How To Increase Affiliate Sales In 5 Easy Steps?

Increase Affiliate SalesIn simple terms, affiliate marketing is a money making practice conducted on the web. In affiliate product sales, the publishers are rewarded for promotion of the service or product of some business.
In recent years, the bloggers have largely turned into affiliate marketers and are therefore earning money by helping business products in getting sold. Although many bloggers have obtained success by adopting the affiliate marketing practice.
However, there are still few bloggers and individuals who are finding it challenging to increase affiliate product sales by doing so in an inaccurate manner. Maybe you’re one of them ;)

MOST of you are already putting banners on your blog to increase affiliates sales. However I’m not sure they’re working or not! But here are some of the unique and creative ways to Increase Affiliate Sales in 5 easy steps.

How To Increase Affiliate Sales In 5 Easy Steps ??

1. Start Guest Posting

Guest posts are usually very beneficial for boosting the ranking quickly. However, there is another way of utilizing guest posts. This can be achieved by insertion of the affiliate links into guest posts and doing so on an established blog. It is true that many of the sites would not allow affiliate link posting on their pages but still it is worth a try. These site owners can be negotiated strategically.

The incentives such as a fixed or flexible share, in form of commission in each sale of product can be decided. This can bring many new users to visit and review your intended site and product. Especially if the blog or site is popular, it would bring hundreds of thousands of users and thus adding to sales prospects.

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2. Affiliate Links Exchange

There are bloggers and sites which would not still allow you to post affiliate links on their sites. So, such bloggers and site owners can be addressed to in other forms. You may have to post their affiliate links of round about the same monetary value as yours. For this, negotiations can be made with the other bloggers; allowing both parties to benefit in desired terms.

3. Product Reviews Writing

You can also opt for writing review posts in case you are good at writing proper reviews. However, if you are not good at writing or are writing half-heartedly then it can conversely damage your intentions negatively as well.

As an added quality, if you can perform SEO on your posts it would further increase the prospects. Your written product review can make an appearance on top of search results and thus more visitors would translate into more sales. Remember that, words like ‘coupon codes’, ‘discount’, etc. are searched frequently so using them would mean better results. Try them in order to increase affiliate sales! :D

4. Social Media Promotions

Social media usage expertise can also help you a great deal in reaching the benchmarks set by you. Social media can be innovatively used to market and share your product information to a wide potential customer base.

Utilize the power of social media and thus increase your sales by embedding your product affiliate links in the social media sites. Some of the social media sites which can be used effectively are; Facebook, MySpace, Digg, etc.

Make sure not to do spam too much!

5. Offering Free Services

Consider the scenario in which you are writing the coupon codes and letting your readers know about the coupon code discounts. You can hide your coupon codes for users to click on button first to view the coupon codes. Just as the users click the coupon codes, they can be redirected to product website and thus allowing better chance of product being reviewed and bought. But mind that, every product owner would not allow for such tactics.

Thus, considering their terms and conditions would allow you the chance of getting saved. To further help, amongst many others, following are the two notable WordPress plugins for this purpose i.e. ‘coupon code plugin’ and ‘couponreveal’.

Bounce Tip :

Use Ninja Affiliate Plugin for WordPress. It will auto convert keywords to affiliate link and you can easily increase affiliate sales using this plugin!

Don’t forget to increase your traffic in order to increase affiliates sales.

What technique do you use to increase affiliate product sales? Share your ideas via comment below!

47 thoughts on “How To Increase Affiliate Sales In 5 Easy Steps?”

  1. Affiliate marketing is not easy especially when a blogger is new. It takes a lot of hardwork and smart work as well. What I have learnt from my experience is that a blogger should promote the affiliate products according to the niche of his/her blog.

    To boost affiliate sales your tips are quite helpful.

  2. Hey Anup ,
    Thanks for nice tips.I have a question ask from you.Can’t we use Adwords or other advertising programs to promote our affiliate sales ?

  3. Hmmm…So I thought of starting off with affiliate marketing and ended up reading this post. Really, you’ve provided a useful information and I’m gonna follow them now!
    Thanks a lot buddy! :)

  4. Hi, great article, this really gave me ideas about the sales. I didn’t know any of the these before I read this article. Great points. Hopefully I will get a lot more affiliate sales. Thank You. :)

  5. Hi great mentioning article you wrote , i got an good idea about the sales as i don’t know before. There are some awesome and new points in this article which i never heard before that is 3rd point Product reviews writing and 5th point offering free services, i think can build up our sales with tips ….. thanks a lot :)

  6. Affiliate links exchange – that sounds like something new to me. However offering free services is a good way of encouraging visitors to purchase through your aff. links. However it wouldn’t help in the long run and should not be encouraged by bloggers/webmasters.

  7. Awesome Blog Brother..
    i am really glad i to see the highly quality and useful Posts on this Blog..
    i will make allbloggingtips a Habit.
    many of posts had helped me a Lot..
    Keep it up Bro:)

  8. Anup, I find doing product specific reviews and running special discounts and offers the most effective way to increase our affiliate sale. I like your idea of affiliate exchange but it will be difficult to get such partners.

  9. Hi Anup, I think writing affiliated product reviews is the most productive method to increase our affiliate sales. Although, I have never used guest blogging to promote my affiliate products, but I think it still worth a try.

  10. Very important tips for increasing affliate sales. Social media marketing is the best way for getting results very fast.keep it up

  11. Hey Anup, great post, affiliate marketing sounds like the dream job for many but it can take some work. Getting links out everywhere isn’t particularly hard but getting people to click through them and buy isn’t easy. Building up trust is one of the best ways and giving away something free really helps. We give away good quality content in many ways, we have started a page on our site where I write quality articles that people can take and use as content for their sites as long as they leave all links active. People so far have taken to it well and it has resulted in articles being like guest postings on several more sites I didn’t plan. All giving backlinks to our sites, giving us and our brand exposure and at times showing our affiliate links to more people.


    1. Hi Andi – Seems like you’re having good time on conent marketing but I want to suggest you something. You can strat a campaign, a guest posting canpaign. Guest posting help to get relation with people and adds very good value to your site. I think it’s better to provide the content as guest post rather than giving it away even they just link to your sites.

      Good luck for your project!

  12. Hey,

    You can not increase sales by doing guest posting. This is correct that you can increase your rankings but you will not get any sales by guest posting. No one will allow to add the affiliate links in guest post.

    Thank you :)


    1. Hi Saif,

      Guest posting is a such a tool that you can get anything when it comes to marketing. If a blog do not allow affiliate link to the guest post then you can always link to your affiliate product review page where you’ve written prefect product review that sell. Not to mention this method can bring better conversion than linking direct affiliate product in a guest post.

      I hope it help :)

  13. Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn online no doubt with that but there are more work in it than it sound. connection is important so many people will know you and the way you write review on the products you are selling really count. thanks for sharing

    1. Well said, my friend, I agree with you. Connection is very important when it comes to affiliate marketing and product sales. No one intends to buy a product from less know person who don’t have good relation with people.

      Thanks for the valuable comment!

    1. Yes Bishal, writing reviews about the product what you’re using and recommending it to the readers help to get more leads and indeed its a powerful method of getting more affiliate sales.

      Thanks for taking time to leave your comment!

  14. yaa truly right points are mentioned here…..and most important in my views is reviews and promotion and Social promotion..

  15. Hey Anup nice post and very well explained tips. Thought I haven’t stepped in to the affiliate marketing yet but yes planning to do that soon :)

  16. Thanks for the nice tips. I just started a new blog a couple days ago. I know i’m a long way to go until i start affiliating but i have noted the points and i’m definitely going to apply them very soon. Good day. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. We can use these methods to spread the word and also posting press releases also a good way to people get noticed.

    Ninja affiliates is a best plug in for every affiliate marketers.

  18. Nice list of good methods to increase affiliate sales. I personally use guest posting and product review writing method to increase affiliate sales, but i would like to use the other listed methods too, thanks for the post

  19. Hey Anup,
    Product reviews is a very powerful way to make huge affiliate sales. Now, if you have a large readership, your readers will have trust in you and buy the product you recommend. You must only be careful not to recommend thrash.

    1. Hey Enstine, you’re right. If we recommend thrash product then readers may raise red flag on us. So, it’s also important to select relavent and quality products what the readers actually wants.

      Thanks for the comment, Enstine, I appreciate it :)

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