An Idiots Guide To The Best Business Strategy

We figured out that it is the right time to post on “An Idiots Guide To The Best Business Strategy” after reading through all the over-amped business strategies which are making use of Bell-curves and survey methods, the post would provide as the simple refresher on what is really matters in a business strategy, it would be very easy for an enthusiastic entrepreneur to get down in the weeds and forget the core matter.


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Some of the persons would be smart enough to recognize what they want to do the best example is Steve Jobs, and some of them have stumble upon a business the best example for that is Mark Zuckerberg and finally comes the people who has to undergo some research and soul-search on what kind of business they should do the best example for that kind is a person like you, therefore it is good to start by thinking of a business in which really you are interested in and then you can survey the friends or family about how feasible you think about the business idea might be, and if they are using it what would be the coast they will be paying for it? Etc…


Most of the people would end up being wannabepreneurs, it means that the people would only talk and they will not do any thing about the business, it is happening because of the only reason that they might be sacred, but at the same time it happens because some of the wannabepreneurs tries to make their products or service “perfect” before the launching happens. This is a very poor strategy, the very best way to test the service is to actually release it and smoothen the wrinkles as they go! If we wait for a very long time there is a possibility that our market might change trends and then we need to rework our business model again, therefore it best to go with the flow and to just launch it!


The major problem with most of the people who startup the business is that they usually cater to only a very small pool of customers. Obviously considering the population on the whole earth, the very small pool is enough to make us a millionaire. If a situation arises like after promoting a product and no one buys it, it is for sure because we still have not reached the people who could shoot the best customer pool. We should expose the products and services to potential customers, so that we could end up with the probability of ending up with best sales.

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