10 Most Popular and Best Statistics Plugin For WordPress

Running a WordPress blog, it’s far enough to have a good hosting, beautiful theme and content. It’s also important to analyze your website.

You need to find out who your audience it, who are visiting your site, where they are coming for, what they are reading. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t come with built-in stats feature to monitor traffic and visitors, but there are certainly a few plugins you can use to keep the record of your data amount, tracking of the users and visitors, tracks the offline activity, etc. A WordPress statistics plugin is a necessary thing for your website..

It’s extremely difficult to find the best WordPress plugins as there are over 29,000 plugins available in the WordPress plugins directory.

I’m going to feature over 10 plugins. I’m not using all of them, I try to use as minimum plugins as I can. Why? Because using too many plugins affects the performance of your blog. So install plugin that you really need.

1- JetPack by WordPress.com

10 Most Popular and Best Statistics Plugin For WordPress
This is the best stat plugin for WordPress and, is exclusively for the users of WordPress, which let them know about the daily users, visitors, customization, mobile visitors, tools, traffic, etc.

I’m using Jetpack from the day I started this plugin. It comes with over 25 modules to manage almost everything on your blog. I definitely recommend it.

It has additional features like:

  • Augments your visitors, gets you spam free comments, gets you notification, likes, social sharing, other tools and enhanced distribution.
  • This plugin has themes available for the table and mobile users and they can be customized easily as well.
  • It supplies the complete security to your WordPres website and has the anti-virus sites like Akismet, Single Sign On, and JetPack Monitor.
  • You can easily customize the whole website as per your own taste. There are options like Infinite Scroll, Sidebar Widgets, Custom CSS, Tiled Galleries and much more.

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2- Google Analyticator:

10 Most Popular and Best Statistics Plugin For WordPress
With this plugin, you can put in JavaScript code to allow the Google Analytics log in your website. There are different widgets available in this plugin which makes the data appear easily on your admin page and in the blog. The additional features are:

  • Carry the download link trail.
  • Speed tracking of site.
  • Displays you the visitor’s statistic information in a widget.
  • Any code provided by the Google can be tracked.
  • Provides the translations into local languages.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It has this feature of concealing the Google UID descends.

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3- kStats Reloaded:

10 Most Popular and Best Statistics Plugin For WordPress
Coming from the old, but very useful site StatPress, the kStat Reloaded is much prompt and advance WordPress statistic plugin. This plugin has some amazing features for the WordPress blogs. It lets you inform about the number of visitors, the timing of their visit, and the place of their visit, the page visits you get and what is the indexing of your WordPress blog right now.

This advanced plugin kStat has the revised features of storing and keeping the information about the visitors and users. This plugin has bit difficult database schemes.

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4- Blog Stats by W3Counter

10 Most Popular and Best Statistics Plugin For WordPress

This one of free statistics plugin for WordPress plugin has the widget which it inserts to your sidebar automatically with the tracking  code. This plugin is very much in use by the webmasters. It is simple to use and can be run by any user even if they do not know much about dealing with these plugins. The plugin is so much popular that it gets more than 30 downloads per day. It tells you all about the number of daily visitors, top posts, searches and traffic coming your way with the exact numbers.

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5- WassUp Real Time Analytics

10 Most Popular and Best Statistics Plugin For WordPress
This is very useful site for those who want to keep an eye on the visiting and the activity of the visitors. The WassUp has an in detail console, which shows you that what are your visitors doing on the website.

You get to see an individual act rather than the gathered data of the visitors. You will get to see that what keyword, time period, type of visitors, etc.

This WordPress stat plugin also shows you that which visitor is online and what are they up to from which location. There are two spams detected functions are present in this plugin.

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6- Analytics 360

10 Most Popular and Best Statistics Plugin For WordPress
It gathers the Google Analytics and MailChimp’s Analytics360 plugin data into one dashboard. You can check that which users are adding into your mailing list and what is the status of current address and the new addresses. With the tab of campaign traffic, you can individually assess that how much traffic is coming towards your website with the single email campaign.

This stats plugin for WordPress will help you in finding out that that is the new visitors coming to your website through which reference or if they are visiting directly. Along with these main services, there are so many other services by the Analytics 360 plugin as well.

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7- WP-Stats-Dashboard

10 Most Popular and Best Statistics Plugin For WordPress
WP-Stats Dashboard is one of best wordpress stats plugin. This multipurpose plugin helps you in getting the stats about your social engagement, ranking in the Alexa, blog traffic and much more. The additional features are like:

  • Translate your page for the external users.
  • Chase the social metrics of 50+.
  • Finds the profile.
  • Number of stats dashboard widgets.
  • Provides you the sidebar widgets such as: every day graphs, social metrics, top authors, etc.

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8- StatPress Reloaded

10 Most Popular and Best Statistics Plugin For WordPress

This WP stat plugin has the brilliant offers for the WordPress blogs. You can check out the keyword search, browsers, visitors, OS information without any issue.

You can easily get the information about your blog once you install it on your WordPress blog. It can tell you the stats by showing it on the sidebar. With the limited space; the plugin removes the older documentation. There are several language options as well.

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9- Advanced Blog Metrics

10 Most Popular and Best Statistics Plugin For WordPress
Progress your blog’s performance by adding this plugin to your WordPress blog. It has the features like:

  • Tells you the right time to post your release.
  • How many comments you received in a day.
  • Tells you the highest number authors who made the comments.
  • What is the time when your post is getting the most number of comments?

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10- WP Statistics

10 Most Popular and Best Statistics Plugin For WordPress
This plugin has its own way of collecting, generating, informing you about the blog statistics. It gets to know you about the:

  • Pages which are getting the highest number of visitors.
  • Repost of statics through email.
  • Who is visiting your website right now?
  • How many people are online on the website right now?
  • Updates to the GeoIP database.

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My Suggestions

All above best WordPress stats plugin are the best to use for your WordPress site. Though, it is alright when you install only one plug-in as the entire above mentioned plug-in have the best features.

When it comes to choosing from the above given best WordPress stat plugin, then Jetpack seems like the most appropriate one for the WordPress statistic plugin. I recommend Jetpack because it comes with lots of built in features like social sharing, custom css, shorten link, socialize, mobile theme and so on.

How do you track stats on your blog? What’s your favorite stats plugin for WordPress?

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  1. says

    Personally, Jetpack works very well especially for a plugin. However, the worst part about it is when it loads up, it brings tons of ‘website speed issue’ which could affect your site speed. The changes are small so at times, you might not notice it.

    Nonetheless, if I have to choose, Jetpack is definitely having my vote for this.

    Thanks for sharing mate :)

  2. Sally says

    Great post Ammar. I use Google Analytics and have just installed Jetpack…

    One stat I need for my KPI’s is a monthly total of blog views (so reporting on Posts and not Pages). I can’t seem to do this with either of those, is there another plugin you can recommend?


  3. Alphonsus Isusu says

    Thanks so much for revealing this plugin.

    I installed the Jetpack, and after installing successfully, activate it on my wordpress. Askimet thereafter instructed I disable it or input my Askimet key. I have no problem with that…

    But it’s just that there’s no provision made for me to put the key before or after installing. So what I did is to deactivate it.

    What do you think I should do?

    Thank you!

    • Ammar Ali says

      Use Jetpack and for protecting blog from spam comment use “GASP” plugin, you can also try commmentluv premium :)

      Let me know if you have any other issue?

  4. says

    Thank you! I was searching for one or two plugins because Jetpack is eating a lot of memory and my host provider said i have to delete it :(

  5. Imran khan says

    Well done…Ammar
    Definitely its very keen comparison……
    your articles are great….I book marked ur web page……

  6. Varun Maini says

    From all the list you have given me i think jetpack is the best plugin to use because of awesome features i will recommend that only…

  7. says

    I am using Jetpack for my site but sometimes I am also checking my stats via awstat and I get different numbers everytime. One day Jetpack was showing no visit to a post on my blog but the same day I got two comments submitted on the same post. I was really surprised to see that how this could be possible. One thing I can assure that the comments could not come from the bots because I have already used Captcha everywhere. Tell me if anyone can guess the truth.

  8. says

    i liked statcounter and jetpack, both are enriched with required detail and statcounter best option is for exit link activity that you can check adsence clicks…..

  9. says

    Remarkable issues here. I’m very glad to look your article. Thank you a lot and I’m
    looking ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  10. Don Juane says

    Anyone know (care) what info is being communicated back to wordpress with the jetpack plug-in?

    • Don Juane says

      How can people continue to use and praise Google Analytics and other “free apps” that are not really free? You feed the gravy of your website traffic and all of its usage stats back to the mother ship and they give you a brief snapshot of what’s going on. Wow, thanks a lot, Google! What they in turn are doing with it, well actually you have no clue other than knowing they are making money with it, and at the very minimum selling your info to advertisers. It’s time to understand that Google Apps are NOT free apps and you are giving away a constant stream of information of everything you and your clients/customers are doing as a free gift to Google, wrapped in a nice package and all for mostly their own benefit. So the free lunch is in reality, Google’s. If you want stats, use one of the packages that does not funnel all your and your customer’s activities back to some distant mother ship in the sky where you have no idea what they are going with your information (but you have a pretty good idea). The web has turned into a lapdog for Google and their tracking machine. How many business models are there that you know of that constantly give away free stuff? Not many. Wise up world, there is NO FREE LUNCH. Track your own web statistics and leave Google and other world-wide scanning machine out of the picture.

  11. Ferb says

    I use nStatistic and that seems pretty easy to use as well, strongly recommend for everyone.

    Thank you for the list, at least I know there are somany great plugins available – Ferb

  12. Deanna says

    It appears that jetpack counts your own visits though, unless you ask it to not count logged in users…which could be bad…
    Know which plugin would NOT include your own views?
    Thanks a million!

  13. says

    But the stats shown by jetpack is in consistent with the data found og google analytice, which is the accurate data?!

    • Ammar Ali says

      Jetpack shows total Pageviews while analytics shows all info like visitors, pageviews, unique visitors :D

  14. says

    I have Jetpack and Kstats installed on my blog, and they give very different numbers, so I have to conclude they are measuring different things. One weekend, Jetpack told me I got no visitors at all, while Kstats said that I got more than 30 both days. Since I had some people sign up for a class that weekend, I have to conclude that the Jetpack number (0) was wrong.

    I would definitely like to learn what is going on here.

    • Ammar says

      May be Kstats is catching spiders and bots too. I am currently using Statpress and Jetpack both of them shows different stats but I think jetpack is best!

    • says

      I had to uninstall Jetpack because a recent update to Jetpack locked me out of the dashboard completely. I was able to recover by using FTP to go in and rename the Jetpack plugin directory so that the WP loader couldn’t find it, which allowed me to log in again. While I was logged in, I used FTP to rename the Jetpack directory back to its original name so that I could delete it using the dashboard. Since then, I had deleted Jetpack from every WP site I own.

      I still have no clue why the numbers reported by Jetpack and Kstats don’t seem to have any correlation at all.

  15. Mohsin says

    Awesome list Ammar. I saw your Alexa rank today and i am really impressed that you are going very well. keep it up.

  16. says

    To be frank this is a great post. I made a wordpress blog. But I am bit struggling with it yet. So these plugins will be helpful to me too.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this, I’ll bookmark this for further referrence.

    Good luck

  17. Bharadwaj says

    Hey nice post you left web ninja stats (Google analytics) i personally recommend it but nice post.

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