10 Interesting Ways To Become A Famous Blogger Quickly!

become a famous blogger

Let me paint a picture of a famous blogger.

A blogger that has armies of fans online who awaits to read their new content. The blogger who’s featured on popular websites or top blogger lists. He has a massive social media following and has an influence. His unique voice makes a difference in online space which makes him recognized. He did not just buy any established blog but he build a successful blog to become a famous blogger. His blog turned into a full-time business. Inspiring?

But, how did it all happen?

How Much Does It Cost to Run an eCommerce Store?

E-commerce store costs? You might be guessed many times as what one platform may cost you around. Understand the fact that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. It totally depends upon the platform and requirements. Whenever the initial development is completed that includes the marketing spends too, you should think about to continue to investing money to improve the various function and better experience of your online store.

There’s (Nearly) Always Another Link Opportunity

link building opportunity seoA common challenge that even an experienced link builder will face is hitting the ‘wall of niche exhaustion’. Racking your brain for some inspiration and turning up nothing but bad ideas and dead ends. What’s the solution?

I’m going to talk you through how we uncover (to steal a Garrett French phrase) “the deepest veins of link opportunity” by credibly connecting topic areas to you or your client. This should give you an almost limitless pool of link opportunities to work with. I’m not saying my team and I don’t still hit that wall from time to time but we’ll always return to these exercises and nearly always come up with a new direction to head in.

How To Build a Local Audience for Your Blog

Building a Local Audience for Your Blog 1
When you get started as a blogger, you might be writing without an intended direction and instead detailing your life comings and goings or personal interest projects. However, by just adding this sort of content without a keyword direction or intended campaign can result in very slow growth, unless of course you are hot on networking in blogger circles or similar interest groups or choose to invest in digital marketing services. Although, keep in mind, proper networking isn’t just popping into a group, leaving your link and never taking part, in fact this can be the fastest way to see your potential contacts disappear and not want anything to do with you.

If you are a blogger just starting out or a blogger wanting to increase your visitors, you need to ensure you have a plan and solid direction in place – are you creating a niche blog? Are you focusing on lifestyle, if so, what do you differently to your lifestyle competitors? Uploading content simply for the sake of it, is no longer enough in the grand scheme of blogging and being confident in your intended audience and the tone of the voice is an advantageous start to your blogging endeavour.

6 Keyword Research Tips Every Blogger Should Use

SEO is a journey. What this tells you is that you cannot afford to not be on your toes. There is always a new update rolling out, or a technique, all meant to help your SEO to work for your brand better. As a webmaster, you can bear witness of how much slacking behind is not an option for you. All efforts are directed towards making SEO work for your brand.

It is quite apparent how much keywords mean to your website. They are too important to ignore: which gives birth to keyword research. It is a term you should be familiar with if you want to drive a quality audience to your website. Keyword research entails finding relevant words that will get your target audience visiting your site. That said, you will need the following six keyword research tips to get it right.

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