Your Blog Does Not Make Money? It is Matter of Karma!

Coins thrown at stone statues in the temple groundsSo you want to know What is Karma?
Am I right? ;)
Karma is defined as a universal law that has a direct correlation with all other laws – physical and metaphysical – which control all of creation.
Karma itself means “action” and this why it is called “Karmic Power.”
Basically, all your actions – good and bad – are returned to you, sooner or later in the course of your life.
It’s true and it can be frightening, but only if you have a dirty conscience!
Trust me, if you have something to pay, surely you are already doing it in some way, or you have already done, or you will do.

So, for today, you might focus on how to improve your life and specifically your online activities through the “Karmic Power”.

What has Online Marketing to do with Karma?

Too often online we, as online marketers, seem more calculators than human beings. We spend hours studying the number of analytics, on the keyword tools, on the social media and so on. We look for patterns, repetitions of behaviors that may indicate some signals, some truth about our target audience.

Too often we ask ourselves thousand questions, but the right ones are : “Which problems have my users?”, “How can I help them?”.

One of the small things that I have discovered during my online experience as blogger and online marketer is that behind all these numbers, there are real people. Yes, it may seem silly, but one thing is to know something and another thing is to be aware of that.

If the “Karmic Power” associated with my actions, will come back to me every time I do something, then, I will consider my users as real people rather than “Unique Visitors”.

I will respect them, and give them interesting content (the best I can do) and I will be available when they will need help. This is what connect Online Marketing with Karma.

A more human approach to marketing improve the experience of all your audience.

In short, you should offer help to those who need it, even if it is for free. The recognition of these people will make a difference for your business, for your brand and even the emotions you feel about it.

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What to Do to Transform Your Business?

Do you know which problems have your users and potential customers?

If your answer is no (and you can read this also if you said yes), then you should follow these simple steps. Trust me they’re too easy to follow! :D

Start listening to the people around you:

use Twitter, Facebook, forums, the comments in the blog posts of your niche. All these are areas of discussion where you can find out the problems of your audience;

use Google AdWords Keyword Tool in order to find what your users are really looking for.

Open a channel of communication :

– you can create an account on Twitter and start offering free assistance from there. With TweetDeck you can monitor conversations and receive a notification every time someone tweets to request for your help;

– create an account on any site that is taking requests for help in your niche;

– if you have a blog, then set up an easy contact and comment form, in order to be in touch with you;

– create a real online service center, even if you are alone. Others like yourself could come together to help you along the way!

Offer help whenever you can & do it for free as long as it is sustainable

– you will clean your negative karma (if you have any) and you will start to accumulate positive Karma;

– people will look differently at you, and this will help your brand;

– you will feel happier, perhaps, but certainly this will make others happy. Isn’t it! ;)

In short, if you have difficulties to interact with your potential customers, offer them free assistance. Answer their small questions. Show them the solutions. And ask them how things are going. They will surely thank you and this will give you a whole new charge (Karmic Power) !

Buddha Karma with money

How to Track the ROI of your Online Karma

For anything you do, you will have always something back (theorically) : a positive emotion, a gain or a recognition.

This also applies to Online Karma (can we call it like this?). So you may want to check some metrics that will help you understand your online success. These metrics are, for instance :

– Twitter : how many people thank you after you helped them. How many retweets you receive. How many new followers do you have?

– Facebook : how many “like” do you receive? How many shares? How many clicks on your new updates?

Your blog : how many comments are you receiving on your post? How many people ask you to collaborate with their sites? How many new members have you contacted for your new online courses?

Can we call the above mentioned metrics also Social Signals? 

And are not the Social Signals a metric chosen by Google in its new algorithm update to judge your site in the rankings?

All these signals clearly results in:

– traffic and ranking increased on your site;

– average time spent on your blog improved;

– reduction of the bounce rate and increased pageviews;

– the numbers of new sign up to your newsletter improved;

– increase of your affiliate sales. (means more money! ) :D

There are a huge number of tools in order to check your social media influence. Choose the ones you like more and stick with them, in order to monitor your social signals.

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Conclusion : Online Karma Make Money!

The recent online fears caused by the new Google updates, should not shake at all your activity and your online business.

As long as you work hard to give your audience real quality of service and high level of assistance, you will never have to fear again any future Google update.

And you? What do you think? Are you one of those who help the community?

Do you think that Karma is a New Age bullshit, or do you believe that good actions make good business?

51 thoughts on “Your Blog Does Not Make Money? It is Matter of Karma!”

  1. I agree with one of the previous comments. Its better to put good quality content on your site before monetarizing. I started posting new content 3 times a week on a regular basis and started seeing an increase in traffic, then put up adsense and started doing well. post quality, get the traffic and then monetize.

  2. I have been writing Posts on Thailand beaches and other Thailand tourism related Posts since last 1 year.After 8 Months i started my adsense account but till today i have yet not passed 30 USD .
    I don’t write posts every week but when ever i am free i try to write the Contents keeping audience in mind.
    Please guide me how to Proceed and get this blog popular.

    Vishal Khanna

    1. Hi Vishal,
      this is one million dollar question.
      I can suggest you:
      -write quality content;
      -write guest posts;
      -use social media marketing;
      -build connections with other bloggers in your niche;
      -comment in other blogs of your niche.
      Start with these.
      What do you think?

  3. Hey Erik,

    Love the way you have connected karma with the online business model. Tracking ROI of Online Karma , haha who can even think of such catchy titles!! wow!!!

  4. There are many other tools to monitor your online karma, which is your social media influence. Just choose some and stick with them!
    Many people want to know that should we trust gift card offers.

  5. Hi Erik,

    Of course, I know what a Karma is and I believe in it seriously. When I started blogging,it was just a hobby. Later on, I got serious about it and turned pro. I have believed in what I wanted to do for my blog and for my readers. I have had my share of set backs but did not lose hope till date.


  6. Interesting twist on blogging. Never thought of Karma having anything to do with my success or lack thereof being related to Karma – I like it though!

    I definitely like to help people – not only is it my job – but its one of the reasons why I started blogging to begin with!

    I’ll need to keep working on getting some of that positive Karma! :-)

    1. Hi Jason,
      I am glad to see you here and I am happy you enjoyed my article!

      Sometimes being “alternative” and write in a different way can bring a lot of interests… :-)

      If you like to help people, then you should soon receive positive Karma back! :-D

  7. Great post Erik. Most of the new bloggers are now a days struggling to make money out of their blogs, I think these tips will certainly help them a lot to generate some revenue from their respective blogs.

  8. Good point and the truth is that the way you put more attention toward your site, the more money you will be making through it. It’s Karma….if you are doing the right thing on your site you will surely going to gain from that by making good money for yourself. so what you do and how you do it return to you….Karma

  9. The title of the post is really interesting. I liked your post very much. I too never focused on monetizing my blog instead i want to make it popular first so that i can get exposure..

  10. Hi Erik,
    how do you do it? – I see you everywhere. Is it you karma ;) for the next few weeks?
    BTW – Very good article with a lot of information, thanks for it.

  11. I think it you might be right on this one. My previous life’s deeds must be following me around on this one, otherwise I would have been a blogging millionaire by now. I also believe opening the social media channels would be able to remove some of the negative karma around the blogs. Very nice write up.

  12. points mentioned above make sense a lot but i don’t agree with a few things by the way Great article and very good helpful information i like it i am a blogger so i can imagine that how much effort did you put in this i am going to share this post with my friends as well thanks buddy keep up the good work…

  13. hi, Erik Emanuelli
    on my view at first you have give an full concentration on reader , how can you attract more and more reader rather then make money, when your readers member will increase your money bank will be raised automatically am i right??
    thanks for sharing. :-)

    1. It’s a bit more complicated than that, Sandeep, but kinda.
      Give quality information to the readers, engage your audience, communicate with them and find what they need. It can be your product or someone else one.
      It’s not an overnight job, to make money online! ;-)

    1. Hi Khaja,
      thanks for adding “Klout” as tool to monitor the online Karma! ;-)

      But there are also many other tools, like “Twitter Counter”, which is a useful service to measure some parameters of Twitter, like the followers growth rate, the average number of tweets per day, and more.

      Or for istance “Social Mention” : a kind of Google Alert, but for social media. Social Mention alerts you whenever a specific keyword is mentioned on a platform of social media.

      There are many other tools to monitor your online karma, which is your social media influence. Just choose some and stick with them!

      1. Hi Erik,
        thanks for sharing such useful tips most of the you listed in above comment are new to me.
        Will give it a try.


  14. When you start blogging at that time you should not think about make money via blog post because it can hurt you in many ways first of all you should try to understand what are the expectations of your readers from you.

    1. That’s right, Sam.
      At beginning you should not monetize your blog at all.
      You need to build a solid audience around your site, a great community of readers, via search engines, referrals and mailing list, and produce constantly quality content.
      After this, you can start to think on which is the best way for you to monetize your blog and traffic.

      1. Hi! Erik. I totally agree with each and every sentence you wrote. It was a nice read. I got many lessons and things to learn from you. Yes KARMA is a big thing. We need to engage more, help people and try to provide good things to our readers, and only then we can build a base around us in blogging.

        Thanks for the article once again. :)

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