Do You Know These Top 10 Websites to Find Free Images for Your Blog?

I recently found out that adding pictures to individual blog post really makes each article sticky and resonates more with those who read it, because an image tells more story than a bunch of words crumpled together. But due to the advent of copyright laws online these days, you can’t just pick up any beautiful image you see online and slap it into your blog post, because if the owner of that image hasn’t given you right to use it, then you might end up be sued for copyright infringement (which might warrant you taking down the photo).

So in other to avoid this copyright infringement and stay on the safe side of things, you might want to stay clear copyrighted images and focus on those ones which are free to use.

In case you don’t know where to find such free images as aforementioned above, below are 7 awesome websites that you ransack today in your search for free images.

1. EverstockPhoto []

everstockphotoEverstockphoto is one of the most popular website to find free images, it is known to be the search engine for free images. Their images comes from many sources but don’t feel uncomfortable they are all license specified.

Creating an account on everstockphoto for free, you can upload, tag, comment and collect images on behave of  your free account.

Currently they are having more than a million images on their site. Everstock was launched in April 2006.

One of their main aim is to become the leading portal for the stock exchange photography community, and add more features to service.

2. Stock.XCHNG []

Stock.XCHNGThis awesome website is probably of the biggest places on the internet to look for free images. It has over 400,000 free images on virtually different any topic on the internet; ranging from Arts, Technology, blogging etc. Also, since it’s now owned by Getty Image, be expecting to see more enhanced image search services on the long haul. Give them a try today.

3. Free Photos Bank []

FreephotobankThis is another awesome site to get free images for your blog posts. Free Photo Bank offers you an awesome option to see which photos are the most downloaded and the good thing is – you really don’t have to register in other to download them. Plus you can decide to use it literally for anything you have in mind.

4. Photo Pin []

photopinAn awesome website that is among the best when you want beautiful images, top-quality and elegant free photos for your personal use, Although each images there are under the protection of creative commons licensing – this means if you end up using any of photos from Photo Pin you’d need to link back to the original source.

5. []

freedigitalphotos.netYet another awesome free image community, they have a unique way of uploading images on their website. All their photos are free, either business, personal or educational, it all free. although their images are of small size, but they are all perfect, if you need the larger size of their image then you need to go for the premium account.

6. Foter []

FooterThis is yet another free image website where bloggers can come and get relevant photos for their blog posts. And just like Photo Pin above, you can use any of the images but you mustn’t forget to give credit back to the image source.

Apart from that, there’s no other restriction, so you can decide to use the images as you deem fit.

7. Unprofound []

unprofoundThere are enormous amount of totally FREE relevant images for you to use if you’re targeting to get an image impromptu.

With Unprofound , which  I consider the best because of the no-restriction it gives with the use of it images; you can use the images gotten from there for anything you have in mind.  Either for educational, personal or commercial purposes, images from Unprofound will help you better in being on the safe side of things.

8. Comp Fight []

ComfightComp Fight makes it quite easy searching for Creative-Commons-Licensed images for your content uses daily. The beauty of this site is it ability to search out relevant images from Flickr and combining it to their own images so that you can get the most relevant image search ever.

9. Morguefile []

MorguefileIt has a massive amount of images for free download, ranging from arts to all kinds of images. But these images can only be used for personal, practical and educational uses and it can’t be sold or used for commercial purposes. So while using images from Morguefile you might want to be really careful not to end up using it for things other than what I just mentioned above.

10. Stockvault []

Stockvault.netOn my last list is stockvault, not that stockvault is the worse free images community. Among the images communtiy listed here it’s one of the best community to find free images. It was launched in 2004, its a community for students, graphics designers and photographers, these three group of people can share images for others to use without no cost. They are having over 30,000 free images available on the website.

You can even try these two websites to find quality images for your blog posts

So in conclusion, all these sites are the best in terms of getting free images and they can keep you safe from photographer’ wrath if you adhere to follow all the instructions attached to using each images gotten from their sites.

But let ask, did I miss your favourite free image website? Please tell us yours in the comments. Thanks for reading.

43 thoughts on “Do You Know These Top 10 Websites to Find Free Images for Your Blog?”

  1. Hey Segun,
    To find a new Images I always use Google Image search. I don’t know about all above Websites, These sites are really helpful. Thank you for sharing this informative article with us.

  2. Good list here. I actually use istock photos that are not free. However you can use these images in any way that you please since you pay for them. There is also a credit system that istock introduced not too long ago that allows you to get credits for getting referrals and using them to buy images. One advantage of istock like I said is that you don’t have to worry about how you use images and there are no strings attached once you buy the image.

    1. Thanks for the update Denis, Istock is awesome but not everyone could afford it, that’s why most people opt out for freemium services like Google Images and others.

      Stay blessed,

  3. While you write any blog post and you never put any image then you reader will get bored at the time of seeing your blog post.

    We can learn or remember most of things through images. Adding image is important but it’s difficult to find out image without copyright. Nice collection of photos.. I will try above sites.

  4. I only know some of them like Unprofound,Photo Pin or Morguefile
    Such a list that you provided here.
    I can\’t wait to try the rest of them.
    Thanks for your sharing.

  5. Before read this article I only search images from the Google Images but now I come to know that there are so many resources to collect images from. Thanks for sharing useful information. I really appreciate this.

  6. hello Amar ,

    Thanks for sharing these sites from where we can easily get images . I was only aware of 2-3 sites only , but you have shared lots of sites which are very helpful . Thanks a lot :)

  7. Hi there, just turned into aware of your weblog thru Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I’m going to watch out for brussels. I’ll be grateful in case you continue this in future. A lot of other people will probably be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  8. Thanks for such a great article Segun and iam sure that this article is going to help me a lot . These are very good sites at all . before reading your article i always used google images But now i will try to find some pics fromthese sites….Thanks again

  9. Professionalism requires from you to do its credit if you take some idea, image of other stuff from another source. Therefore even you get an image with open permission or copy it from Google you should give its credit to the website where from you got it. In this way the debate of piracy finishes by itself and you escape from any penalty of piracy law.

  10. I always use Google Image search to find a new picture… but, thank to your post, I’ll try the others way on those sites.

  11. When we start writing, we must need to ad few images in our blog post. With out any image or picture, blog post is not attractive. Images speak louder then words. So when we are sharing images, these are must according to what we are writing.

    I have found the place where from we can search the images about our blog post.. Thanks for sharing use full content for us.

  12. Most of the times, I use Flickr Creative Commons to search images for my blog. But some days back, I get to know about Creative Commons limitations for blogs that images from flickr creative commons can’t be used for commercial purposes .
    Right now, there is no problem in using it as I have not monetized my blog yet. But I will monetize it very soon and then I will have to look for alternatives. Thanks for sharing these sites. I will check them out.

  13. Hi Segun, pretty informative post for bloggers and webmasters. As a blogger, one often needs images for his or her blog posts, and finding proper images is a hell of difficult task. I’m sure these free stock photo sites will certainly help us to find the right images to put on our blogs. Thank you once again for this phenomenal list.

  14. Really a fantastic Post , Actually I was Copying all images from Google and then Watermarked them ;) but now I got the solution , thanks for this informative article !

  15. Hi Segun,
    This definitely help me to find images for my blog easily as you share variety of sites so thanks for sharing them here.

  16. Thanks for the list, but are the DEFINITELY free? It’s a confused and complex issue as when you read many of these sites finer details the pictures aren’t exactly free at all – some require modifications, attribution, or running a picture in the hope no one will sue.

    Someone really needs to clear up the pictures issue on the internet – or just take your own pictures. Personally I usually plump for for pictures as this is the only source which appears to offer genuinely free pictures.

    1. Thanks for appreciating my list Bro. They aren’t all free. You need to buy some depending on the quality you need.

      Take for instance free digital Photo [dot] net, they offer free photos’ for there small size images but if you need the full size they have to charge you for it.

      I really appreciate your contribution.

  17. I have been using Stock.XCHNG for a while now and am happy with the images I have found on there, I wish they did smaller ones though. :)

    I have found a lot of free sites actually require you to purchase credits to spend on the images, how is that free?

    I’ll check out the rest of the ones you have listed. :)

  18. All the sources you mentioned above have value and offer free photos but for newsy niche these static photos do not work and one has to get the image from Google search, he should give proper credit to its owner to avoid the slap of piracy law.

  19. Hi Segun,

    I am user of freedigitalphotos for long enough. They have a lot of useful images to use for. These options you provide are great resources for many bloggers, thanks for this post.

  20. Very nice post Segun.

    It is realy hard to find images for blog posting which is very important for blog posting now a days.

  21. Thanks for sharing such a good information.I don’t know about all sites which you have mentioned.These sites are really helpful for me Thanks a lot again.

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