4 Benefits of List Posts And How to Write Them Effectively

List posts are the addictive posts in general. They attract readers and make them loyal if you provide value to them. List posts are great way to grab the attention of readers and easy to read and implement. That’s why list posts are always popular. Before we continue check out 7 Ways To Find Unique Blog Post Ideas For Your Blog


Benefits of writing list posts:

  1. Easy to collate: You can collect and manage the information easily which you want to write for your list posts whether in your blog or other blogs.
  2. Easy to write: List posts are easy to write after collecting the information, aren’t they? If you collected the information and have the clear idea about what to write, then writing list posts is not a big matter. You can end up writing useful list posts within a short time.
  3. Easy to make them popular: If you spend few extra minutes working on the headlines, styling your posts then you can easily make them popular within a short time. The best way to make your list posts go viral is to use the killer headings often from the beginning to the ending.
  4. Easy to scan: Making your articles is essential to grow your blog. Because the readers are lazy to read lots of content. Even if you provide extraordinary value to your articles, they always try to skim the content. Here comes the list posts.. You can make your list posts scannable easily by dividing them into smaller paragraphs and making them into neat lists.

How to Write List Posts Effectively?

This is the most important thing in making them popular. You must be aware of how to write list posts and how to craft them perfectly.

Follow this tips..

  • List posts should have proper style
  • They should be divided in short paragraphs
  • List posts should contain lots of headlines, sub-headings
  • If the images are used in proper way, list posts can go viral
  • Read the list posts from popular blogs to have an idea about how to craft your list posts in a better way
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What precautions have to be taken while writing list posts?

No doubt, list posts make your blog stand out from others. But you must consider few things while creating list posts for your blog. If you forget this, then you could probably end up your list posts in worst way. So, here are few things to consider..
Never write less points what you have mentioned in the title!
Ex: If you write a post on “10 tips to write a great post in 40 minutes” and if you end it up with only 9 posts then imagine how awkward it would?
So, never do this. Always proof read your list posts before you are going to hit “Publish” button.
Don’t write list posts in long paragraphs
List posts look good if they are divided in small sections or paragraphs. They should look appealing for your readers and your readers should digest your content easily. So, divide your paragraphs after writing 3 to 4 lines.
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Your Turn:

Do you have any tips for writing effective list posts? Share them in the comments..

Guest Post by Rahul. Who blogs at LearnBlogTips

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5 thoughts on “4 Benefits of List Posts And How to Write Them Effectively”

  1. Thanks for writing these valuable tips. I agree we need to use a lot of subheadings and try to make our content stand out in a crowd of similar ones and list posts are easy to write and people are more willing to read them rather than traditional long posts

  2. I believe that top lists posts do perform well provided they were handled with extreme care or else it would be gone as just another post in your blog..

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