Advantages and Disadvantages Of Free Domains

free-domain-giveawayMany of the blog beginners will go for a free domain for domain registration. so now i am explaining about the advantages and dis advantages of free domains. and who should go for free domain and who should go for a paid domain. List of free domain services:-
Some of the free domain services are , .tk, etc. they offer free domain registrations for one year. so lets see the advantages and disadvantages of free domains.

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Advantages of free domains:-

Free domain for one year:

Free domains offer one year free domain registration. so these free domains are useful for blogs or websites which remain alive less than one year.

Useful for events and college fest websites:

These are useful for websites of college fests,events,competitions etc. because these websites are used only till the completion of the event. after that they are not useful  so registering a free domain for this type of websites may save money.

Useful for simple bloggers:

Useful for bloggers who want to maintain a blog just upto a period of one yearor less than that.

Useful in web development:

Useful in developing a website and registering a domain for free.

Great gift to short period websites:

many of the short period websites will depend on free domains inorder to save money. so these free domains are a gift to some of the short period websites.

The above mentioned points are the advantages of free domains. but there are many dis advantages of free domains also.

Disadvantages of free domains:-

Limited service:

Free domain offer domain registration free for only one year. After that you should pay for renewal for that domain. These are useful for only short period websites.  If you want to develop a website/blog for a long period, then don’t go for free domains.

SEO unfriendly:

Free domains cant be indexed in search engines easily. if you want a good seo for your blog/website,  then forget about free domains and go for a paid domain.

No guarantee of appearing in search engines:

Google may ban the free domains. if it happens to your domain service then your blog/website will be no more available in search engines. google has banned domain in past(now it is accepting). so if it repeats again then your website will be no more visible in search engines.

May loose all your visitors,rankings and backlinks after one year:

When you go for a free domain after one year you should change your domain. so when you change your domain after one year then you may loose all your visitors, seo, page rankings, back links, etc.

Final conclusion:-

Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of free domains my advice is that if your blog/website is of short period  and no need of seo, then go for free domains.
If your blog/website is a long period website and want to maintain it more than one year with out any interruptions, Then go for paid domains.

This guest post by srinath reddy who is an engineering  student, part time blogger,software developer & web designer. he would like to keep you updated with latest programming tips,tricks and tutorials. he mainly writes on CODERS HUNT.

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  1. This article surely useful for new bloggers who having idea to start up.Such a nice article from

    1. Because if you are serious about blogging. You should go for custom domains. As free domains can delete or redirect your domain to any other advertisement site without informing you :)

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