The Smart Guide to Build Email List Super Fast

Do you build email list for your blog? If not, you’re missing huge opportunities.

I am serious. Damn huge.

What if you have a mailing list?

Are you sure you are marketing your e-mails the right way? The most profitable way?

Uh-uh! I am not that sure.

Nah! Not every one can market e-mails. You need to know a few things. Things that are not generally revealed by people.

But if you really want to know more about Building Your Email List. Keep reading. ;)

  • Why You Need to Start Building an E-mail List
The Smart Guide to Build Email List Super Fast


1. Break the rules, do what you wanna do

Before you apply any tips give by anyone. Try to break the rules. Try something weird. Or something out of the box. Or probably out of the planet.Something that’ll leave both your readers and critics mesmerized?

Keep looking.

I can’t help you in finding ideas, can I? (Or can I?) ;)

2. Give something away

If you want people to subscribe you need to give something to them. Something worth their value.

But make yourself clear by stating that you’ll be sending more such cool, free stuff to the subscribers who choose to stay even after receiving the ebook.(or whatever you’re planning to give away)

3. Landing pages all the way baby!

Nothing better than a landing page with a cool copy.

Write a copy that converts. Convince them to subscribe. Embed videos, images and slideshows. Make them go WOW!

Don’t forget to place your opt-in form there. Just to make sure your opt in forms are cool enough use a tool like Hybrid Connect or if you’re really savvy go ahead and design your own form using css.

If you’re not good enough to design an optin go with Premise. (Until and unless, you’re ready to shed off hundreds (or even thousands of dollars.)

Checkout some cool FAQ’s about landing page on Meenu’s blog and some tips to increase more signups¬†using landing pages here.

4. Is your product worth?

You’re giving away stuff. But is your stuff worthy? Why do you think Neil Patel’s blogs have tons of subscribers? Have you ever observed Quick Sprout’s optin?

It has the value of what it offers. If you offer some thing worth 80$ for free then it is obvious that majority of the people will sign up.

But what if you give away a thing worth 80$ but you don’t mention it. In that case, it is just another boring freebie given away by a boring blogger.(I am serious, this is how people see some bloggers)

Tip:- Make sure you never act lame in front of your audience. Or there goes your reputation down the drain.

5. Make sure you stand out

Giving away the same thing as others won’t help you a lot. Try to give away something unique. Something that has never been given away before.

Stand out from the crowd.

If your competitors are giving away e-books, why don’t you give away a video course? (Make sure, you’ve made it. And also make sure it’s worth the hype)

6. Drive Traffic

You need to have traffic on your blog for loyal readers. You can’t get subscribers if there is nobody who is reading your blog.

Make sure you do basic seo and that you don’t shoot your readers away.

You can do guest posts, blog commenting, slideshare presentations and do your best to promote the heck of your content.

Publish less and care more about driving traffic.

Last words:

That’s it!

This is the simple step by step guide you need to build your email list.

The best thing is that step 1-5 can be done only one time.

All what you need to do after that is to get more high-quality targeted traffic.

So take action. Create your incentive and your landing page, share how much your product worth, make your incentive different and then drive traffic.

Start now.

Don’t forget to check out ¬†Why You Need to Start Building an E-mail List

Share your comment about what do you think about this simple strategy? Do you have any tip to make it easier?

Hope to hear from all of you in the comments.

13 thoughts on “The Smart Guide to Build Email List Super Fast”

  1. @Ahmed
    Building the Email list is very important and difficult task for any blogger. If you have the huge email list then you are king and in low traffic you can earn good amount of income that is the power of email list.
    And the mention point to build email list pretty good enough to start.
    Thank you for sharing this.
    ……………….. :)

  2. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong with my mailing list, every time I send something out less than 1% of people open the email and at least half a dozen people promptly unsubscribe. :(

    Do you think I’m not coming up with exciting titles? I thought my last one would be successful “How I Made Over $150 Writing Forum Posts” but Out of a list of nearly 300 only two people opened it and one was me when I sent it as a test! All my subscribers are real because I make them confirm via email before being added.

    I’ll keep trying, but I’m running out of ideas. :)

  3. I wish I would have started building an email list when I first got started online. I think that I waited way too long.

    However, now my main focus is to build my email list and begin building a relationship with them.

    I have never heard of Premise, I personally use Optimize Press for my Squeeze pages.

  4. Hi Ahmed,

    Now a days list building is must for long term success, first you’ve to build a list and then the next step is to build a good relation with your subscribers. 2nd is what really works for me. Thanks for sharing such a nice tips.


  5. I think every blog should have a mailing list otherwise he/she will miss a good income opportunity :)
    thanks for sharing this outstanding post :)
    have a nice day ahead :D

  6. Hi Ahmed! Building email list is one of the best strategies to build a successful and long lasting blog. It also helps in maintaining the targeted traffic to a blog. I loved the tips that you’ve mentioned in every best way that could be possible. It’ll be very helpful for me and others if you can share something more about the giveaway organizing tools and few of the well reputed email marketing tools or companies. Because I don’t think feedburner would be that effective if one has a big mailing list. Thanks for the organized tips. Waiting for your suggestions. Cheers!!!!

    1. I didn’t do giveaways before, so I couldn’t help you with this.

      For the mailing service, I’ve tried mail chimp and aweber. I really love aweber. I recommend it.

      Thanks for your comment.

    1. There are a lot of rules that you need to break to come up with new things.
      One example is what Brian Clark did with the copyblogger design. You signup to a membership to get the content and automatically you’ll be added to a newsletter.
      Brian said that the signups increased by 400%

      That’s some of the things you need to do.

  7. Ghazal Nezafati

    These is a really great article, thank you for sharing and I will implement these ideas to my auto responder! ;)

    1. Ghazal,

      Hold on, it’s not that easy

      For example, before you break the rules, ensure you know ’em first. Only then you can create your own rules and method of email marketing… isn’t it Ahmed?

      Thinking outside the box, works, if you know what you’re doing, otherwise you might be spending days and weeks… with little to no results.

      I only recently took list building seriously, as I know building assets is the only way to stay in business, and thrive. All comments I make on other people’s blogs will invite readers to my landing page, where I give them a nice gift (hint – it’s related to affiliate marketing/making money online…)

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