Why Bloggers Need To Be Heavy Smartphone Users

Do you already own a smartphone? If you’re a blogger, chances are you do. After all, bloggers as a whole are technically adept people. But merely owning a smartphone isn’t enough for a blogger. We need to become heavy users, becoming attuned to all the little aspects of the smartphones. In other words, we need to become power users.

At this point you might be asking why we need to use our smartphones heavily. The answer is quite simple.

Our readers use smartphones

More and more people move from regular cell phones to smart phones every day. That means shifting behaviors in general. It also means changing behaviors for reading. People seem to enjoy reading on their smartphones. Web sites, particularly with mobile plug-ins, are laid out well. There are many RSS applications as well. Smartphones make reading easy.
If more and more people are reading your blog on your smartphone, shouldn’t you become familiar with their device of choice? That isn’t to say you should go rush out and buy the newest iPhone or Samsung cell phone just because your readers are using those devices. But it does mean you should be exploring all facets of the smartphone you do own.
Remember, blogging is about connecting with your audience. If your audience is reading on smartphones, you should become familiar with how they’re reading so you can create a deeper connection. Make sure you see what they see, how they see it. Here are a few tips for become more intimate with your smartphone.

Read your site often

If you do nothing else, you should be reading your own blog from your smartphone. Sure, you know all the content. You either wrote or edited it. But you probably did that right from your computer — you know, the one with the big screen and keyboard. Reading your site from your smartphone changes the experience, and gives you an idea of what your readers see when they visit you.

When you visit your blog on your smartphone you might start to realize some things. For instance, the first time I visited my site from my very first BlackBerry I realized that it looked like crap. It loaded slowly and was difficult to read. It was clear that we needed to install a mobile plugin. Now that I use Android phones and the iPhone, I make sure that my sites look good on both of those. That way my readers get the same experience.

You might be the person who creates the blog, but your blog is nothing without the audience. Make sure you see things how they see them.

Leave comments

While mobile plugins have made it more pleasant to view blogs on smartphones, they don’t necessarily make commenting easier. Since many of your readers will want to leave comments, you should make sure that it’s easy to do from a smartphone. The best way to accomplish this, unsurprisingly, is to leave comments yourself.

This doesn’t have to be anything time consuming. In fact, you can do it while waiting on line or on the train, since you’ll be doing it from your smartphone. But just make sure that you know how easy or difficult it is to comment on your blog from a smartphone. That will motivate you to make it easier for your readers.

While you can always ask for feedback, there is no substitute for first-hand testing. Since more and more people are reading on their smartphones, it is the blogger’s responsibility to ensure an easy mobile reading experience. It doesn’t even take that much effort. Just make sure that you’re reading and commenting on your blog with your smartphone. If it’s easy for you, it’s easy for your readers. They’ll thank you for it.

14 thoughts on “Why Bloggers Need To Be Heavy Smartphone Users”

  1. Wao! this is a great point you have mentioned here. I completely agree with you that bloggers need to be a smartphone user. It has become a necessity in the present generation. Well i would definitely like to buy Samsung Galaxy 3 within a few months.

  2. Andi the Minion

    Hi Joe, great article, as I maintain my blog for my boss I do tend to switch off ‘after hours’ but occasionally I do check on my phone, however i think I should do it more, as the technology is there in the palm of my hand, it is foolish not to, it could be detrimental to your blog an business.

    Thanks for reminding me of the importance of the phone in my pocket really is.


  3. I use my Galaxy S2 for browsing, I dont like to work on my collection sites from my phone though. I just finding it a little too hard – great for postsing on FB and Twitter though.

  4. sandeep kumar (SEo Bloggers Tips)

    Nice point Joe…
    I agree that Laptop have taken the place of Desktop and now Smart Phone and Tabs are taking the place of laptop.
    People love to do their daily taks on mobile phone/tabs.

    As a blogger we should try to focus on our visitor which is using future technology like Smart Phone, Tabs etc.

  5. That’s an interesting perspective. Tried it myself. The mobile version of my blog seems to working alright. Though as for commenting, that really depends on the smart-phone being used.

    1. Joe Pawlikowski

      Interesting. I’ve found that most mobile plug-ins take care of the commenting system as well. It might not be as pretty, but you can still write and publish comments pretty easily — though you do have to enter your information, even if your information is normally saved on the site.

  6. Its pleassure using wordpress app on smartphones to do blogging over phone
    you can follow other blogs

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