How to Keep Your Audience Coming Back for More? 4 Ways

Getting traffic to your blogs is not a rocket science. When you done few things right you can bring lots of organic traffic to your sites within less time (having targeted keywords in mind, proper SEO blog structure, internal linking etc.)

But it’s hard to sustain your blog readership for a long time, agree?

If you want to keep your audience coming back for more, here are few things to do.


Capture email addresses by giving more

One of the best ways to bring people again and again to your blogs is by capturing their emails. Whenever you publish a new article on your blog, you can use newsletters to send them to your subscribers to keep them coming back for more.

Having a great email list will not only increase website traffic, it also improves your product sales. But you must provide value to your email subscribers often to make money from your email marketing campaign.

Here are few simple ways to build your email list faster.

  • Give away something for FREE (plugin, theme or eBook etc)
  • Always write great contents
  • Use social media sites to bring more people to subscribe
  • Use landing pages

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Be active on social media

Social media has become a vital place for most bloggers to spread their ideas and brand.

Social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc will not only bring more online visibility for your blogs, but they will also have the tendency to make your blog go viral.

If you have more followers and fans on social media sites, you can bring drastic changes on your blogging journey. It’s very important for anyone who is blogging for a while to improve their social media interaction to boost their online presence.

If you are always posting useful stuff on your social media profiles, you will definitely be creating curiosity on your fans to read your links whenever you post something on your profiles. So always spend time on social media sites to share others stuff and to boost your online brand to keep your audience coming back for more stuff.

Create series posts

Series posts are attention pullers, most online readers visit your blogs again and again when you have right combination of series posts.

You can start writing series posts on any topic that your readers might be interested in. Few examples are, if you are running a bike advice blog, you could come up with “bike cleaning tips”, “bike maintenance service tips for busy people” etc. This way you will be able to grab the people’s attention who is interested in reading your stuff.

Moreover you can grab their email address by asking them to subscribe at the end of your each post. If they find your series posts interesting, they will certainly do whatever you ask them to do.

Pro tip: Don’t write too many posts in your series posts, limit your posts to 5 to 7 articles and you can complete them by posting everyday on your blogs, thus finishing your series within a week.

Interviews will NEVER get old.

Interviewing someone in your niche is often a great way to get more traffic and attention from other bloggers.

You can see a huge traffic spike in your stats if you interview someone who is influential in your niche. It’s not always possible for a new blogger to conduct interviews of top bloggers, but you can always try interviewing the rising blogging stars in your niche. This way you can bring more online visibility in the early stages of your blog.

If you create a separate page called “Interview section” in your blog and conduct frequent interviews (monthly twice or so), you can bring more audience to your blog again and again. You will also have a tendency to get more likes, shares, tweets and comments on your blogs if they go viral.

Always ask great questions that will provoke your readers mind and build strong relationships with other bloggers by promoting their stuff. This is a win/win approach and you can see great results in no time.

Extra tip: Have an appealing blog design, your blog should be designed to get the reader to do something. It could be anything from getting a blog comment to buying your affiliate products. Invest money to buy a premium theme or hire a professional to get a unique design for your blog, after all, first impression is the best impression in blogging.

You can use Theme Junkie or Elegant Themes. They’re best and affordable. You can also check out our deal page too.

What next? Share your valuable views with us in the Comment section below.

25 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Audience Coming Back for More? 4 Ways”

  1. Great blogs like problogger often also make series posts, maybe this is one of the tricks problogger attract visitors to stay longer and get new visitors.
    I just realized, we have to do things like that you have described above in order to keep the blog revisited by our visitors
    Thank you for this post. Always successful :)

  2. That’s it. You just nailed bro. This is an awesome post about keeping your visitors coming back. I’m looking forward to see more post from you on allbloggingtips :D

  3. I like the idea of treating your content like a movie teaser with “series posts” and suspense, it is definitely a great way to keep readers coming back and wanting more. However, besides having a great headline and content to go along, I’ve always heard that your first sentence/opening paragraph needs to be killer in order to hold your audience and have them want to continue reading. You can loose them if the beginning doesn’t bring them in. What are your thoughts?

  4. Great tips Ian. using a email list and giving away something valuable for the subscription is a killer.
    And the advice about having a good design which help lessen bounce rate which encourage the visitors to take more action on the site is a crucial when a new blog is looking to increase the returning visitors and a loyal fan base.

    Just checked to your website and looks great to see a good comparison on 4 of the hosting services I never used. What is your opinion about Hostgator guys?

  5. M Nirmal Anandh


    A great post with great info. Email Marketing is a best one to get more readers to our blog. We have to do some hard work to create email list. After creating list, we can easily get our readers through mailchimp, aweber etc… I like all the tips you mentioned here.

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable info.

  6. Good write up Ian. I just wanted to say that Google+ is incredibly great when it comes to getting social followers. On my best days I can get 2-3 twitter follows and a couple of retweets. With Google+ I’m sometimes get 5-8 circles and 10 reshares. Also the traffic from Google+ is defiantly higher.

    I’m going to try and add a widget for subscribing via email. Do you know of a good wordpress plugin for this? I’ve subscribed to follow-up comments by email if you do know of one. Thanks.

  7. Hey Ian,

    Nice write up buddy! I liked all of the above mentioned tips, even I liked the way you tried to represent the fourth point. Interviews are good to go, but one should be very careful while approaching other big fishes in the market. It can bring both good and bad impact on blog.

  8. hi Ian Mason
    Really great post and clap clap clap, from me. Hight traffic is great but returning traffic is awesome.
    and you have mentioned everything with correct action plan like series posts idea, making contact on social media.
    The best past was interviewing rising people around you by contacting them.
    Great post!

  9. Hello Ian,
    Great article and according to me,
    Great content and social media helps a lot in bringing readers back to my blog :-)

    Nice article and keep posting :-)

  10. Hi Ian,
    Email Building and Social Media might work like a system to get them back. But giving something valuable to your readers fully with Killer Blog Posts, Perfect Theme (easy navigation) and reason to read more from the blog will work better. Right? :)

    I DID enjoyed your post very well.
    Cheers! :)

  11. Well, Its look like I am only getting visitors on my giveaways! I used to saved all those email who enters in my giveaway! and when I opened new one I send them email! :)

  12. Hi Ian well said, actually your loyal and returning readers is the permanent source of traffic along with organic traffic. I think RSS subscription and newsletter are the two powerful source to get your readers in touch with your blog.

  13. Every method you mentioned in your post is basic common sense, as is my method of giving the readers & visitors what they want, in my case I offer my readers FREE information on ways to make money online. :)

  14. Hello Ian,
    This are indeed some great tips and i actually love reading the post. E-mail list is one of the best way that will never get old of bringing back your readers. all bloggers need to truly start creating their list now.
    I also love social network because they always listen, no matter what :)
    Thanks for this post and do have a lovely weekend…

    1. Hello,
      I am glad to hear that you liked my article. I totally agree with you that every one of us must create their list.


  15. hi Ian Mason Great article. all the tip are very nice. particularly “Capture email addresses by giving more” is great. i like very much this point. thanks for sharing this nice tips.

  16. Great tips, right now I am concentrating on Email readers, increasing them. Things are really changing when I went for Email marketing. And yes, Active social profile do help a lot.

    1. Hello Yash,
      Good to hear that that you are concentrating on Email readers and are active on Social Media. Best of luck dude.


  17. Hey Ian Mason; All the four are great tips especially the last one about interview; I never thought about its being evergreen; freebie also work to bring readers back but it must have value simply a setereotyped widget or ebook will never work because there is abundance of such freebies on every second blog secondly readers are so smart and cannot be allured by any less quality stuff

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