Top 6 Easy Shortcuts to Blacklist Your Website In Google: So Avoid it

google black ish Everyone wants his website appear at least on first page of the Google search result. I am not thinking about other search engines like yahoo, Bing or any other because most of the global search conducting through the big “G”, yes Google. There are many reasons why Google is so famous and world’s most used website or search engines. Their top ranking free products like Gmail, YouTube always attracts youth and old people too. In this article we will see the top 6 things that you should avoid to so with your website for not getting ban or blacklisted in the Google search result. There are many algorithms already implemented by Google and update is also going on daily basis. You thinking is write I am speaking not other than Google PandaTM algorithm. So you should avoid these shortcuts to blacklist your website in Google.

6 easy shortcuts that can blacklist your website!

1) Link from/to to spammy and porn websites:

Google take two keywords very seriously, and then are spam and porn.  So are you going to start any link building for search engine optimization? Then please beware from website which comes under these two categories. You may think how to detect those websites? The answer is easy, the spammy websites are those which post the stuff just for promotions and often it is useless one. I don’t want to tell you how to find porn websites. Surely you cannot control who can link your website. But remember that never link to those websites which are bad.

2)  Selling and buying paid Text links:

selling links

This is another big reason that Google will kick out instantly from their search index as soon as they find you in such a link sell and buy activities. What Google say? “You want my links for traffic. totally fine but want to pass my page rank juice? No”

 3)  Using bots to add or edit contents automatically:

Google hates automated bots and software who create or modify your site content automatically behalf of you. Like automated search queries catching and converting them to tags like that. So if you use such things then Google can ban you surely and will blacklist your website!

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 4)  Modifying Robots.txt file:

Robots.txt file is the entry pass for all the search engines. Whenever any search engine bot comes to your website for crawling your content then it first read the lines inside robots.txt and follows it. So by modifying the robobs.txt file you can disallow all the search engines bots from crawling your website easily.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

The above lines in the robots.txt can stop all the search engine bots to your website. So be careful while modifying this file.

 5) Duplicate or low quality content:

Google really hates duplicate content. Each and every person in the world is unique and he/she can thing unique so Google like unique sentences and word arrangements in any text. Duplicate content can easily through your site at the bottom in search engine result. Another thing that should be considered is low quality content. What is low quality content? Google define good or high quality content as by which a small child can also learn. So the content which is written just for increasing the article site or increasing the number of pages of your website and not useful to anyone can be categorized under low quality content. Avoid it else it will blacklist your website.

 6) Fooling Search engine Bots (Cloaking):

This is an issue that well explained by Matt Cutts (Head of web spam Team) on a YouTube Video. Have a look below!

Cloaking means showing content to search engine bots and showing some another content to user. This is considering as very bad activity. Suppose you are running a product website and you showing 100 numbers of products details to search engines and when user comes there are only 10 products details all other are links just saying no results. Then user will disappointed and never think to visit your website again, because he was in search of xyz product detail which is not on your website but he just got fooled because of cloaking. So these points should be considered and you will never blacklist your website.

31 thoughts on “Top 6 Easy Shortcuts to Blacklist Your Website In Google: So Avoid it”

  1. Hi Tushar,
    Thanks for the short and concise article.
    I’m new to SEO and have a curious question:
    If I make a program( or use one already made) to generate clicks on my website, what impact good or bad will it have on my website rank. Also, when I check google page rank of my website, it is always zero. I never know that efforts I m putting are going in right direction or not. So Is there any website where I can see my negligible PR?


  2. i have a wordpress site.if i make more pages on site then how my site page ranks will be in search engine.i want to know more about panda and pengium. also about robots.txt how it work?

  3. Hello all,

    I have a question for the community. Is it better to blog on my built-in web site blog (I use Shopify), or use an independent blogging site such as Tumblr? I’m just starting out blogging and I don’t want to waste time publishing articles where no one will see them!

    Any advice is appreciated.



  4. Very useful article,

    And to the people who are having problem with links from spammy & porn sites Google have developed the Disavow tool.

    (Log into Google)

    You can use this to tell Google which links you want to disassociate from your site.

  5. Great informative article for the day of online marketer. I highly recommended these points for anyone who is starting out in there blogging career.
    Thanks for sharing the knowledge Tushar Thakur. Looking forward for your next post on

  6. Hey Tushar thanks for such a great article.
    Its a must read article for all the beginners, only beginners are more desperate for higher page ranks.
    I’m surely gonna tweet this article.
    Keep writing such posts.. :)

  7. Some people can definitely do most of the above things unknowingly I know because I’ve been finalised by google (adsense)for something I never done. But I there are more legitimate ways of increasing pagerank like comment that takes less time

  8. I am always confused by the line between link farm and online directory. Obviosuly, some directories are nothing more than link after worthless link but what about directories that are part of legitimate sites – there may be 50 links or even 150 links on one page – is that then classified as a link farm????

    I am an SEO Content Writer and am often asked about linking issues so it would be great to know what to tell my clients…..

  9. Just a small thing about point number 4. The worst thing that can happen if you mess up your robots.txt is that you’ll not be indexed and will not show in search engines search results. But it’ll not blacklist you, once you fix it you’ll be back in very short time. But if you’ll try any of the other things and get caught, to fix it will take much more effort and time.

  10. Thanks for the tips Tushar. But I believe we can cloak amazon and other affiliate links using easy azon. Because not cloaking them will also lead to ban :D

  11. Nopes. Selling link is strictly prohibited in Google, Google say’s that you can sell the space on your website for adverting, you can put the links but keep them nofollow. AS they should not pass the Page Rank.

  12. Reciprocal linking, placing links in blog roll are all on Penguin’s radar. But I don’t think selling text link ads are bad. Coz its a form of advertising. As far as one links to clean sites (no spam and porn) and as far as the links are no-follow (so that the links don’t get SEO benefits for money), it should be fine!

    Thanks for the nice article Tushar!

    1. Nofollow is the types of link that tells the search engine bot to not follow the link present on the page. If you want the details explanation about nofollow and dofollow then you can check the Wikipedia article. Just search in the Google about nofollow word.

      Thank you for the comment and keep visiting this website to learn more and more about blogging.

  13. Thanks Tushar for sharing tips that we must avoid to implement….
    I like this approach to make people understand what is not good for them….

  14. Hey plz tell me that placing links in blogroll and exchanging links with other bloggers can decrease my search engine popularity……..

    1. hey Neeraj…..putting links in blogroll is on radar of Google Penguin…so avoid it
      and you can exchange links but make those links as nofollow… otherwise google can think that you are involved in link building networks and can punish you.

    2. Do not sell the links from the blogroll, you will surely get penalised by the google. If you really want to link your friend’s website in the blogroll then you can use the tag rel = “friend” in the link attribute.

  15. This is awesome Tushar. Google’s contribution to my traffic is huge and I’m bent on doing anything not to compromise this relationship.

    Is there no controversy here? Some porn websites are well ranked in Google. Why should Google frown at linking at them?

    1. Hi Enstine….

      Bro it seems that Google have big publisher for Porn websites as well…..

      Google suggest us not to link with porn sites but it itself love them and ranked them well…..

      1. Hi..admin..
        I didn’t know why my blog has some traffic from p*rn sites when I check it on my blog traffic. Can you help me what should I do to remove it all? Thank you for help.

        Note : some p*rn site usually come from domain with .ru
        I’m really hate it because I believe and agree with your written above

    2. Thank you for the appreciation, yes you are right. But Google treats the porn website in different way. As Google has safe search feature that decide the ranking of such website in the SERP.

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