5 Reasons Why Your Visitors Don’t Visit Your Blog Again

Imagine a one month old blog hitting thousands of visitors every day and a blog like yours (may be more than 6 month old) not getting much traffic or unique visitors?

How could you feel if that happens to your blog?

Your efforts, hard work all will vanish within a short time. If you don’t want to lose your first time readers or want to stick your old readers to your blog the best way is


READ the below content ;)


Why Your Visitors Don’t Visit Your Blog Again?

These are the major reasons to go away from your blog immediately. Don’t do these things and concentrate on overcoming them.

1. Boring content:

You are boring your readers terribly with your writing. OK you are working hard to develop your blog and updating it as often as possible though but it doesn’t mean your content is good enough.

You need to work hard to develop your writing skills, you have to make a habit of reading famous blogs to enhance your skills.content sucks

“Writing is the first esset for anyone who want to make their blog successful”, don’t you agree? It’s not only add value to your blog, but also creates a brand for you.

Don’t let your readers jump away to other blogs by having bad content or bad writing skills.

2. Bad blog design:

Most blog designs are terrible and are like one of the most useless websites. I skipped many blogs just because they have bad design/theme even though good content. No one will be interested to read your blog for a long time, if you have awkward blog design. Make your blog look simple, minimal and make it easy to read.

If you have a good and appealing blog design then your readers or first time visitors will come back to your blog even though you have appealing content (not every time though)..So, make them stick to your blog by having a good blog design.

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3. You have a really bi….g domain name:

What if you enter into a blog having a domain name like this..

www.barbaradoylesmysteryintrigueandmurderwknd.co.nz (it really is there, check out if you want)

Even if you are an Einstein you can’t remember this name.. ;)

Then how can your first time visitors remember and come to your blog again if you have such a long domain name??

Make your domain name short or buy a domain name which is easy to remember and type if you really want to build a profitable blog.

4. Bad navigation:

If you have a bad navigation for your blog then you are running in dark forest without having a lamp ;)

Your readers will easily run away from your blog if you don’t have proper navigation.

Quick ways to fix your bad blog navigation:-

  • Crazy fonts drive your readers crazy: Never use crazy fonts which are tough to read. Use easy to read fonts in your blog. And don’t make your font size too short or too big. Use medium font sizes and your readers should be convenient to read your content.
  • Don’t use too many sharing buttons: One proper plugin is enough to cover your blog content to easy to share. Moreover if you use too many sharing buttons if effects your blog loading time.

5. Not enough updates:

One other major reason for not getting unique visitors or leaving your blog immediately even the old readers is – you are not updating the blog often.

What if the same readers come to read your blog after 5 days and find the same content which you wrote on “How to Eat Human Brains Without Spoons” :P

Will they read it again? They will go away immediately. So try to update your blog at least twice or thrice a week.

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And yeah, don’t forget to welcome your first time visitors. :D

Did I miss anything? Share them in the comments below..

38 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Your Visitors Don’t Visit Your Blog Again”

  1. Thank you for this useful content. I am running a blog and would like to improve it. Could you kindly review it and tell me what I need to do to make it better? I will be grateful for your support and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  2. Excellent blog post. As someone who is fairly new to blogging this post was very informative. Thanks for sharing your expertise. As I move forward in my blog writing I will certainly keep these tips in mind and put them to practice when I write content for my personal blog. Have A Blessed Day! And again thanks for sharing this information.

  3. I just want to add one more point. While you write blog posts keep them in active voice. Avoid third person way of writing. Ask interesting questions. Engage the reader. Make your blog post an interesting and interactive one. Then Tue reader will get a feel of talking with you, which will pull them again to your blog

  4. Rahul, you are the man! I am agreed with your points.

    Believe me, the design of some blogs really screws the mind, and that becomes one of the reason that reader avoids to visit your blog directly and go to some RSS subscription. I have seen many bloggers who are good in their profession, but their blog designs still carry the 90’s elements and strategies. Mostly internet marketers avoid spending money over the graphics, and generate third-class graphic by their own following the tutorials.

  5. Every point is very valid but must say, point #1 is the biggest if you truly want repeat readers. Blogging is about building a community of raving readers. No matter how great your content may be, if you’re not connecting with your readers either by replying to comments and reciprocating by visiting their blogs/site, no one will want to come around to yours the second time.

  6. PJS Webmaster Blog

    Dear Rahul
    Awesome writing dude. You have poited issues realy well. Most of the time I ignored sites with bad n ugly design. I dont even trust their writings and site contents… Thanks for bringing such a useful topic…

  7. Hi Rahul Kuntala!
    hhahhha..yes your Design are also good. But when my concerns to Only Design of a wordpress, i am inspired by Ammar Blog.
    For You: Your Articles and especially in the Start of few Lines..abre, Mind Blowing

  8. Not having enough content and a bad design are two of the top reasons I will do not visit a blog again. It just goes to show how much effort they are really putting into it. If they do not have time to do these simple things than more than likely they are not worth coming back to anyways. Show that you mean business. :]

  9. You have a very good points there but please can you tell me like how many visitors is perfect for a blog just one month plus and what are the reason behind it.

  10. Consistency is important and in most cases design matters the most. Agree with your points and looking forward to many useful articles like this.

  11. You’ve mentioned some important tips on why someone is not getting enough visitors even if their blog is 1 year old or so and some one getting tons of visits within a month for a new blog.

    I’d like to add my overview that, we need to update the blog regularly at least 2 posts/week, if we’ve not update the site for one month or so, readers may think that the blog is inactive one and they doesn’t visit again. So updating our blog regularly will help us to overcome this issue.

    I personally believe most of the people fail in these case.

  12. you are right the points you mentioned above are totally agreeable, Unique and fresh content is what visitors are interest most and this can bring back them to your blog for the second time, by the way Great article and very good helpful information i like it i am a blogger so i can imagine that how much effort did you put in this i am going to share this post with my friends as well thanks buddy keep up the good work…

  13. Yes Rahul, you are absolutely correct in highlighting the points for the visitors might not get interest in visiting your blog for the second time. Unique and fresh content is what visitors are interest most and this can bring back them to your blog for the second time. But if that doesn’t happen like you said of updating your blog with boring content, would definitely help all your visitors to evade away all of them. Secondly, an unique design with brilliant colours being used in your blog also attract most of your visitors. So, I must appreciate all the negative points that you have suggested and it would definitely help all the bloggers. Thanks for the share!!

  14. strongly agree with you but i have question that i have changed my blog theme and it is 100 times better then the previous theme but after changing it my traffic has got down…please tell me what do..???

    1. No.. changing theme must not be the reason for traffic drop.. may be recent Google updates probably were the reasons..

  15. Blog design is first thing that impress a visitor if you are having a good design so don’t thing anyone will revisit again. unless you have some unique content

  16. Sometimes if you use boring and complex thee, the reader might get confused and may not visit your blog once again, so i would like to suggest that we should use simple thing and should be reader friendly. I hope you will agree with me.

  17. Thanks Rahul for revealing these mistakes some of us do make, You were correct about bad blog design. I changed my blog design not too long and I noticed the increased time spent on the site and more page views… Thanks for sharing

    1. Hello Kelvin..

      Yea I worry more about having a great design.. that’s one of the effective ways to make anyone fall in love with your blog

      1. Fundamental reason, new bloggers think they will generate huge money within minutes
        But infact they are trying to say their visitors that I will shoot you with ads if you come here again.

  18. Agree with you … These are some of the major reasons for a visitor to leave a blog. Personally I feel, Some people think that its a cool idea to show some ads via popup when some one visits there blog but unfortunately 95% people hate popups. Its really a cheap idea to show ads to your visitor and not only it will hurt the image of your blog in the eyes of visitor but search engines also don’t like popup and may penalize your blog. If you want to show the ads just put them in the sidebar or footer of your blog, don’t do :) silly :) thing like this.

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