The Ultimate List of Free Web Directories For SEO – With PA, DA and PR [2015]

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Link building is a very important for every blog/website. After completing two months of launching Addictive Geek (my blog), I decided to submit it to as many web directories as possible. Of course all the free ones. But I wanted to be sure that all of them were ‘humanly-edited’ and stay away from the spammed and outdated ones to be safe from Google’s penalties.

Link building from web directories is a must for all. They help us in 2 ways –

1) Help people find your websites. Increases your site’s visibility. Being listed in reputable directories makes your site look trustworthy and reliable.

2) Build backlinks to your website which is an important part of search engine optimization (seo). This will help your SERPs (search engine result page) to rise.

Making my list was not very chaotic which I had expected it to be. All I had to do was search “free web directories”, “list web directories updated” and a few other footprints on google. Then I started scraping.

Most of these directories were either duplicates which hadn’t been updated in a long time or had listed spammed, not-so-useful sites.

In the end, I ended up with 110 some directories. Now because I am not an expert in separating good web directories from the bad ones, I used SeoWeather’s online Page Authority/Domain Authority/Page Rank tool to get the stats of these directories.

Next I deleted directories which had Page Authority or Domain Authority of less than 20 and those which were PageRank N/A. In the end I was left with 46 best web directories which were all free, manually-edited, regularly updated and had decent traffic.

I know that a directory with no PageRank or PA/DA less than 20 does not mean that it is not worth submitting or anything like that but this kind of criteria helps quick shortlisting. I am sure there are directories that have no PageRank because it hasn’t been updated by Google since a long time, but are genuine and get fair amount of traffic.

Free Web Directories List

So here is the list of best Free Web Directories to submit your site/blog 2015 – 

Site Name  Domain Authority  Page Authority  PageRank 95 92 7 78 56 6 74 55 2 69 61 5 66 57 5 64 47 4 62 54 4 59 46 4 55 44 4 60 66 4 59 47 4 52 47 4 50 47 4 54 45 3 53 46 3 49 50 4 48 46 3 49 48 4 49 48 4 49 57 2 50 42 4 47 55 3 49 39 4 44 45 3 44 45 4 47 43 2 49 47 3 42 43 4 42 44 4 40 41 4 41 47 3 39 40 4 39 43 2 39 41 3 38 45 3 35 38 3 33 42 2 33 39 1 35 34 2 32 39 2 34 43 2 31 34 2 30 37 2 22 23 2 21 32 1 20 31 n/a

Note – The PageRank, Domain Authority and the Page Authority were last checked on January 11, 2015. Also, they are not listed for any specific category or niche so check them out before submission.

How To Get Most Out of Free Web Directories List

  1. Make sure your blog is at least 2 months old before submitting it.
  2. Make sure you have at least of 15 quality articles on it – unique, detailed and providing value to the readers.
  3. When submitting your site, always submit it to the category related to your site. For example, if your site is about Business Ideas, submit it to the Business or Finance category. Don’t let them reject your submission for this.
  4. Make sure your site is fully optimized for submission. Content is readable and has pictures related to the topic. Your website should look credible to be accepted by web directories.
  5. Don’t spam your submission with excess of exact-match keyword anchor text. Never do anything that leads to Google penalizing your website now or in the future.
  6. Describe your site exactly what you would like others to know about it. Keep it short, simple and straight to the point.
  7. Only submit your websites to web directories related to your niche. Don’t go spamming a thousand directories in a couple of days. Google may penalize you. Keep submitting your site to 3-5 web directories every day.
  8. Sometimes your site may not get approved in the first try. If that happens all you have to do is re-submit the site by making changes in your submission for which it was disapproved the last time.
  9. Lastly, be patient. Free web directory submission can take anywhere between a few days to a few months.

Share your views and suggestions on web directory submission below!Don’t forget to share this with your friends if you found this useful.

11 thoughts on “The Ultimate List of Free Web Directories For SEO – With PA, DA and PR [2015]”

  1. Hi MAYANK,
    Thank for the list, but I think free Web Directories are difficult to approve because content website need well. Recently Web Directories have not been populated for ranking website

  2. Hello Mayank,

    Do you think Directory links are pretty important for Micro-niche affiliate marketing blog? If so, how directory sites are similar to a micro-niche site because we always search similar sites to create backlinks.

  3. Very nice blog powered by Genesis framework.

    Nice post. One my directory is in your list.

    I have free and paid listings accepting web directory. My directory meets your requirements and have Domain Authority 21. Could you please add my directory to your list?

    Site Name DA PA 21 31

  4. i was looking for this list in google but didn’t anythink worth trying.Fortunately i visited this blog and find what i wanted.
    Thanks for the list.going to try it out.

  5. Hi mayank,
    Good Work, This list is really helpful for link builders and bloggers to get some extra links for their blogs or websites.
    Thanks for sharing this list :)

    1. Thank You Amit!

      I’d definitely love to make a list of awesome free bookmarking sites. Keep returning to stay updated here as well as on my blog.

  6. Hi mayank

    Still do you think directory submissions works for link building, i though directory submissions even getting worse and google algorithm caught you easily.

    1. Yes. Web directories are still pretty important. See you cannot rank a site only with links from web directories but they help you rise through the ranking, specially in case of micro-niche and niche related sites.
      And the point of Google catching you is irrelevant unless you have thousands of spam backlinks to your site or the Web directory is full of spam.
      It’s more about quality than quantity these days!

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