How Traveling Can Improve Your Blog

There comes a time in every blog’s existence that it becomes stale. This is no knock on the author or authors. They might be working as diligently as ever. But at some point, it’s tough to come up with fresh ideas. Each blogger’s reaction to this period of staleness will determine whether her blog will thrive or plummet.

Sometime the issue works out itself. It’s just part of any blog’s natural cycle, and eventually the author or authors become inspired again. At some point, though, there might come a time for deliberate intervention. For those instances, there might be no better inspirational stimulus than a short trip.

How travel can help our blogs

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Yet sometimes our inspirational wells run dry. That tends to happen when our environments become stale. When we talk to the same people, experience the same situations, and see the same sights every day, they tend to become dulled in our minds. They no longer fill us with energy. That’s when life starts to stagnate.

Traveling, even on a short trip, acts as a stimulus reset button. For a short time we experience new things. We talk to new people, and we see new sights. Everything is new for that time, and from that we can draw new inspiration. And then when we return to our normal environments, they’re suddenly not that stale. Since we got away and broke the monotony, we can look at these routine items anew.

When a blog becomes stale, it’s time to hit the road. This can be as a group trip, in the case of a group blog, or it can be a solitary experience. But whatever the case, changing your environment will change your mindset. It’s a pretty simple process, really.

Group travel

While it’s not always possible, group outings can inspire an entire team. They’re a chance for the gang to get together and not only discuss ideas about the blog, but also exchange ideas on any number of topics. Group bonding trips are always big on corporate agendas, so why not have one for your own?

The best part about group travel is that it can be pretty much anywhere. As long as everyone can get to the destination, there really are no limitations. You can justify the time usage, since your blog is a business. You can also perhaps expense some of the trip to the blog. With the preponderance of cheap airline tickets, packaged with hotels and car rentals, many blogs can afford this expense.

By eating meals together, by conversing with one anther, and by partaking in common activities, you will grow a new bond with your co-bloggers. And in the process you’re likely to develop new ideas — both for posts and for the blog in general. Since you’re all removed from your normal environments and are immersing yourselves in a new one, you’re bound to find new inspiration.

Yet sometimes group travel just isn’t possible. Some blogs have contributors who span continents. Still others don’t have funding for such trips. There is an alternative for individuals, though, which works just as well for group and individual blogs.

Individual travel

On individual travel I speak from experience. Ever since I started working from home, five years ago, I’ve used these trips to not only help find new inspiration, but also to remain sane. Working from home means seeing the same things, and talking to the same people, all day every day. The monotony can drive a person bonkers. Trips then become a necessary.

Since you need only coordinate an individual trip with yourself, or perhaps a significant other, you can take them more frequently. This means shorter trips, but that’s fine. It means less time taken off work, so you can get away while still remaining productive.

The key is to find an environment completely different than your own. I live in an urban area, so it’s to small towns with lots of trees for me. If you live in one of those small towns, perhaps a trip to the city for a few days will do you well. I like to get the full immersion experience, and so I rent a car. That means there are even fewer familiar aspects of the trip.

A fresh start

Upon returning, you might feel different. The things that seemed boring and redundant when you left might feel fresher. You might approach your work with more energy. These are typical reactions to time away. Best of all, you should have a bank of new blog ideas.

We all need time away from everyday life. Repeated stimulus eventually becomes boring, and our lives become staler. This has an effect on all our work, but especially creative work such as a blog. Getting away, even for a short time, can prove useful.

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