5 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Are A Blogger

question markSummary Ask yourself few questions that are used to make a blog containing relevant content and information so that it is always appreciated by the search engines and receives better traffic.

Nowadays, blogging has become very popular among a large group of internet users. Blogging is a social platform which connects a huge number of internet users together with a block of info. It is the parent of social networking media, which is very popular these days. Blogging is not only done to share information, but also to promote business & services among internet users. Bloggers around the world are blogging comprehensively to provide all kind of information on news, and updates to the users all over the world. There are many personal blogs that are meant to share personal profiles, like for instance a celebrity blog is meant to connect with fans across the world. Read Also: Why you develop a blog?

There are many blogs that are ranked high on different search engines, while there are some which don’t have high traffic and visitors. A good blogger always updates his/her blog with fresh and unique content. A blog with relevant content and information is always been appreciated by the search engines, hence receives better traffic and visitors. Although there are many factors that rate a blog based on its content quality. So, while blogging you must take care of all those factors to rank your blog higher in web. There are few things or trick questions that you must ask yourself before starting blogging and some of them are:

1) What’s my objective?

This is the first question which needs to be answered by yourself before you start blogging. You must have a clear objective that what exactly will be the purpose of blogging. If you fail in determining the goal for your blog, you will never become a successful blogger. Setting the right goals will help you to monitor the progress of your blog. The goals will depend on the subject that your blog will be based on.

2) Who will be my target audience?

After setting the goals the next job is to decide the demographics for your blog? Demographics mean deciding the territory that your blog will carter to the people. Whether you want to target masses or niche of people or may be targeting the particulars category like Information technology, Health, Business, Travel etc. You must also determine the age group of your target audience, because based on that only you will need to post contents.

3) Who will be my Blog host?

This is very critical thing to answer and you should have atleast basic knowledge of blogging to answer this question. There are many blog hosts which offer blog space free of cost while some of them are paid. The wordpress, blogger and blogspot are some of the popular blog hosts offering blogs with avid features. These blog hosts offer various plug-ins and widgets. Based on your requirements you can have those upgrades on your blog to make it more attractive.

4) How frequently I will post in my blog?

An ideal blogger must have the complete plan for posting contents in his/her blog. It depends on the subject about which you are posting in your blog. As soon as you have the latest updates on the subject post it and make it available for your audience. You must take care of the fact that you will only post content which is unique, fresh and not copied from any other source. Google is been very strict in their policy of banning those web pages which have altered or copied content from other sources. If you adopt such practices you may get your blog banned permanently by search engines.

5) How will I monitor my blog’s progress?

After getting through all such technical stuffs, finally your blog is ready to launch. But, launching blog doesn’t mean that you have done it all. You need to have a right set of plan for the promotion of your blog by various mediums. You can have good quality back links for your blog by submitting it in directories and social bookmarking sites. You can also use social networking channels like Facebook; twitter etc for the promotion of your blog in order to increase visitors and traffic.

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  1. I agree with these points. Proper planning is necessary to get success. Doing right things in right moments i s very much necessary. As my blog is new, i am planning to get a good Alexa rank and PR. Afterwards i will try and concentrate looking for traffic. Presently my traffic is low but i am not worrying at all. I have a plan and will execute my plan too.

  2. Nice and informative article but you have mistaken to revise your article so a few mistakes remains .Such as Blogger and Blogspot is the same one platform offered by Google etc.

  3. again very awesome post…….really you blog is very helpful me and others :)
    and thanks sharing this post @Evelyn Gragg…..keep it up :)

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