Namesilo Review – Don’t Go For It Unless You Read This!


If you are looking for quality and reliable domain registration plus management services, then my personal suggestion is none other than the Namesilo and here I’ll be sharing with you NameSilo review. The company is very old in this business and number of individual and corporate level user trust them.

Earlier, I was using some other service, but then I decided to give Namesilo a try and luckily, I never regretted my decision. That is mainly because of their exceptional services that I could not find in any other online service companies. There are a number of reasons for choosing Namesilo so here is the Namesilo review, while some of them are:

NameSilo Review

Here is an honest unbiased Namesilo review based on my personal experience using them.

Lowest registration fees

Being a professional user, you must be aware of the pricing that these online companies charge for the domain registration yearly. These prices are extremely high with some of the services being unavailable. Whereas, at Namesilo, if you want to purchase a domain name with .com, you will be charged $6.89 annually.

Domain Search Results_Namesilo

Yes, you have heard that right, the prices are that low that no one else offers them anywhere in the online service. Also, there are not any chances that prices will rise after one month, unlike other companies which claims something else and provides with something else.

Not only those prices are their catchy factor, but I was amazed when I got to know that they will also offer many services for free. The basic service of Privacy and Protection are offered for free against the payment of $6.89.

Another point which makes the Namesilo distinctive from other companies is that it offers a convenient payment system to all the clients. You can pay from any credit card that you want. For instance, you can pay from AllPay, PayPal, Bitcoin, Dwolla, Skrill, etc. many companies have restricted payment guidelines, but Namesilo keeps it feasible for everyone.

Try NameSilo Today It’s quick and easy!

Customer service

Since the time I have joined hands with Namesilo, I never felt alone in the times to need. They have always been there with their uninterrupted consumer services. Namesilo offer their technical assistance when I wanted to transfer my domain. It took only a few days that the domain was transferred.

You can contact them in whatever medium that suits you. Call them, email them or simply chat with them. Great thing about their team is that they contact you within few minutes or hours so that you do not have to wait for long.

Free WHOIS privacy for life

The best part of our Namesilo review is whenever you buy a new domain name, you get the free WHOIS privacy feature for the entire life. If you are a regular user, then you know that every other company offering WHOIS privacy charges an extra price annually.

Along with this amazing offer, Namesilo provides you with the Domain Locking so that no one will transfer your domain to any other registrar. With this feature, I feel absolutely at peace with no fear of losing my domain here or there.

Other than this, you also get the Domain Defender with Namesilo. Your domain name gets secured with the two questions that are necessary to pass in order to change the domain name.

Thus, your name and overall domain are secured with Namesilo.

User Friendly Control Panel

With Namesilo, every function becomes easier, just like this DNS management dashboard that is equipped with every feature in front of you. With this interactive panel, I do not need to search for the options or tabs or ask for assistance from anywhere. I just have to check the panel and all of my desired panels are present there.

Like me, there would be other users as well who wants to perform all the tasks themselves without having extra knowledge. Therefore, Namesilo is the best option for them.

Add-ons by Namesilo

At Namesilo, you get more than just regular discount coupons or low priced domain names. The additional features are:

  • FREE Whois Privacy Forever
  • Email Forwarding
  • Parking (You earn 100%!)
  • Domain Defender Protection
  • DNS Management Tools
  • Custom WHOIS Records
  • Domain Forwarding
  • Portfolio Management
  • Registry Lock
  • Sub-Account Tools

Namesilo is my favorite because it does not charge anything extra on these add-ons. While in market now of the other companies are offering these features.

Purchasing the bulk domains

If you are a consumer who wants to acquire more than 1 domain at a time, then Namesilo is the place for you to do that. Other companies have this policy to not allow consumers to buy an extra number of domains or mostly they do not have this number of domains.

While other companies gets you 10 or 20 percent discount on 100 or 200 domain names. Namesilo has a complete discount program for you.

No matter how many domains you have purchased, you will always get the free membership. This membership is for free and there are no additional fees on purchasing the new domain.

This discount offer caught my attention because none of the other online service providers are offering such consumer friendly offer.

ICANN fees

Being a domain registrar, Namesilo also have to pay the annual ICANN fees, which is 18 cents. I was surprised to know that this fee is not transferred to my annual payment when I checked out. This fee was already paid by Namesilo and never transferred to customer’s account. Comparatively, other companies add these fees to the customers, which upset the customers.

In my opinion, Namesilo is better than all those companies.

Availability of TLDs

Some of the other companies do not provide more than 100 TLDs while Namesilo has the capacity of offering up to 500 TLDs. So, if you also want TLDs in bulk like me, then this place is the right spot for that. Stop in, choose, pay and check out!

Email Forwarding

Now you can also make most of the feature of email forwarding with Namesilo. For each email forwarding, you can have up to 5 email addresses that can forward 100 emails at a time. Moreover, you get template from Zoho too.

Try NameSilo Today It’s quick and easy!


I hope this Namesilo review gave you a good direction. Namesilo looks like the best for professional users and companies. You do not need to wander aimlessly when you are dealing with Namesilo. There is no burden on your pocket and no burden on your mind as well. So, contact Namesilo today without any delay and thank us later for Namesilo review.

2 thoughts on “Namesilo Review – Don’t Go For It Unless You Read This!”

  1. after viewing all services of name-silo i found this website more better to purchase a domain name
    and totally agreeing on all points

  2. I agree with your review of Namesilo. It is the best out there. The only issue with this registrar is that their website is not responsive. You cannot use the Namesilo website with a mobile device.
    A non-responsive website is a huge problem considering there are many different internet-enabled mobile devices that allow users to access and use the internet. Not being able to access the Namesilo website with a mobile device hinders productivity and is also frustrating.
    Is there any reason why anyone should be constrained to the use of Laptop or Desktop in a world with so many devices to access the internet?

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