Top 5 Best Ways to Increase Adsense Revenue

Adsense is one of the most trusted ways for bloggers to earn money using their blog. But extracting money from Adsense is really tough, especially for the people who are using it for the first time. Making your first $100 on Adsense could be really difficult, that’s when you are a rookie. On the other hand we see professional bloggers earning thousands of dollars daily. How come? Well, there are a lot of reasons for the same but the main reasons are their traffic and good Adsense ad placements. If you too want to earn like those professionals then try reading these Top 5 Best Ways to Increase Adsense Revenue.


Ad Size

Ad size is something which doesn’t get the amount of consideration which it should get. Maximum rookie bloggers just ignore it, some of them consider it so much that they try fitting in the biggest size ads in the smallest sections of their blogs. I suggest you to use leader board ads if you are going to place the ads near the header, use middle or large rectangle if you are going to place ads above the post. The bigger will works best :D

Traffic Type

This is something which too is ignored by the rookie bloggers. The type of traffic is broadly classified into two types – Organic Traffic, people coming to your site through search engines etc are counted under this type. Inorganic traffic is the second type; people coming to your site through inorganic sources like Facebook are counted under this type. Organic traffic is the best, and people who are counted under that type are more likely to hit the Adsense ads. So try increasing the organic traffic count.

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Placement is the most crucial part of increasing Adsense revenue. The best places to place your ads are between the posts, left sidebar, and on the right side of header. If your ads aren’t placed on the correct place then you won’t even earn a single penny, even if your blog is getting huge amount of traffic. There are bloggers getting well over 100 thousand visitors monthly but they earn just around $150 monthly because their Adsense ad placement is poor.

Adsense For Search

I suggest you to add Adsense everywhere you can. Include the Adsense ads in search; you can do so by using the custom search box code. You should even try adding Adsense for feeds. This way you will increase triple up your Adsense earning sources, which will ultimately lead to a huge hype in your earnings.

Ad Type

I suggest you to add image as well as text ads both in your posts but Images perform best and get high CTR, CPC. But I suggest you to add text ads above the posts and image ads on the header and on the sidebar.

Author’s Bio  :  This article is written by Arjun. Arjun provides On Page SEO Service and Guest Posting Service.

10 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Ways to Increase Adsense Revenue”

  1. Would someone be willing to look at my blog and tell me what I need to do to make it successful … I have $6.90 in earnings ( in 2 years ).

    I need help .. and I don’t understand half the stuff I read .

  2. Ad placement is the key to make huge money from adsense but one should consider the places where the visitors are clicking by using heat map. Btw I want to know is my ad placement on my blog is ok.. or is there any changes required to be made to it. Thanks in advance!!

  3. yes u r write Ad Size is reaaly efects the clicks on ad u contain 300*250 ad size remove them and see the changes. it really helps u.

  4. Thanks for sharing…. I agree with all your points. But sometimes those ads at the beginning can act as a distraction. What do you have to say about that?

  5. That was my biggest mistake as I wasn’t posting original content and also applied too fast within just 20 days of starting a blog. Now I am more concentrating on building my readership before reapplying for it.

    1. According to Google your domain should be 6 months old with good traffic :/ But if you have good quality content with organic traffic you will get approval fast :P

  6. Good tips for beginners. But I can’t apply it to my blog as i have been rejected twice. Wish me luck for the next time I apply and keep readers like me updated with such quality articles.

    1. That’s very bad ! You should have to post quality content, have good traffic than Apply again and I am sure you will get approval fast ;) Best of luck..

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