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6 Reasons Your Guest Posts Will Be Rejected For Sure

Probloggers and authority sites don’t hate guest posts like you may want to believe. But there are reasons your guest posts are sure to be rejected on their websites or blogs. These guys are human; they have catalogs of issues to attend – they need to attend to their teeming readers, customers, family, other businesses, and also attend social functions. So sometimes they are overworked and need time to rest.

Your guest post would go a long way at enabling these bloggers observe their siesta. They don’t have all the time in the world to do everything including writing daily posts for their blogs.

That is where you as a guest poster come in. They need rest, yet they also need to update their blogs. So who should update the blog at that time of need? It is you of course! So why think they don’t love your offer?

There are certainly some reasons your guest posts are sure to be rejected even at such time of intense need. We shall find that out later in this post.

guest posts

Why blogs accept guest posts

Blogs accepts guest posts for various reasons. They are not accepted just for the fun of it; they have a void to fill, they have a role to play, and they have needs to meet. Like I mentioned earlier, guest bloggers have workloads to take care of, hence there is need to accept guest posts on their sites. So the reasons include:

  1. Maintain regular update for their readers
  2. Provide their audience with new experience
  3. Give new bloggers opportunity to express themselves
  4. Have time to rest and attend to other pressing issues
  5. Get more traffic to their blogs

Now the question is, does it mean your post does not meet any of the afore-mentioned needs? There is certainly a reason why the blogger would gladly accept your offer because there are at least 5 needs I have identified, one of which your article should take care of.

Unfortunately, there are reasons your guest post are sure to be rejected even in the midst of problems begging to be taken care of by a guest blogger. Once we can identify these reasons, your dream of having your guest posts approved with speed on any website would come true.

Why your guest posts are always rejected?

Your offers are rejected not because the host blogger hates your face, or because you offended him sometime in the past. It is simply because they do not meet certain criteria. So note these points and fix them, and then see what happens next time you make an offer

write article

Not playing by the rules

Every blog has set rules for anybody who wishes to submit a guest article to it. The rules for blog A are different from the rules for blog B. Every guest author is expected to abide to the rules.


It is because they are the ones who are desperately in need of help. The host blogger owns the blog, pays the bills, drives traffic, built the blog reputation, etc. You are just looking for a ready-made place to help improve your blog reputation and increase traffic. So you are to play by the rules, not the other way round.

So what rules do you violate? You hardly have time to read the rules set on the blog; as such when you present your guest post, it flouts some sections of the blog’s rules. Why? You never read the rules, so there was no way to keep the rules you didn’t know of. Some bloggers don’t have the time to point this out to you. The best thing they think they should do is to dump your article in the recycle bin

Poor content

Remember the site you are approaching already has reputation. It has maintained a quality that kept its readers visiting on regular basis. The fact the site owner is busy doesn’t mean he should accept junk for his readers. It is better his site is not updated for weeks than to provide poor quality that would drive away his readers.

When you present a hastily assembled article that is laden with grammatical blunders, incoherent sentences, etc, what should you expect? That the site owner should accept it out of pity?

Of course, you should know better. To avoid this trouble, find time to write quality piece, with extensive research and reference links, and something highly informative. No blogger would ever reject quality content that should benefit his audience.

Duplicate content

There is nothing as embarrassing to a blogger than a situation where he discovers that the content submitted as a guest post on his blog has already been published elsewhere before it was submitted to him. One may find oneself hooked in this web if one doesn’t have the time to do a copyscape check on an article before publishing.

Some smart guest bloggers (so they thought) had submitted articles to me, only for me to later discover they had been published elsewhere. So one reason your guest posts are sure to be rejected is because they are duplicates. Google frowns at duplicate content; webmasters/blog owners frown at it, and even readers also frown at it.


Do you ever submit a sponsored post to a blog owner and tell him the post belongs to you? Somebody submitted one to me recently and told me to provide a link back in the body of the article to a particular website.

He said he was a content writer without a website. But I couldn’t just understand why the insistence of providing a link in the content when he said he didn’t have a website. He only tried to make me believe he was writing as a content writer on that site and that he needed exposure.

In that case, I felt a link in the Bio should do; but he insisted and I had no choice but to let him go with his article. It was obvious he was writing for an SEO site because I did a whois check on that.

If you try to lie to a blogger in order to get your sponsored post published, he would do his little research and discover the truth about the site owner and every other information he wants. The next thing is to throw away your article for trying to present a deceptive front. So try to be plain to the website owner if you are writing on behalf of a third party and leave him to make his decision. Chances are that he might publish your work if it is good enough.

Unacceptable links

Some people want to see guest post as a way of promoting their affiliate links. So, they just add links to their affiliate products or to affiliate sites they are promoting. I

f you were the blogger, what would you do?

Leave the links or bring this to his attention? Unfortunately, these are spelt out in the guest blogging rules on the “write for us” page of many of the sites. This automatically disqualifies your post.

Poor formatting

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, bloggers are very busy; so most of them don’t have the time to proof read your article over and over again. They don’t have the patience to begin to try to reformat the content you formatted poorly. To save their time, they just dump the article in the bin.

You can see it is not the fault of the blogger that your posts are not accepted; it is actually your fault. If you avoid those pitfalls, the blog owner would jump at your offer because it has something useful for him and his readers. But poor formatting is one of the reasons your guest posts are sure to be rejected.

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Provide the quality a blogger wants in your content, follow the set rules, be sincere while presenting your offer and you are sure to get your guest posts published on even the best of blogs and websites.

3 Easy Steps To Start a Guest Posting Campaign

Numerous words have been written on the importance of guest posting so today I am not going to count any except saying that it is a key to blogging success.
Starting a Guest Posting campaign or making it a part of your blogging schedule is necessary if you continuously want new readers and ofcourse who doesn’t like that.
To grab the audience of your competitors, it is the best way. I have done that so many times and always have enjoyed the result.

Steps To Start a Guest Posting Campaign

Here are 3 Easy Steps To Start a Guest Posting Campaign. I’m sure they’ll help you to start your first Guest Posting Campaign.

1. Make a List

Before getting started make a list of authority blogs in your niche. It won’t take much of your time since you must be already aware of the beast in your industry.

Don’t go high in the first time, if you are a beginner and have started to blog a month ago then start with blogs of a bit upper level not the ones on extreme height such as you start to write for ProBlogger.

In any way I am not saying, you can’t do that or you can’t write like any problogger but I strongly believe that you should own credibility first before you start guest posting. You have to write and practice more at your blog and only then you will be able to write for the bigger than yours blog.

So make a list of blogs for each month where you will guest post, I don’t like to write much so I don’t. On my own blog I have no proper time for posting but I make sure I write atleast 4 guest posts every month so that people will come to my blog and above all they will know me as a blogger and trust me, when I speak to them.

One more thing I would like to add is don’t make a list of 20 blogs in a time. Keep it short to 5 blogs minimum in a month and don’t over do or else you will lose interest soon. If you have selected 5 you can do much more with that than with the 20 more mediocre blogs you have added on your list.

2. Get Time

time management
You need to get time for doing this. Since guest blogging is for traffic only and it is not paid, bloggers are not willing to do it and rather prefer writing for their own blogs. Forgetting that they can make more money if they just get a bigger audience for their blog, so why not be selfish?

If you don’t have a writing schedule just like me even then it is not a very hard job and if you have a schedule than it is a piece of cake.

First of all, free yourself from any sort of clutter. Get yourself time by avoiding Facebook and Twitter and think how much time you spend online. I spend max 5-6 hours now so if I just pause some of my other work which is on less priority for a hour what I will lose? Possibly nothing, I think by doing that I save my time and do more things in less time.

If you are really interested to check Facebook and Twitter than stop yourself from doing that. It is nothing more than a game of determination. Blogging is more about passion so you need to be driven for that and if passion lacks there are chances that you will fail so always stay motivated for a better day at your blog.

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3. Sort Out the Content:

Once you have got yourself free and you have the list of the blogs, things start getting easy. Now visit those blogs and analyze the topics they cover. Have an insight on what they have covered recently and among their topics what they have been missing or any topic that they used to write on and it is a part of their category but they are not writing over that.

You can go with any of the above mentions either you can write in continuation of the blogs like write another detailed article on the recent topic that they covered or you can write on the topic they have missed.

In both cases, chances are more that your guest post will be accepted.

Since it shows that the content is not general and it is mainly written for the approached blog.

Last time, I wrote an article on ABT regarding Guest Posting : Why My Guest Post Got Rejected? and this is the continuation. So if it reaches you it is accepted, Kudos.

What’s Next?

Now you have determination to write, a blog where you have to write and content what you have to write. All what you need is to WRITE and that’s it.

Why My Guest Post Got Rejected ??

Earlier this month my blogging freedom got snatched from me. I planned to start a guest posting campaign. I made my goals and targets according to it. I started writing articles with a motto 1 article a day and kept my frequency low and thought to speed it up with time but sadly that day hasn’t arrived yet because I faced rejection from many blogs. Almost 20% of all my guest post got rejected.

First thing that came to my mind was the feeling that I am a failure later I realize I am failure for sure but not a loser at all.  I will try and win. ;)

Whenever my guest post got rejected I simply use to write to the author of the blog politely inquiring what was the reason behind not accepting my article. Most of the time bloggers reply because they have legit reasons for the disapproval.

As time passed on, I had a huge list of my mistakes and that were my weaknesses which now I am recovering from and sighting the positivity around my blogging career.

I have already realized guest posting is a very essential way to promote your word and market your blog and apart form it it is a great way of interaction and every other time when we write as a guest blogger we try to hit that blog which is ranking higher than ours so that ultimately it will benefit me and my efforts will pay me in future for sure.

One thing every blogger should learn is never lose the hope, never give-up and always be ready to learn from everyone around you. I began to lose but I was never late to press “Play Again

Coming back to the point after being the rejected one I still have courage to accept it that even those of my post which were published got much criticism but that is not the end but then on the other side there were bloggers and their communities that supported and appreciated my work.

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So why my Guest Post Got rejected?

There were probably more reasons then you might expect from anyone though I don’t mind being called a Blogger in the making.


When I started to guest post my only goal was to get more traffic only. I didn’t cared for any other thing and this was the point where I declined. Of-course you can not conquer the ground until you don’t have any good intention with the game. This was the only reason which is the base of all the reasons which I am going to share ahead.

I learned that what matters most is your intention not just in this field but everywhere else, in this life and hereafter too so make your intentions good, don’t turn that much hungry for traffic, readers, sales and what not.

All that counts in life is intention ~ Andrea Bocelli

Quantity over Quality:

I just wanted more traffic and the only possible way to get it done is writing more quest posts. Even today I write so less per week just 2 or 3 articles and when I am not mood there are weeks break but this summer I tried to write regularly and made up to 4 post every week even then I wasn’t writing 1 article per day and I really don’t take steroids to write 3 articles/day there are writers who do so but I can’t and that is why I lost the quality.

High Goals:

Well here the problem is not setting high goals. I must say have goals bigger than yourself but then do make them possible, do something for it. it is not just about setting them the actual part is how much of your time do you spend to make it a reality. How much do you kick out yourself from your comfort zone and do something which will make you successful.

I learned to go on skies step by step on my own pace which I enjoyed. I observed that don’t limit your goals but start from the beginning. Let the first things be first always, don’t skip it.

Going for Ease:

I am lazy as every other blogger out there. I just wanted to enjoy the perks of Guest Blogging without doing anything hard. I thought I am the guest so I will be treated like it as in real life but I was dreaming. When it comes to Blogging, your host acts like a guest. You are the one who provides him cookie so that he can publish your article. I use to submit articles without formatting and adding images and doing nothing related to tags/categories and other options in their dashboard. I don’t even proofread some of the articles because of my super laziness and procrastination skills.

I now understand the fact that I need to polish my article myself no matter how good is my article. if I will not do my work perfectly the host is not going to even read my submission especially if I am doing it for blogs that have ranking under 10k because if they have opened guest posting they possibly have more drafts from other and they literally don’t need my articles.

How I made my Winning Path?


Since now I have gone through the most common mistakes I made, the requirement of the time was changing but first comes the realization. I realized that I am not doing good which saved me from some big failures. I did a lot of research on :

5 changes I adopted are as follows:

  • Write on the basis of quality
  • Do research work, don’t just brag about what’s their in your mind
  • Follow the guidelines
  • Don’t set high expectations
  • Publish the article on your blog after rectifying mistakes :P

For sure mistakes are stepping stones in learning: make mistakes, correct them and WIN. Make sure to read this post about 6 Tips to Write Guest Post that Will Get Accepted Immediately..

Over To You!

One thing I really wanted to tell is that Bloggers are awesome people. They don’t pull you down by rejecting your Guest posts they want you to rise in a better way :) so never get disappointed the next time your guest post is rejected. Think that you can do better and prove it.

SO what you do when your guest post got rejected? I’d love to hear from you!

4 Reasons Your Blog Will Never Grow!

your blog sucks

First of all tell me why should anyone read your blog?

No idea?

Let me clear your doubt why should someone read your blog.

People read your blog to solve their problems not to listen your bragging!

Blogging is not only the best way to make money online but it also provide a better platform to share your opinions and to build a brand.

Isn’t it?

But only few bloggers succeed online. Well, most of the remaining bloggers quit blogging within 6 months, how terrible?

Ammar is very lucky as he had recently completed his 6 months blogging journey and published over 199 posts, this the 200th post which you are reading now!

Coming back to the point. Why your blog will never grow and what can you do to stop it? Ready?

4 Reasons Why Your Blog Will Never Grow

1. Mediocre content:

If you have pathetic content and writing style then no one will be interested to read your so called blog.

Create something that you will be proud of.

Don’t post just another posts to update your blog. No post is better than the worst post. And I know it’s bit difficult to create great content especially when you are just starting out.

All you have to do to create better content for your blog is: being helpful to your readers. Know your targeted audience first. Then try solving their problems.

How to know their problems then?

Good question which I always love to answer.

Try solving your own blogging problems! I will explain you more better here.

If you are just created a blog and thinking what to write in your first blog post, you can write “How to write your very first blog post”.

You can rank more better in Google if you are the first person to write on the trending hot topics!

At the end of the day, you must create compelling content, readers will come one or other day for sure!
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2. Terrible design:

Invest some money on buying premium themes like Thesis or Genesis, their coding is so simpler and easy which can make your blog to take next level.

Make your readers easily to read your content. Don’t make your blog design complex! If you strain their eyes, they will go away.

If you can’t afford premium themes, just make use of minimalist themes like pagelines etc.

They look simple and easy to read the content without having any strain.

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3. You don’t network:

Creating valuable content alone is not enough, you must network with others in your niche. Spend some time to respond to your comments, email others to read your content, be in touch with your readers etc.

Blogging becomes much easier when you have like minded people around your network. If you have unique tone and content, you can absolutely stand out from the crowd to make a difference.

You don’t need to be creative marketer to network with others. Just focus on Win/Win approach i.e give and take policy.

It works better when you network with others. Try to help them and solve their problems, surely you will make positive impact on them.

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4. You spend time on wrong things!!

Instead of spending your time on blog commenting for 2 to 3 hours, spend that time to write quality guest posts for others. It can do wonders.

I’m not saying to stop blog commenting. But if you have less time to blog, spend time productively. And this is the best way to build your blog fast.

Guest blogging gives you:

  • Relationships with the author
  • Subscribers
  • You can steal their readers
  • Attract more traffic
  • Back links
  • You can be everywhere!

Do you know Danny Iny aka freddy krueger of blogging?

Here is a snapshot of Danny Iny’s traffic in his first year of blogging.

DannyIny traffic_stats

And look at him now! He is almost everywhere in the blogosphere. How does he made it? The credit goes to guest blogging!

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Over to you

What are the suggestion would you give to build a better blog?

Note from Ammar: Hurray! I’m so excited to announce that this is the 200th post on my blog. All the credit goes to you. Without YOU I can’t reach this position so fast. As you all know that I started this blog just about 6 months back. And it has been growing super fast from then with your support. Thanks for your love and I will promise you that I can do more better for you in the upcoming days.

How To Get Maximum Benefit From Your Guest Post

Getting more and more traffic is a dream of all bloggers. This dream comes true only when you do hard work properly. Blogging is not an easy job to do. Well it’s not so hard when you do it properly. Guest posting is really a superb way to get maximum traffic to your blog. But if you don’t know how to guest post and where to guest post than your guest post will not generate a good number of traffic to you. There are some secret tips and some guidelines which you have to follow and you will absolutely get a good number of traffic towards your blog.Get Maximum From Your Guest Post

1. Choose A Right Blog

This is most important part to get maximum benefit from your guest post. The blog must have PR (Google PageRank) Must be 3 or greater. Alexa rank must be less than 1 lack. This blog (ComLuv) is a heaven of guest blogger and you will get a huge lot of traffic from here so this is a highly recommended blog for guest posting. If you choose a worst blog which have no traffic then definitely you are not getting even a single visitor to your blog from it so be safe that the blog you choosen for guest post is right and it will bring you a good traffic.

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2. Content Is King

I think you heard this sentence at least 20 times before you started blogging and now again. Why it’s so important? It’s because readers read the blog for getting knowledge not for wasting their time. Why the content of a guest post must be quality? It’s because you have to get approval for the post to be live on that blog. Its not the only reason but there is a more. If you will write superb content then the post will be popular on that blog for sure. It will be in light and more people will attract to it. They will read your post and will be impressed from it. They would like to read more posts by you and your blog have them so readers will go to your blog.

Content Is King

3. Building Backlinks

Backlinks give you help in two ways. They attract new readers to your blog and they also help in Search Engine Optimization. To rank first in search engines, High PR backlinks are necessary to have and they are also hard to build. So choose a blog which gives you minimum 2 backlinks in author bio and 1 in article.

4. Author Bio

“First impression is last impression.” Your bio must be spectacular and your blog’s link must be there. If people like your post then they will surely like to know more about you and connect with you and your blog to get such unique articles daily so try to make an author bio which attracts people use catchy words in it. You are about to get maximum so you also have to do maximum. Make the author bio blossom so people will surely like to visit your blog.

My Final Words

In every job you have to work hard and in blogging you also have to do so. No one can lead success without hard work. Do as more as you can for your blog and one day you will be in top. Yes, never lose hope. “Try and try but don’t cry.” Here is another small tip that before you put your post for review, Do read it as a visitor of a blog not like you who wrote the post. Check the post as someone else written it and you are reading it. Do change where you think its need to be changed and that’s it. So now do the guest post and get maximum benefit from it.