Why You’ve Not Been Getting Your Desired Result from Blogging

You’ve read a lot of Internet Marketing and blogging tips out there including some other things but, how many of those various tips that you’ve read have you tried on your own?

I’m speaking from my own personal experience here and, I think you really have to start seeing this the way I’m seeing it. Now, if you really want to start seeing amazing results from your business then, you have to pay attention and read this blog post from start to finish.


I started blogging about 18 months ago and, it might interest you to know that I love reading a lot which is good but, do I also put the things I learnt to practice? Of cause NO.

When I started blogging, I subscribed to almost 46 blogs RSS FEED which means that I’m always notified via email whenever these blogs published a new post and I’m sure you know what that mean…. Always reading blog posts.

For the first 7 months of my blogging career, I was busy reading all the blogging tips and tricks that comes my way and the funniest thing is that I was enjoying it .

Every day, I must read about 28 blog posts and, that’s the only thing I will do for the day after which I will be praising myself for working hard.

I continued like that for about 7 months and my own blog was not doing well at all until I decided to change what I was doing.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s not good to form the habit of reading but, don’t overdo things and, after reading any tip out there, see how you can practice what you’ve read on your own blog and if it didn’t work well, you can always reverse it. It will always make a difference and, it’s more honourable to try something and fail than to not do anything.

Don’t Mistake Activity for Achievement

Now, do you know that most of the things people always see as achievements are only activities? Yes, believe it or not.

Reading all the blogging tips and formula out there will never take you anywhere rather, it will only leave you with lots of confusion because, you will just be reading for reading sake and not to learn something new.

When you’re starting a blog, instead of reading articles about How To Build a Blog ranging from keyword research, registering and hosting your domain to installing the blog, you go and start reading articles about How to Drive Traffic to your blog then, you will only be wasting your precious time and that’s what I call activity.

This is because you don’t really need that information at that moment and reading it will add no meaning to your business. Bet me that you would have forgotten the tips you read from that post by the time you will need it.


So, everything in life has a process and for you to succeed on anything, you must follow the required process else, you will only be messing around. Even the holy bible also made it clear that there is time for everything.

This goes to say that, if what you’re doing at the moment is thinking about how to monetize your blog then, it’s better to focus on that and all the tips you should be reading are ones that are related to that and when you’re reading such tips, you should also be acting on them so that the time you spent to read them will be worthwhile.

Reading weight loss articles when you’re struggling to learn how to get your adsense account approved is just madness. This was the same thing that happened to me during my first 7 months of blogging, if someone has told me I was making a mistake then and show me the right thing to do just like I’m showing you now then, my blog would have grown passed the level it has attained now.

Is your blog stagnant? Are you not seeing any result from your efforts so far? then, its time you seat down and analyse what you’ve been doing and know where you’re doing it wrong, know if you’ve been mistaking activity for achievement.

Henry Ford defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different result so, if you really want things to change for you now, if you really want to start seeing your desired results then, you must also start changing the way you do things.

Stop reading all the articles out there now and start practising the ones you’ve learnt so far, this is the best thing you can do for your business right now.

Mind you, I’m not saying you should stop reading blog posts entirely but, all I’m saying is that you should always read less and practice more :)


I’d like to start discussion on the comment section below, I’m here to answer all your questions, just ask my any.

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50 thoughts on “Why You’ve Not Been Getting Your Desired Result from Blogging”

  1. I understand where you’re coming from Denis.
    Reading and commenting on other blog posts is really a great way to drive some traffic to your own site when done very well and, the calculation you made here is also correct.

    But, it will be insane if you ended up using all your time to visit and comment on 30 blog posts/day and not have time to work on your own blog.

    From my own experience, reading and commenting on 30 blog posts/day can be a very tedious and time consuming work which will indeed affect your own blog negatively.

    That’s why they say that there is time for everything so, in as much as its good to comment on blogs in order to get traffic and exposure, you should also always try and have some set time to work on your own blog because, even if you get all the traffic in the world from the comments you left on those blogs, the visitors will not stay long and might not also come again if your own blog is not worth it.

    Thanks for sharing your awesome opinion with us man :)>

  2. This post is completely valid. However, if you are reading a ton of blog posts everyday why not comment on all of them. For example, if you read 30 blog posts everyday for a week and left just one comment on each, that would equal to 210 comments. Keep in mind that each of those comments has a link of your blog/site attached to your name, therefore you can drive a decent amount of traffic from it.

    If the comments are insightful and useful people will definitely take their time to check out your blog and find out more about who you are. Also remember that the comments will most likely stay on there for the entire existence of that blog and can possibly be seen by tens of thousands of people. Now that is what I call working smart and accomplishing things!

  3. Hello there,
    thanks for sharing your starting 7 months experiences :) can you please help me on Alexa and indexing the post. My Alexa is increasing everyday and post takes 2 to 3 days for indexed on Google.

    1. Ok Vikram,
      I will take a look at your site and get back to you. But, have you verified your blog on Google webmasters?

      Talking of Alexa, once you constantly update your blog with original contents and also promote your posts very well, the alexa should start coming down.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hello Theodore,
    You have shared and explained good topics for the no result from blogging. I have read the article and its really worth. Now i will try to improve myself.

  5. In my point of view the main reason of not desired results from blogging is to be not clear about your blogging goals how come you can achieve a thing that you don’t know what it is; that is why a blogger must be quite clear in his blogging goals with their quantified narration and then put his efforts to achieve them
    You are right we need not to wast much of time in roaming around and be stick to our blogging schedule without peeping into neighbors window

  6. I have done a lot of reading on how to get traffic to my blog, but still having problem. I’ve had a somewhat successful blog in the past, which I (mistakenly) choose not to continue.

    My main difference between the two blogs (one that worked and one that didn’t) is that one was catered towards questions that people have. It was written (accidentally) for a particular audience.

    That being said, I think its important to write posts that cater to a question that is often search on.

    1. That’s the spirit to successful blogging Victor,
      If you know what people are looking for and you provide it to them via your blog then believe me, it will certainly become successful.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion with us

  7. There are several reason that I am not getting resutl as I am expecting. First thing I am not working According to requirement like If i will post content on my blog and I have not get any traffic on this post because I have not shared it with any person. I just post on blog and leave it as it is. Second thing I am not writing the job with full concentration. So there are move reason i want to explain but Today I have no time to write more. I will back and write again

    1. Hi Abdul,
      I’m very happy to read your comment here. The main and most interesting thing here now is that you already know why you’re not getting results and then, its time for you to seat up and start doing it right.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  8. Hello
    It is definitely not easy to earn via Blogging. More than 90 percent people fail to earn a descent amount from blogging. It takes a lot of skill, knowledge and experience. One should not look for quick money and keep building a good blog. Money will flow surely :)

    1. Well said Sanjib,
      Blogging is never a get rich quick scheme, it really take lots of efforts and time but, if you can patiently build a good blog then, the money will definitely come.

      Thanks for coming

  9. Hi Theodore,
    You are right that when you read a lot of article then you get confused instead you should stick to the simple formula that when you try or practice you automatically gets better.
    So learning is a slow process but you will learn by practice.

  10. Naff content is the biggest enemy here, or maybe you’re just writing to customers who don’t care. I run a weekly blog update for a few thousands followers and everyone just ignores it. Unless you run a competition, and then they go crazy!

  11. Hi Theodore,
    I think is very important topic for us and especially for those who are actually facing this problem. Any you have provide us a lot of worthy knowledge to solve this problem. I like your tip when you not getting result so sit down and analysis the whole matter and find what is going wrong. Thanks for sharing it here.

  12. Hi Theodore,

    You’re right, I think reading information is not bad at all… but reading too much information and finding less time for your practical work is not good. Try things yourself and if you think it’s not working then you could search information to improve it further.

    1. Hi Rohit,
      Glad to know that you agree with me. Lets all focus more on practicals instead of reading all the informations that comes our way. It will do us no good.


  13. You awefully mentioned a point which very few people note; we do like a farmer who keeps reading sowing methods but dont start sowing to first get command over it; meanwhile sowing season goes away and farmer waits for the next season. We should be choosy while reading other blogs and always think to do something new with our blog instead of taking direct inspirations from other blog posts. Very realistic post I read after quite a long time.

    1. Hey Mi,
      You’re indeed very correct. If a farmer always learn how to sow seeds and never tried to practice it then, it becomes a total waste of time and, thats the same case with many of us.

      Its always good to read less and then, practice more. Thanks for this amazing comment of yours man :).

  14. What i say is that : I think struggle is in every field and we have to do hard work as well as smart work to get success . Things take time to show results and we have to wait for the results . Do not panic if we do not get results in early stage . Keep exploring and practicing . Same is with blogging , Its not also a easy work ,

    You have given the perfect information in your post and its a great source of motivation .

    1. You’ve really said it all Jones and, i can’t agree more. Hard work and smart work is really needed for us to be successful in life and, I’m glad you agree with my points.

      Thanks for coming.

  15. Thanks a lot Mayank,
    Mistakes they say is the perfect teacher and its part of life but, the main thing is for us to always try and learn something from it.

    Learning and practising is the best thing man and, i agree with you.

    Thanks for your awesome contribution,

  16. Yes you are right for last few i was busy in reading tips and tricks about seo, but still unable to find it. Will you plz tell me how to make my site visitor as well as SEO friendly. Waiting for your responce

  17. Perfectly put. Learning and practicing should be a parallel procedure. One cannot just keep on learning without practicing what he/she has learnt. Otherwise it would be just a waste of time. Moreover, when you start practicing, you are bound to make mistakes and these mistakes are the ones which will teach you the best lessons.
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful article.

  18. Hey Nwangene you are right; initially while blogging we involve in self deception and just read other blogs so much so that we presume them our shadow and just get into fantasy thinking oursleves like them. But blogging is not simply observing others it is purely doing your work with a strict schedule. The lesson of your post I derive is “Doing right things at right time is the hallmark of your blogging success”. Thanks for such an off-the-track post

  19. Hey Nwangene Theodore,

    I must do agree with your points.
    We read only in sake to read. Actually implementing the things is only possible when we have mind set up to grow up in the blog-o-sphere.
    I always try to learn something new in my blogging venture, and yes, it pays :)

  20. Good to see you here buddy.
    The first thing is to consider newbies, they to expect to see great results in their first month on blogging not knowing that it’s on the contrary and the makes them give up blogging. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. Many at times, people focus of reading other blog, though it’s not bad but too much of it is wrong. I think they should concentrate more on promoting their content and developing their writing skills.
    Good work Theodore
    You remind me of this quote: The journey to a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    1. You’ve said it all Gil,
      Reading other people’s blog posts is not bad but, not at the detriment of your own blog. Like you said, its bets to read less and then, focus more on promoting your own blog thereby applying the tips you learnt from the posts.

      Yea, the newbies are always fond of that and, i will not blame them because, most of them were deceived into believing that blogging is a money magic while its not.

      Thanks for coming bro :).

  21. Hello,
    I hope this will work for me. I have 7 months old blog but still facing hard road of seo. My organic visitors are too. Please tell me what to do.

    1. Hi Rohit,
      If i understand you well, you’re saying that you’re not getting results yet from your SEO efforts? If that is so then, I think you have to focus more on getting results, there are many SEO tips and tricks out there and, i know you might have read some of them.

      The question now is, have you really applied all you’ve learnt? Focus on writing engaging contents for your readers and also, apply all the basic SEO tips you know and I’m sure that if you do everything well then, success is inevitable.


  22. Thanks a lot for the tips Nwangene. I was really not getting the results on my website. I was working from many days. Actually there was a gap which came up when I started the work. Earlier it was fine but after that gap, I’m still facing a lot of problem. No results showing up. But your tips of not reading much and applying more is the best one. I used to spent a lot of time in reading, but now I’ll apply it more. Thanks a ton Sir.

    1. You’re most welcome Brandey,
      I truly understand where you’re coming indeed and, i want to tell you that you’re not alone, I’ve also been there too.

      Yes, its better to read less and practise/acts more because, that’s the only thing that will get you results.

      Thanks for stopping by brother and, this is wishing you more blogging success :)

      1. Thanks for wishes brother. Blogging together makes it fun as well as easy. As we all know ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. Blogging is one type of practice too. The time we’ll spend on it, it will give us result.
        Wishing you too more blogging success sir. :)

  23. Hi Theodore, and welcome to Ammar’s blog :)

    You are absolutely right! Reading too much information at times can have an adverse effect on you and your blog because you try to implement things that may or may not work.

    Most bloggers do that initially I think because they want to learn and gain maximum information from all the available resources. However, by the time they try to implement it, they land up being rather confused because they don’t know where to start from.

    I guess it makes sense to start slow and steady and keep trying out things as you learn about them. There is NO harm in gaining knowledge, after all that’s how we learn, but practicing what you learn ensure that it’s going to stay with you forever. It’s just like you read about how to drive a car, but till you don’t practically drive it, you really don’t get the hang of it.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week, both of you :)

    1. You really grabbed the point Leena,
      The car is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. You can’t master how to drive it just by learning without practising.

      Yea, knowledge is power they say but, we must always to also put the knowledge(s) we gathered to practise else, it becomes a waste of time.

      Thanks a bunch for coming Harleena and, have a great week.

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