How To Get Traffic To A New Blog – 5 Great Ways

increase blog traffic[Most of the newbie bloggers quit their blogging just because they don’t see any traffic from their blog(s). Even who have started their blogging career long time ago don’t see much improvisation in their traffic.


Because they don’t follow few tips which has to be followed to get traffic to a new blog. ;)

How can any blogger Get Traffic to A New Blog?

Though there are many ways to Get Traffic to A New Blog, the most important factor is NETWORK. The more network you have the more traffic you’ll get.

The best way to build a network around your blog is: start interacting with others using

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Why I’m mentioning only these two sites because, it’s easy to spread your word and follow other bloggers easily using this social media sites and  get traffic to a new blog.

Following are some EXCEPTIONAL ways to bring traffic to a new blog or any blog.

1. Blog Comments:

Comment on top blogs in your niche try to be the first 5 commenters.

Tips: Subscribe to their RSS feeds.

Don’t spam their blogs by writing one liners. Add value to your comments.

If you want to get traffic daily this is the best way to go.

Type “your niche + blog” in google to know which are the top blogs in your niche.blogging blogs

Ex: “blogging + blog”

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2. Network with others using Facebook and twitter

Facebook: Join in Groups.. Promote yourself out there.. BTW facebook alone is giving me 100+ leads daily (even without promoting everyday!). Ammar Ali is also getting huge traffic from Facebook ;) . So don’t neglect bringing Facebook traffic to your blog.

You may find it difficult in the beginning but when you start promoting others content and when you get to know each other on Facebook, it becomes very easy!

Twitter: Follow top bloggers in your niche and follow their followers. This is the simple yet effective way of increasing your targeted twitter followers. Once you have done this, you can tweet your new articles and ask your followers to retweet it.

3. Video Marketing:

Create a 2 and add your blog link at the starting

Submit them to YouTube, metacafe etc.

Tools to use: Use Screenr to create free videos

4. Spend time on writing detailed articles.

Never assume that you can bring quality traffic without much efforts.

You need to differentiate yourself with others to become successful. It takes time to create content, I agree but you shouldn’t spend whole time creating only normal or average 600 words posts.

Spend time to create great content.

Write detailed posts with 1000 or 1500+ words once in a while. If you’re not a full time blogger like me, at least try to create detailed posts once or twice a month.

So that you can grab others attention and you can show your blogging expertise to your readers.

It’s really important for you to create killer articles regularly to survive in blogosphere. This can bring your quality traffic from other sites or search engines.

4. Don’t forget SEO

Most people say forget about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when you’re just starting out.SEO TACTICS
I think that’s the dumbest suggestion!
You need to focus on what keywords to use and how much keyword density you should maintain in your content to get search engine traffic to your blog.

It’s extremely important to bring organic (search engine) traffic to your blog. Because it’s free and highly effective!

Make sure that you’re not keyword stuffing your content. It makes your readers hard to digest what you’re saying in your articles.

And do proper keyword analysis before you’re writing the articles. Then embed them into your posts. If you’re a beginner then this is enough! Don’t go beyond, you’ll better understand about SEO when you’re spending more time on blogging.

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Always try to retweet and promote your fellow bloggers before asking them to promote your content. This can make others to promote your content sooner or later and you will have high chances of getting their attention if they find it useful. 

I dint recommend guest blogging here in this post. Major reason is without having any online reputation you can’t cope up with other bloggers to get accepted your guest posts. When they reject you, you’ll feel down to submit another guest post to them.

So, focus on building a network by blog commenting, writing great stuff and social media networking using above tips.

Have I missed any other way to  get traffic to a new blog? Take your action by commenting below.

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  1. helo,,thanks alot for this article but i notice a lot of bloggers choosing worldpress over blogspot blog but to me am using blogspot,, so will this affect my traffics, loading and even seo.

    am a new blogger so i will really appreciate if you can put me through in some certain stage especially ranking on google search

  2. Great. I like reading your blog. Yes, I agree that to get traffic on a new blog we have to do SEO continuously which is a on going process. Apart from this we can also do “Guest Blog Post” which is the best way to build authoritative back links to your blog and it also improve your blog search engine authority.

  3. Hey Rahul
    this post is great, I really loved it, you did a great job . I think we can get more traffic by making backlinks, maintaing seo of website and selection of attractive theme and a good quality and quantity of content. I learned a lot from your article and all the ways you told to grow traffic were also helpfull. Always posts these kind of good topics.
    Good Luck !

  4. @ Rahul Kuntala,
    Thanks for your post.

    I’m new to the blogging world and have gone through a lot of blog posts on how to get traffic, improve the page rank etc.

    However, this post is different from the others as it is not dumping too much information in a single post.

    I have started using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ communities etc to promote my post.

    What is your view on using Quora and Pinterest for getting traffic to a new blog?

  5. I am new to blogging and found this post very informative for a new blogger. Just for my knowledge, I have a question about this post that there are many comments from 2012 so this post was created in 2012 but u have updated this post in 2016, So what makes a blogger to update his blog post this late. Do i need to update my blog post too time to time.
    I am definitely going to follow this post. I want to make my career in blogging. Thanks

  6. Indeed, getting traffic is a challenge for all bloggers. I also see many new blogger quit after a short time because they don’t get traffic. It’s not a situation of “if you build it they will come.”
    Blogging is also a long term endeavor since it’s a passive form of marketing.
    I also see a large percentage of new bloggers are completely ignoring SEO and using all these Pinterest tricks to drive traffic. Many people who sell these courses for Pinterest advise their followers to ignore SEO. What a mistake! SEO can drive traffic for years to come while social media traffic is temporary at best.
    Thanks for your insights! Great post for newbies!

  7. Hello Ammar,
    Nice but i felt lack of quality like infographics, slide-share and many other types of post can also increase traffic to a blog and popular Guest blogging on relative blogs also increase brand images.

    What do you think ?
    -Update with many more information. :-)

    1. Yah i agree with you there are many other great way to increasing traffic, guest blogging and feature others post in blog are some of them. Rahul, please update this post with those method, it will be better to read those in details. waiting for update, thanks.

  8. Big thanks to you guys. Have learned so much from here today. Ammar Ali your tips on Google Adsense are top notch and Rahul thanks. But I have a request.

    Ammar Ali Do you mind reviewing my blog for me.
    The URL is

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kinds Regards.

  9. Hi, all the stuffs you shared are a must for getting traffic to a blog. But I think most newbie bloggers try to promote their blog everywhere they can. This is a wrong strategy as it fails to push a blog to its target audience.

    Best thing to do is first understand and decide a blog’s target audience, locate where they generally surf and then promote there. All traffic strategy must go on keeping this as the foundation.

  10. The most effective way to get blog traffic as a newbie blogger is definitely Social Media. And if he/she has already a big fan base in different social networks, its even easier. Just needed to be remembered not to overdo. Specially in big groups or communities, as a blogger you shouldn’t always post your links. Be careful so that you are not banned because of spamming.

    Thanks for the great informative post.


  11. Indeed, short post with good advices. I have a question, I am following your advice recently but I don’t see much difference in the traffic. Do I need to do more? like comments more, share more, write more?

  12. Hey Rahul,

    Is this list in order of importance? Do you really think that commenting on blog posts is the number one way to increase traffic on a new blog? Thanks for this article and I look forward to hearing from you.


  13. Getting more traffic to our blogs is a never ending challenge. You posted some good tips here. Some are new to me, some are more well known. All are good for new and seasoned bloggers alike.

  14. Generating traffic for your post is the most challenging part and is definitely a very tedious process. All points mentioned here are amazing and worth appreciation but without staying consistent none of them is useful. Consistency is the key over here.
    And Content is rightly the king and one must aim to publish posts which are not time sensitive and remain evergreen.

  15. Hi Rahul,

    really good article. I do have company blog for about one year and still looking to generate more traffic. I’m promoting all posts on company funpage on Facebook, but this is still not what i would expect ;)

    Riht now the blog is a part of company website and i’m wondering if it would make sense to move it to the independent domain. What is your opinion od that ?

    Regards, Marcin.

  16. Hi Rahul!
    Very Helpful and interesting article.It helps newbies to grow their new blog or site.
    i think it is the hardest time when new blogger get only 5 or 10 views per day.And you post can help them to grow their blog and increase organic traffic also.
    Thanks for Great words.

    Kashif Khan

  17. Dear rahul i want to know that How can i get to the top of Google search engine had tried many SEO tips to get at the top but not able to get at the top and lead the page but some people say i have less rank than other is it so that why they rank 1st or its about quality ??

  18. Very informative article. I’m only using social network like facebook to get more traffic for my blog. twitter not popular in my country, because many twitter user difficult to retweet article.

  19. Hi..
    good tips indeed.Traffic is they first thing which every blogger wants.But for a newbie it is slightly difficult to get it.I am also a newbie to blogging.You shared really nice tips for getting traffic.I will surely start working in these tips. Thanks for nice sharing .

  20. A positive post. The reasons why most people get pushed behind is the quality or quantity or the originality of a content too. One must ensure their written task to be in sequence, legible as well as original. There are times when you are completely avoided by Search Engines just for the things mentioned.
    Anyway, it is a very well written How-to. Keep proceeding with great information being a logistic of what you acquire.


  21. Great Post Rahul,
    All the detail you mention are great . It helps a lot. But Pinterest is also a great social media tool to bring traffic to your blog like facebook and twitter. and one thing always experiment wit your blog means do A/B testing to bring conversions.

    Nikhil :)

  22. I have lanched a wordpress blog about tips and tricks. This post is realy userul and insipired men much. This article is really interesting to read thanks for sharing such informative post among us.

  23. Hi Rahul, how are you. Good job done man. I like your writing style and quality content. I am new in blogging community and learning so much from good writers like you. Traffic is the key to success and you have discussed very unique but very simple way in a great manner. It is useful for guys like me. Keep it up and good luck

  24. I agree with you Rahul,

    As a newbie blogger you have to work hard to drive traffic to your website. You have to comment on other blog, increase social Engagement, have to make your all content SEO friendly and goes on.
    All mention points are great and helps the newbie for drive traffic.
    thank you for your post Rahul.

    Nikhil :)

  25. Hello; I thought you covered most of the basics. I thought you were going to forget about sharing other people’s posts on social media but you got it in there. Commenting on other people’s blogs has really helped my traffic. In the last six weeks to two months I have gone from about 3 million on alexa to the top 950,000 sites worldwide and the top 115,000 for the u s. This puts me ahead of the longest established company for selling amusement equipment. They have far more resources than I do, and there are many people who will visit this other site on a regular basis; but I am starting to reel them in. I just need to close more sales. But with the increased traffic and site rankings I’m finding more people are contacting me asking about listing their equipment on my site even though my site is commission based and the others are free classified type sites. Thanks for the hard work that goes into every post you write. Take care, max

  26. I was going through you other article and came to know about this link. I have just starting blogging and was avoiding my social network. I dint know about the power of social networking. After reading this article I need to publish myself with the help of facebook , twitter and other social networking sites. Thanks buddy for showing my light :)

  27. I am running abeauty blog and this post really inspired me :D Thanks a lot for all the help :)) The article was an interesting read :) I need to learn SEO ASAP :D

  28. Samandar Nichari

    You’ve revealed the real ways to get promoted over the online world. I really like such kind of things to be considered if we’re about to look in a serious case of blogging. Everyone has his/her own unique ideas concerning the same topic.

    However, If you don’t. You can find out many tips and tricks about it while searching over the internet. That’s it which brings us success.

  29. Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for sharing this. I have basically tried everything except for the video part. Guess I got to do it soon and see if that really works out!

    Seen so many bloggers doing this especially big websites. Bet it will work and can’t wait to try out real soon.

    Thanks mate!


  30. Ummm! SEO and social media sites are the best options to drive traffic to a completely new blog. I think ordinary blog commenting won’t help you! But commenting on CommentLuv enabled blogs is totally a different thing. I have noticed increase in my site’s traffic since i have started commenting on CommentLuv enabled blogs.

  31. first of all when you start a blog, you should ping it with online ping tool, blogs provide RSS service use, add unique content in post, choose informative and interesting topics, share with your friends through the social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc. these little thing do more. :)

  32. Thanks for this great article bro. Before reading this i was so busy thinking about traffic. But now I will only concentrate on great articles for my readers.
    Also StumbleUpon is a great traffic provider too…

  33. Hey Rahul,
    Great post, I agree we need to SEO maniac from the early stage. What do you suggest for a site which plan to write posts on open source codes and code samples?

  34. I am a newbie and trying hard to build traffic to my blog but getting nothing much.I hope these tips will help me in building traffic and fulfilling my motto.

  35. hey rahul
    really great post with important points
    i also use the social networking sites to spread my blog’info.
    you have to do different from others .
    thnxx and regards!!:-)

  36. Hi
    I have a new blog but I dont know how i can have a traffic in my blog :/
    I’am good at write a blog posts…. all i need is a traffic :)

  37. You have written to get the traffic oon our blog we need to create a strong fan base on facebook and twitter I know how to get friends on fb but will you please suggest me some working ways to get followers on Twitter pls.

  38. Hi..
    good tips indeed.Traffic is they first thing which every blogger wants.But for a newbie it is slightly difficult to get it.I am also a newbie to blogging.You shared really nice tips for getting traffic.I will surely start working in these tips. Thanks for nice sharing .

  39. Nice Article. Many new and even old bloggers will be benefited from this. Quality contents always matters but you can’t rely on quality contents only for traffic..I have seen many blogs where you can get quality contents but no traffic. So you need social media engagement and blog commenting like activities to drive traffic. Once people like your articles then automatically traffic will gradually increase.

  40. Hey! I am new in blogging line..! can you help me with some ideas about making back links..? and y are they useful..? other than leaving comments on blogs..

  41. Abhishek Agarwal

    Also, I wanted to know the quantity for a decent traffic on a wordpress blog, by duration..

    My Blog is about 3 months old & right now i get about 25 blogs per day..
    Is that good enough?

  42. I get most of my blogs traffic from facebook page,recently got a twitter account too.Still i need to optimize my blog to get more traffic,hope your tips provided here will help me.Thanks,that was a great post.

  43. With Great Efforts I built my site and made experiments and atlast found some tactics to drive traffic to my site. Now satisfied with the Earnings and Traffic. I should have read this post in the days I was starving for traffic :D Anyway, Killer Post. Thanks :)

  44. That’s a well put article Rahul ! Cheers!
    Spending time on Detailed and outputting Killer Posts are something every new blog owners must do before going for the big run.
    Promoting the blog only after having some value on the blog is wise.
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  45. Abhishek Bhardwaj

    This was a very informative post.
    Although I already have a successful blog but these tips will be very useful for my new site.

  46. You’re absolutely right rahul, many newbie blogger thinking negative about SEO and because of that they can not do any keyword research for their blog and that’s the point make them fail in their blogging career. You explained all these things very well. Blog commenting, video sharing beneficial to get traffic as well as Pinterest and Stumbleupon these are the best social website bring lot traffic. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful information.

  47. Just a little observation !! You wrote “Point 4” – The Number twice.. ;) About the content… Yeah I believe Social Bookmarking can do the wonders too… wat say?

  48. Following your guidelines for my new blog. I think good content can automatically give you good ranking, you just need to follow google webmaster guidelines etc.

  49. Hello There,
    Your Blog is great Video Marketing as well as blog commenting is the best way to increase traffic to your website. I guess every one is doing it. And also using social media marketing can be the best source for traffic. This is a great information for a blogger like me, thanks for sharing your useful ideas..

    Excellent Post :D

  50. Great to see the response for this particular tips. Nice n useful tips to get genuine traffic. As you said, it is possible to drive a real traffic with Facebook n Twitter. But not only with these social media sites, you can get more visitors from Linkedin n Pinterest too. Thanks for sharing the ideas to get traffic, keep writing for newbie bloggers.

  51. Really great post. I think getting traffic to new blog can be a big challenge. But your tips are really helpful. I think video marketing on youtube is a big source for getting traffic as the Google likes links from their product like youtube or G+

  52. now can really boost my blog , because all i needed was some tips and i got it :) it takes time built traffic to ones blog but if we follow some simple rules and tips then it isnt so tough. really happy and thank you Rahul :)

  53. hi thank you very much for such a nice postt. But i have a doubt. I have seen mostly Blogs that Gives Tips about making a Good Blog or SEO friendly blog. So Such Blog owners make Blog Community. But i have created a blog which explains about all the Gossips around the world, how should i Promote that? Where should i find Bloggers for particular topic?

  54. Great post. I’m about one week old in the world of blogging and this article is really useful.
    Most of the articles just keep emphasizing SEO and “spamming” links.

  55. Great Article for Newbie Bloggers like me, Not even 1 point should be missed by anyone, By the way, I’m new to twitter, Can you give some tips to build connections in it?

  56. I know from past experience that guest posting is definitely one of the best ways to get good backlinks and great for traffic, so take my advice and do that because its a guarantee that you get a powerful anchor text backlink and some kind of traffic. It works well for me and why not for anyone else??

    I have made a new blog recently, I’m going to be writing guest posts for targeted traffic!!

    Wish me luck!!

  57. Using social media before you start your blog or start publicizing it and advertising it is a great way to get some awesome free traffic. For example on several of my niche blogs I decided to invest time into StumbleUpon and Pinterest accounts which I used for several weeks religiously. I would add content from a variety of users, vote on it, share it, like it, etc. I would build up relationships, partners, etc. Then once I was a daily user, active and had active friends I would integrate my brand and links, beginning to share my content. It worked like a charm. This is a great genuine way to get traffic and looks way better than sharing only your stuff. Do this while you are working on your new blog, not when you have your first or second post. By the time you are done with the social accounts you should have several weeks of posts ready to go. You look a bit more professional.

  58. Also add Google+ and Pinterest,Google+ will help in both for the SEO and traffic and Pinterest drive Nive traffic if you it wisely.

  59. The real fact is that the best traffic you can desire or plan to have for your site is SEO because the traffic coming there are really unique and ready to learn something from you. there are many more ways but i choose SEO first before any other. thanks for sharing

  60. According to my experience the best way to get targeted traffic towards a new blog is to start working on content and dominate Google. Although social media traffic is worthy but has almost lowest conversion rates you could imagine. Video Marketing works fine but again its the content that attract readers

  61. Rahul,

    Great job here!

    Getting traffic to a new blog is a challenging process, the greatest part of the challenge being that you do not have a reputation on your side.

    I completely agree with the idea of commenting extensively on other blogs. That strategy can work wonders when you have something insightful to say. I have left comments that have brought me more than 100 visitors in a couple of days.

    The key is to take your time and say something that adds value to the post. Don’t be in a hurry to be the first. Just say something thoughtful on a popular blog, and say it intelligently – the traffic will come.

    Then, rinse and repeat.

  62. Good post joining blogging communities is a great way to instantly increase your visitors because everytime you add a new post your blog is updated on those blogging communities for some instant traffic.

    PDF sharing sites, document sharing sites, forums, press releases, blog commenting, these are all good strategies also.

  63. Hello there is only one new thing I have notice in your article and that was video uploads I was doing everything to promote my article on search engine but this was one of the new idea I have taken thank you for this such a nice article.

  64. wow really nice artical dude before reading this post i didn’t know that facebook and twitter are the good source of visitor thnxx again man ;)

  65. Thanks Rahul,
    All your tips are correct and I think there is only one I did not do and have not done. It’s creating a video for my blog. I will implement this very soon…

    Thanks for sharing

  66. 2 cents from my side Rahul, I don’t wanna repeat what others said, but all I want to say is “Great post” (Like spam commentators :D)

  67. Rahul, you really write awesome not doubt, I am totally agree with your first two points. But still I want to know “Could you suggest some tips for increasing Twitter or Facebook followers?”. I a SEO writer, wondering for something that help me to increase followers.

    1. Hi Sunil,

      Follow gurus in your niche to increase your Twitter followers, and try spending more time on Facebook groups to grow your Facebook likes, try embedding your own friends into your Facebook pages is also the best way to start with!

  68. Great tips, but I’ve got to disagree on not going for the guest blogs. That’s such a great way to promote your own blog, I think any new blogger would me remiss NOT to do it. You should still certainly focus on other networking tactics, but getting a guest post on a top blog ASAP is, I think, the best way to quickly get your traffic numbers higher.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Shafi, if you have any doubts, use my blog’s contact form to get in touch with me :)

  69. Thanks for sharing, This is really a very informative article for all new bloggers who are learning how to get traffic.

  70. These are some great tips Rahul for generating traffic to a new blog. SEO plays a huge factor as we all know, but I’ve recently been getting more and more involved in networking on Facebook an Twitter which has been a great source of traffic for me. Keep up the great work.

    1. Hey Fabrizio,

      How are you doing? SEO is the game changer for any blog, for a new blog SEO is the single most important factor to differentiate from others…

  71. Nice Tips Bro

    Just started my new blog, First I am concentrating in writing some detailed articles and then I will concentrate in SEO

    1. If you got any doubts, you can check out my blog and use my contact form to connect with me, I’ll be glad to help you :)

  72. Wonderful tips Rahul :) In my opinion, it is very important for a newbie blogger to reach out and make connections as much as possible. Blog commenting, interacting in social media (without getting off track, of course) and making genuine connections will help newbie bloggers not only for generating traffic to the new blog, but also for the long run!

    1. Hey Jane,

      Nice to see you here.. yeah, creating a network around our blogs is essential to grow our business… and it takes some time and efforts to do that.

      Thanks for stopping by

  73. I have found very good results by making friends with other bloggers on facebook. That will give you the first kickstart.. Great post!

  74. I think Facebook and twitter are a good place for getting traffic when your blog is new,everyone will come to know about your posts and updates through facebook and twitter,and as always SEO is really important to get traffic through google :)

  75. Yes, getting traffic to a brand new blog is really a hard task, especially because it does not get ranked higher on the search engines initially. I usually make use of social media websites and guest posting to get more traffic to my new blogs. Anyways, thanks for sharing this awesome post Rahul.

    1. It’s almost impossible task to those who’re just starting out… they’ve to follow many things to make their blog more better…

  76. Whenever I launch a new blog I go on a blog commenting spree. It is a technique you can use without any fear of being penalised. The next favourite is a Guest Blogging but it takes a lot of time and the results are not that quick. Video promotion requires a very different kind of content than the usual pics and articles we share. So it has too not worked out well.

  77. I think the best way like you said is networking and blog commenting. Twitter can go a very long way in building relationships with other bloggers. If you can get in with a few good ones it can really take you a long way in a short amount of time.

      1. Yes, you are right. Another tip I always tell people is to call people by theirs names when you are commenting. It goes a long way in building that initial bond. Most people do not think about that, but it really does help.

  78. Among all listed tips I would consider SEO as one of the main factor to rank well. As, on/off site SEO is capable to bring lots of free traffic to the site in the form of organic traffic.

  79. article is really nice…..and after reading this post i am spending more time on article writing but i have problem i am not getting traffic from twitter..i used to get good traffic from Facebook but just because of many share on Facebook, when someone clicked on my post link Facebook asked from people is this site is spam or not spam this thing reduces so much traffic…….!!!

  80. Nice Article. I would also suggest to use stumbleupon and other social bookmarking sites to increase traffic.

  81. Hey Rahul

    These are some great tips. I generally don’t write posts of more than 400 to 800 words. Most readers scan over your posts so I would only write something more than 800 words if I really felt strongly about something.

    I find by networking with other bloggers my traffic has increased immensely. I always had a decent amount of organic traffic but I use Twitter and Google+ as well to back this up. Not too much on Facebook yet. I don’t like the Facebook page system that much.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Surely people scan the post to see if it is worth reading? I hate reading anything short and useless, so I won’t invest time reading anything that doesn’t look helpful however long it is. I read long posts if I know it is full of information and ignore short posts if it is a fluff and filler post which most 400 word posts are.

    2. Hi Tim,

      Glad you like it. Yes, long articles bring more readers to our blogs and they act as ‘pillars’ to our blogs in the long run.

      But they often take time to finish. That’s why most people don’t prefer writing them . Haha, FB works better for me ;)

  82. Hi Rahul,

    I completely agree with you. Building one’s own network is an initial to drawing traffic to your blogs. Also, I personally feel that, writing meaningful posts which bear a contemporary significance will automatically draw crowds to your site/blog. Content should be very good. With a little labour the ultimate objective can be achieved.

    Sanjib Saha

    1. Hi Sanjib,

      Yes attention grabbing articles will surely attract many people :) Content and writing style should also plays a vital role in making anything go viral.

      Thanks for stopping by

  83. Gautham Nekkanti

    Great Article for Newbie Bloggers, Not even 1 point should be missed by anyone, By the way, I’m new to twitter, Can you give some tips to build connections in it?

    1. Follow the top bloggers, keep ticking your tweets and be active on twitter.. that’s what all I can give now :)

  84. I like how you balanced socializing and SEO. It really does take a balance of each. Once someone gets the site up and running with focus keywords, one of the easiest ways to get started with the off page SEO backlinking might be to grab a cheap backlinking service. used to be free but due to people abusing it it is now like $3 per month to get 15 backlinks per URL / post, I think unlimited URLS. is a one time charge of $7 to post one URL a day to 25 sites (then you can upgrade later to 3 URLS to 100 or 150 sites later when things start going ~ 300-450 backlinks a day is pretty sweet!).

    Now, IMAutomator is the simplest because you can just post one title and one description and away you go (good for beginners). Social Monkee is more complex. It requires one to spin the titles and description so it is different on each bookmarking site (more effective but more advanced).

    Another simple SEO step is to take the RSS feed of the blog and submit it to a dozen or so RSS feed aggregators. You only need to set this up once, then after that each feed gets automatically updated with new backlinks.

    Not to step on your toes about ‘just focusing on keywords first’, this is true. But for those ready to go the next step, start grabbing some easy backlinks right out of the gate.

    1. I don’t recommend someone to buy traffic unless they have some great content. Of course it’s worth buying, but one need to be careful to buy from trustworthy sites..

      Thanks for the comment :)

  85. Hey Rahul
    Getting traffic from twitter, didn’t work for me,I follow lots of people,even some follow me back but I don’t get traffic from traffic,Can you suggest me a way to get traffic from twitter ?

    1. Hi Ashish,

      To be honest, it dint work me yet. I’ve to focus more on getting traffic from twitter, I’ll tell you if I find something interesting :)

    1. Yogendra,

      That’s a good tip! I agree with you, YT marketing has greater potential to bring lots of visitors to our blogs, because it’s the 2nd biggest SE which is mostly ignored by newbies..

  86. Your post is always user-friendly. Superb writing in natural steps and tips. Will follow you for sure. :) But will you please mention some steps to increase followers. I have done about every trick and natural steps. But not good results. Please help if possible.

    1. Which followers do you want??

      Twitter fan following is v.easy, just follow all, unfollow who don’t follow you ;)

      For Facebook, you’ve to kick your butt off to get more followers, it takes time and you should actively participate on FB groups to promote your content.

  87. facebook and twitter are good sources to drive traffic to new blog. specially the facebook groups you can easily get traffic from these group with little effort

  88. Isnt this great now I am reading this article.
    when i started blogging was mystery for me but soon i get hell lots of support and now its a long time to describe
    While great article.
    A every newbie should concentrate in writing big article they have lost of reasons.

  89. Wow Rahul.. you’re amazing, I was searching for this kinda post for weeks, I luckily got the stuff from you :)

    2 cents from my side: new bloggers should focus more on creating timeless content rather than focusing on getting traffic!

        1. Thanx for the info Rahul.. These tips are a perfect demonstration for a newbie with a hope to write a blog, share his thoughts and earn with his blog. These are the building blocks. Kudos!!

    1. Really the best style of explaining a content you have.It was so simple and useful to all of us.Specially I loved the trick “Niche+Blog”..I own a sports blog,as you know link building is the backbone for high Pr,it is to inform you that lack of sports blog submission.Can you guide me that if i do guest posts in blogging,tech blogs will I get the same backlinks or i will be affected.Please help..

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