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Win a Free 1-Year Membership to TakeControlofWP.com, and learn WordPress Today!


All Blogging Tips is going to be 1 year old on 1st December. I’m so happy. To celebrate this birthday, I’m hosting advance birthday giveaway on my blog. That is Free 1-Year Membership for 3 winners of TakeControlofWP.com WordPress is a popular Content Management System and Web Site Creation tool, used by millions of people around the… Continue Reading …

5 No-Name Facebook Pages with Insane Engagement (And Why)


6.15 percent. That’s the reach of the average Facebook post. The free ride has come and gone. You can’t count on Facebook to put your posts in front of your audience. The average user Likes 40 Pages on Facebook, and has 200 friends. Even if Facebook distributed all posts evenly, your followers would only see… Continue Reading …

7 Smart Steps to Write a Money-Making Blog Post Every Week


Blogging has gone beyond writing a 500+ word post. Way more!    Every blog post you write should bring you profit. The profit could be anything worthwhile – fresh readers, repeat readers, authority, sales, improved rankings and clients. I want to quickly show you how to write a blog post that generates income for you… Continue Reading …

5 Types Of Posts That Gets Shared Like Crazy


So, you are working hard on your blog. You are trying to write the best content you want and you are also trying to get it shared and linked back. But, do you think that you are getting the results that you want? If your answer is “NO!” then continue reading. Because today I am… Continue Reading …

How Did Infolinks Become the Best AdSense Alternative? Find Out.


Obviously, you are running a blog and giving your precious time and working hard for providing the best content and information to your readers so it’s your right to earn money. Well, earning money is not easy at all! It’s neither a game of one night nor even a game of one month or two.… Continue Reading …

Create Professional Animated Promo Videos With MakeWebVideo

So easy

Do you know why most of the ventures or startups failed in the very first year? No idea? The biggest reason of failure is “Lack of Business Marketing”. You got a product or service and you don’t even know what marketing is then it does not matter how much you are investing and how great… Continue Reading …

Google Pigeon Update – All You Want To Know


On July 24, 2014, Google released a new and major algorithm update for local search, which industry’s SEO resource “Search Engine Land” named “Pigeon” update. This latest update from Google aims to deliver improved local search results, with enhanced location and distance ranking parameters. Unlike Penguin and Panda updates, it is not a penalty-based update,… Continue Reading …

Email + Landing Page Optimization = Sales Galore


Let’s start with a fact: Email is bigger, better, and much more profitable than all of the social networks combined. Add focused, well-built, and effective landing pages to your marketing flow and you have a lean conversion machine at work. The folks at Help Scout and Aweber painstakingly make the case for email marketing and… Continue Reading …