUR FAVICON LINK HERE with the image URL of the favicon you saved in Picasa album.
  • Save your template and you are done!

View your blog to see it in action on the address bar and tabs. Hope you liked it! Questions are always welcomed here:>>

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  1. The website just gives blank icons now. Hoping it starts working again soon. Seems like a really useful idea.

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