Top 5 Ways to Make Money without Adsense

You adsense is BANNED ? Why you blog if you don’t have adsense ?

I know you are thinking the same as I mentioned above  But to be honest I don’t like adsense too much that’s reason I removed adsense from this blog. But if your don’t have adsense than you don’t need to worry about that as today we are discussing Top 5 Ways to Make Money without Adsense..

Top 5 Ways to Make Money without Adsense

The dominance of Adsense in the ad serving market has seen it assuming tyrannical stand with the rejection rate for ad publishing applicants deplorably higher. However, with a plethora of other earning options available, there is no cause for heartbreak for gullible users.

We discuss top five sparkling alternatives to make money without adsense here. 😉

Make money through Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can become a veritable cash cow if capitalized upon ethically. One is required to promote the products of merchants or entrepreneurs and bag a handsome commission on each sale made at an attractive 20-70% depending upon the financial strength of the merchant. Superior quality products with strong brand presence, credibility and potential to deliver what is promised should be vigorously promoted through blogs, writing high quality articles, building a massive email list, participating in discussions on serious forums and writing product reviews. Low quality products should never be promoted through spamming and illegal blackhat techniques or one will face serious loss of reputation with fatal repercussions.

Make money selling ad spaces

Blogs dedicated to promoting high end products are sure to attract the attention and interest of marketers who would like serious audiences for their products on their sites. Selling banner ad spaces on blogs for a niche product with promise of diverting good amount of organic traffic will bring one a handsome chunk of income. The share of revenue will be comparably higher than Adsense as Ad networks sell the advertising space on blogs at about a whopping discount of 90% to marketers owing to profuse amount of selling space available with them. The potential advertiser should be allowed to offer their best price to fetch higher revenue and make money without adsense.

Use OIO Publisher plugin for WordPress to sell ad spaces with ease.

Make money Using Best Adsense Alternative

Adbrite and Chitika have emerged as the best alternatives to Adsense when it comes to displaying context sensitive ads. Their payouts are highly competitive. Adbrite shares the revenue in 75-25% in favor of blog owner. Chitika is the leading impulse merchandising company which gets the niche ads displayed through customized and novel ad boxes that deviate radically from accepted industry standards and complement the existing ad serving scenario. Chitika is the golden geese for ad publishers and the platform can be capitalized to earn daily ad revenue. The action based pay per call ads pay to publishers somewhere between 2 to 20 dollars per action. Adbrite and Chitika have offered unsuspecting users a new avenue to make money without adsense.

Here are best adsense alternatives that pays!

  • Bidvertiser
  • Chitika

Make money by Writing Paid Reviews

Millions of people across the globe read blog posts every day. A company can generate tons of qualified traffic and have the spotlight on its products when it pays for paid reviews to be posted in context sensitive blogs pertaining to their niche products. This triggers word of mouth advertising, enhances link popularity, brand credibility and product exposure and also provides a chance to understand peculiar consumer tastes and behavioral trends. Ultimately the product page experiences a significant rise in search engine rankings. The companies pay handsomely to have their reviews covered in blogs with significant number of qualified visitors. One can earn amounts equivalent to that of adsense and this is slowly turning out to be a better alternative to make money without adsense.

Here are best websites you should join to get paid reviews offers quickly.

  • ReviewMe
  • PayPerPost

Make Money by Using In Text Ads

Publishing ‘In text ads’ on your blog by invoking the services of Infolinks will help in monetizing the site with highest revenue share from contextual in text ads. Only relevant ads are delivered which essentially improves the conversion rate and boosts the earning potential. You can join following sites to monetize blog using in text ads;

The pay per click ads can be easily integrated in the site and bring about a jumpstart in your earning and a new opportunity to make money without adsense.

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  1. says

    Happy New year & best wishes to you.
    Thanks Ammar for providing valuable information,yes of course there are many alternatives to make money by using online ,honestly speaking I trust you & like to work without Adsense.As you know I am new in this field,so could you pls tell me which way is perfect for me?

  2. says

    One has to follow blogging strategies to work on your blog and make profit out of it. It is somehow troublesome without Adsense. There are other ways to monetize your blog inorder to make profits. Banner advertising, Partner marketing, Affiliate programs, Direct Ad sales and plenty. Also build a brand and build an audience. One can adopt different approaches without Google Adsense.

  3. says

    I had approved account of Adsense on my name but I was inactive on blogging from so far. So I have google account associated with that Adsense account.

    Now I am back into blogging but google doesn;t allow me to register with new adsense account with the same name.

    Can you please let me know how can I signup for AdSense again with my name (same name) again?

  4. says

    Thank you Ammar,
    I am feeling so encouraged after reading this article,as i am new to blogosphere.
    and my adsense is not approved yet due to insufficient content. But now i got so many alternates to make money other than Adsence.

  5. says

    My Google Adsense Account Was Blocked For no good reason and i lost alot of money …. After that i have made a decision even if i will earn less i will go for other ads.. !

  6. Denis D. says

    Google Adsense is not relevant anymore and there are plenty of other ways to earn online. I think affiliate marketing is the best and most effective way to earn an income online. Thanks for sharing this post.

  7. says

    Thanks a lot for the post. I think In Text Ads and affiliate marketing are the two best ways to make money apart from Adsense.

  8. Alok Singh says

    I got clean chit from all publisher, to whom i applied to, except adsense. Friends my site crosses first approval every time i apply to adsense.
    First and second time i even did not have any privacy policy, about us page. and my domain is still 4 months old.
    but on 2nd approval they disapprove.
    i dont know whats happening.
    all publishers to whom i applied to gave me approval, but still my mind is saying “Go for Adsense”.
    i dont know why.

  9. says

    My adsense account disabled some invalid click activity & aim turn on some alternative but its not more effective so actually good ways to make money without adsense. now im going to try affiliate marketing

  10. says

    i Am New in Blogging And my Blog is about GAdgets and tech.. i get like 1k visitors per day.. i tried to apply for adsense but .. its not getting approved..
    i Dont know the other ways.. anyone who can Contact me personally. and brief me about how to make money from sources other than Adsense…

    P.S i read the above methods but i dont know how to implement them…

  11. says

    People like we, makes the Google Ad Sense much popular. Otherwise at initial stage almost no traffic people were getting account approved and their was no banned policy. With the power of huge companies starts exploitation low traffic people so never think that blogging is nothing without Ad Sense. Actually you feel free to blog without Ad Sense ads, it creates a situation that you are not the owner of your blog.

  12. says

    Google adsense is very prone to getting banned. For it, all bloggers should be as smart as you and start setting up other alternatives as a way to earn money through blogging
    Using this way, if one day getting banned from google adsense we can still make money with the alternatives that have been prepared
    Thanks for posting this, a very valuable input :)

  13. says

    Hi Ammar,

    Thanks for giving adsense alternatives. It will really useful for newbies in blogging. New bloggers are always thinking about the Google Adsense. Your list will surely help them to earn. Nice Information.

  14. says

    Thank you Ammar Sir for best Google adsense alternatives.Now days it is tough to get adsense.Specially for those which have low traffic but above two sites are very good option for those who wants to earn some money online.Great post bro.You rocks

  15. Roshan says

    Hie Ammar,
    I liked your comments. I am a beginner to blogger. So getting less traffic. How can i generate more traffic online free? And what are the earning option for new bees. Suggest me.

  16. Sonny says

    This post is very informative! My website is still under development and I still have to add more content and tinker its design even more so I can apply to AdSense. I was searching for information about the possible reasons for AdSense rejection and in the event of the ban, the possible alternative to it. I’m happy to know the “best five.” Thanks a lot Rajkumar! High five here!

  17. kishor says

    it seem that i m in a people can earn money by online..i am using internt since 7 i dnt knwo abt online money making as indian are less awear .plz suggst me guys how i can alos earn money..i m a engineering graduate guy in chemical engineer..and one more thing that is it neccessary to built a blog with spend money..mean for domain name .or blogspot.inis fine for me??

  18. kishor says

    helo all.
    i m a new comer in internet online making sites..i just make a blog on apply for google adsense bt they refused it .they said that my blog should minimum 6 month old as indian plz suggest me ho w i can get money by internt.i dnt earn a single coin yet ..i hope u ll welcome me in online money making sites.
    thanks admin and all

  19. Michael Sato says

    Yeah Adsense sucks a lot and their not the only means to earn online. I tried applying before and got rejected a couple of times. So this tips about alternate ways of earning really helps a lot. Thanks!

  20. says

    I also don’t like adsense not because I don’t know how to use it and how it works, but because I don’t see any good reason for doing it. For me, affiliate marketing is the real deal. It’s the easiest way to make money online.

  21. says

    Mr. rajkumar, i am agree with you. it is a common fact to income with adsense but maximum people are do not allowed to do that, because of google adsense authority. in that case they should choose another option and the describing options are the best option i think. in fact i am already started to using chitika in my blog when my adsense was disable from the authority.

  22. says

    The monetizing methods you mention is all legitimate, but the key is driving a lot of traffic to the site or blog, and we would like hear from you more about traffic building.

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