4 Reasons Your Blog Will Never Grow!

4 Reasons Your Blog Will Never Grow!

First of all tell me why should anyone read your blog?

No idea?

Let me clear your doubt why should someone read your blog.

People read your blog to solve their problems not to listen your bragging!

Blogging is not only the best way to make money online but it also provide a better platform to share your opinions and to build a brand.

Isn’t it?

But only few bloggers succeed online. Well, most of the remaining bloggers quit blogging within 6 months, how terrible?

Ammar is very lucky as he had recently completed his 6 months blogging journey and published over 199 posts, this the 200th post which you are reading now!

Coming back to the point. Why your blog will never grow and what can you do to stop it? Ready?

4 Reasons Why Your Blog Will Never Grow

1. Mediocre content:

If you have pathetic content and writing style then no one will be interested to read your so called blog.

Create something that you will be proud of.

Don’t post just another posts to update your blog. No post is better than the worst post. And I know it’s bit difficult to create great content especially when you are just starting out.

All you have to do to create better content for your blog is: being helpful to your readers. Know your targeted audience first. Then try solving their problems.

How to know their problems then?

Good question which I always love to answer.

Try solving your own blogging problems! I will explain you more better here.

If you are just created a blog and thinking what to write in your first blog post, you can write “How to write your very first blog post”.

You can rank more better in Google if you are the first person to write on the trending hot topics!

At the end of the day, you must create compelling content, readers will come one or other day for sure!
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2. Terrible design:

Invest some money on buying premium themes like Thesis or Genesis, their coding is so simpler and easy which can make your blog to take next level.

Make your readers easily to read your content. Don’t make your blog design complex! If you strain their eyes, they will go away.

If you can’t afford premium themes, just make use of minimalist themes like pagelines etc.

They look simple and easy to read the content without having any strain.

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3. You don’t network:

Creating valuable content alone is not enough, you must network with others in your niche. Spend some time to respond to your comments, email others to read your content, be in touch with your readers etc.

Blogging becomes much easier when you have like minded people around your network. If you have unique tone and content, you can absolutely stand out from the crowd to make a difference.

You don’t need to be creative marketer to network with others. Just focus on Win/Win approach i.e give and take policy.

It works better when you network with others. Try to help them and solve their problems, surely you will make positive impact on them.

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4. You spend time on wrong things!!

Instead of spending your time on blog commenting for 2 to 3 hours, spend that time to write quality guest posts for others. It can do wonders.

I’m not saying to stop blog commenting. But if you have less time to blog, spend time productively. And this is the best way to build your blog fast.

Guest blogging gives you:

  • Relationships with the author
  • Subscribers
  • You can steal their readers
  • Attract more traffic
  • Back links
  • You can be everywhere!

Do you know Danny Iny aka freddy krueger of blogging?

Here is a snapshot of Danny Iny’s traffic in his first year of blogging.

4 Reasons Your Blog Will Never Grow!

And look at him now! He is almost everywhere in the blogosphere. How does he made it? The credit goes to guest blogging!

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Over to you

What are the suggestion would you give to build a better blog?

Note from Ammar: Hurray! I’m so excited to announce that this is the 200th post on my blog. All the credit goes to you. Without YOU I can’t reach this position so fast. As you all know that I started this blog just about 6 months back. And it has been growing super fast from then with your support. Thanks for your love and I will promise you that I can do more better for you in the upcoming days.

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  1. ankur says

    Hi Bloggers, this time m new visitor on this blog and i read this article it was fantastic and valuable. In this article have new tips and tricks for go ahead. By this article we can understand that how to write content because content is king for any blog. Thank you very much for this article.

  2. says

    This was an Amazing Post Ammar and I agree with each and every point, especially the 4th one. I’ve seen many bloggers who waste time on not so important things and thus end up reaching nowhere.

  3. says

    Yeah right,blogging is not only the best way to make money but through it we can share our opinion .But for a successful blog, content must be well written,website design must be simple for visitors,which will make them easy to read content.

  4. Krishan says

    See I’m a student need to go to college and I come back to home near about 5:50 pm in evening after that I have 4-5 hours to spend on internet and in this time interval I write 2 posts if I do work regularly and with presence of my mind on work, so do you think it will be good to give my own written post to someone else, when I really did very hard effort to complete my post and find valuable content.?

  5. Joseph Adediji says

    Great post Rahul,
    i like point #3 and #4, i believe they are very important.
    Thanks for sharing your insights.

  6. Mahesh says

    I do agree with your point in quality content. There was a one post with a great and quality content received more visitors than 100s of other posts. Although I’m not sure about the how much the design makes the blog popular

  7. GoodTrader says

    Hi Rahul,

    we certainly have to spend more time writing Guest posts and network with other bloggers. Great post!

  8. says

    Nice article..
    I’m have been reading a lot of blogs recommending to guest post. I should really start guest posting now. :)

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