Proven Ways To Get More Traffic From Facebook

If you’re hit by Panda or Penguin. You’ll see sudden drop in traffic and it will take time to receive this traffic. Social networks are also best way to bring traffic to your blog. Facebook is one of them. I’m sure most of you already know.


How to get more traffic from Facebook?

Today in this post, I’m going to discuss few points to help you get more traffic from Facebook. So let’s dive in!

Proven Ways To Get More Traffic From Facebook

How To Get More Traffic From Facebook

Make your Profile More effective

This is first step to get more traffic form Facebook. You have to make your current Facebook profile more catchy and effective.


Add your site URL in your profile.

Give more background information about you and your site.

In this way, others can understand easily and will surely visit your blog. Don’t forget to share your article on your timeline. Don’t share too much links daily. Try to share some interesting and engaging statuses and photos.

PS: You can do same things for your fan page as well! :)

Increase your fan counts

I’m sure you already have a fan page for your blog right? and as you guys already know traditional ways to increase your fan count.

  1. Sharing your page with friends
  2. Placing like box widget on your website
  3. Telling your other social networks fans about your Facebook fan page as from twitter , Google+ , LinkedIn and some other social networks.
  4. When you reach certain count then your page automatically grows and you keep getting fans.

But the problem starts when your page is new and your website or blog is also new, you have few fans that show no charm to your readers to like your page on the other hand if you have good number of fans people do not hesitate to like your page. Problem is how to get this much fan count for this you can use two methods

  • 聽Use Facebook advertising facility
  • Buy some fans after that your page will flourish automatically because these fans will add trust in your page and people will automatically like your page , you can use freelancing services to do this or refer to this website to buy some fans

Build Strong Interaction with other Bloggers

If you want to get more traffic from Facebook, you have to build strong interaction with other bloggers. Do these things,

  • Add good blogger friends
  • Read their Content
  • Interact with them
  • Share their blog posts

If you do things as mentioned above, I’m sure they will also like to read and share your blog posts. In this way, you can drive more traffic from Facebook. In Simple words share their posts and they will share yours. 馃槈

Use Facebook Groups

This is another great way to get more traffic from Facebook. You’ve to be active in these groups to get more traffic.

I know most of group don’t allow to spam but here is list of few groups that you should join. You can promote your blog post there!

Download List of Facebook Groups

Things not to be Forgotten

Here are few things you should not forget. I’m sure these will also help you to get more traffic from Facebook

  • Sharing at right time ( when people are available at Facebook)
  • Sharing a thumbnail that attracts users
  • Sharing only what people need ( too much sharing can force people to stop your page’s news feed
  • Affiliation with other page owners having same niche ( share their posts and they will share yours)
  • Do not share links always ( also share some simple tips tricks , discounts without link)
  • Get your fans engaged by announcing some discounts and rewards to them.
  • Don’t forget to use your subscribers to get traffic. 馃槈

That’s all. I hope you like my points to get more traffic from Facebook. Did I missed any one? Do let me know in comments!

Happy Blogging. 馃榾

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  1. Pritam says

    Hi Ammar,
    I always read your blog post because this posts help me a lot to make my site more popular. I love to read your posts and this post is great as always! I have learnt many tips from this post. Thanks a lot.
    I hope you will write more post in future. :)

  2. says

    Thanks Ammar Bro i have download that list and its really an amazing list of all popular blogging tips groups which we have some of them personally joined earlier. Thanks buddy.

  3. Thundey Harwall says

    Nice Post Ammar,

    I have been enjoying some cool traffic from Facebook now, I have automatic posting to my fan page and on my timeline, I just hope i’ve known this some years back that I was ignorant about Facebook Traffic

  4. says

    Hi Ammar,

    So far the strategy that helped increase my fans on Facebook is commenting and liking as my fan page. I go on other fan pages with lots of fans and which are relevant to my niche and interact there as my fan page. I leave comments and if people ask questions I try to reply myself if I know the subject. This way I can put my fan page in front of a lot of people.

    I totally agree with you on posting pictures on FB. I always take a screenshot of my blog posts and post that together with the link to it.

    Thanks for your tips Ammar, really enjoyed reading this post.



  5. Micky says

    I agree your article . Facebook is the biggest social network nowadays this is very helpful for marketing your business in this way we can easily increasing traffic..
    Thanks for the posting.

  6. anis says

    Awesome article Ammar thanks for sharing this cool post

    Facebook is an awesome way to pull in traffic to your blog thanks for sharing

    Thanks for the free download very useful for me !

  7. Kabenlah Cudjoe says

    Hi Ammar,
    It’s has become obvious that we can never undermine the power of facebook. Those tips you’ve elaborated have being taken verily in good fate.

  8. shyantan says

    i know facebook is a very good social site to generate a huge amount of traffic.
    but now it is not so good because facebook has changed its algorithm and according to that the update does not been shown to every one , now you have to pay to promote the post in facebook

  9. says

    Hi Ammar,

    I agree with you, Facebook is one of a great tools in terms of generating traffic to your website. Once people have hit the like button, you’ll going to have a chance of getting traffic that leads to sales.

    You’ve shared a one of kind post!

  10. Gel Maine says

    hi Ammar,
    your post is awesome. I like the idea of using Facebook as a tool for generating blog site traffic. Facebook is great and it is one of the most well used social networking site. One you hit the your popularity in Facebook something happens. getting more likes on contents and your page will create awesome traffic to your blog site..

    thanks for the post awesome suggestion and healthy tips 馃榾

  11. says

    Most welcome Ammar Ali for sharing this valuable and impressive blog post. Really this is one of the good source of Facebook tutorial. Actually i never thought about using Facebook group for more traffic before for blogging purpose. When i interest to read blog, i just visit them and i think it would not only help for creative purpose but also help eliminate publishing. I guess i should start using them to organize everything and promote my blog as easy and random.

  12. says

    Facebook is great, better than twitter IMO… once a good post gets popular with facebook it seems like minded people will also like it and the domino effect happens. The hard part it creating content that people like enough to click the “like” button but it’s fun when unexpected pages get popular…

  13. Khaja moin says

    Creating attractive fan page is one of most important tips to attract readers.
    Polls on latest updates and adding some short videos of your niche can be more helpful.


  14. Jeniffer says

    Excellent post. I think that if you have large Facebook fans on your brand page then you can get more traffic.
    Also you can get traffic by sharing on big Facebook groups and with friends.
    Thank you

  15. Ahsan says

    Hi Ammar,

    Facebook is really a great place to redirect traffic from facebook to our site. You have added some proven tips already.

    Another thing you can add my FB group too to promote blog in your list


  16. says

    Great points Ammar, but i think one can get more traffic from groups and it is the most easiest way to do so, other than that one can place a popup window like your blog have which will increase the an list more quickly than anything else, thanks for the nice post…

  17. says

    effective tips….and i have a suggestion. can i ammar?
    it is a step by step procedure.
    1-join a number of facebook niche related groups (minimum 500)
    2-share your new post on your facebook fan page.
    3-share this fan page post to facebook niche related groups by simply clicking share——>group name
    4-it may give mass traffic frm facebook and additional facebook fans.
    thanks ammar to up my head…

  18. Satish Patel says

    Facebook has been a huge driver of traffic especially for blogs related to SEO, blogging and Make Money. Smart approach using above tricks can definitely help to increase more traffic than ever from Facebook.

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