7 Powerful Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Learn how to Increase Website Traffic Free

WWW is filled with tips about increasing page rank  and Increase Website Traffic.

Some stuff is worth reading and some is just crap, but believe me, this post is really gonna help you to increase website traffic, as I have spent two rare weeks researching for this post. :D

Particularly because it is just not an ordinary post, it is the collection of my experience in blogging and blogosphere.  So lets know what really is blog traffic? and how to effectively Increase Website Traffic Free in upcoming year 2013

How to increase website traffic? What is it?

It refers to the number of people who view your blog more or less often. It should be called “The Mother of Blogging” because if you have no traffic in blogging,  you are nothing in blogging, just as a mother is important for a baby.

Increase Website Traffic

7 Powerful Ways to Increase Website Traffic:

Without wasting more time I will be going straight forward share tips to increase website traffic. These tips will surely help you to increase your traffic in upcoming year as well!

1. Create a Powerful Social Media Strategy:

Social Media Strategy is the Major Weapon in success of a blog. If you build right Social Media Strategy and use it at right times and right places, you could certainly be in the Winners.

Some Social media tips are given below which are extracted from the articles of highly renowned Social Media experts. You too can follow them to increase website traffic for free

  • Post more and more engaging stuff. Stuff that call the people to comment more and more and like your posts more and more.
  •  Create your presence in all major Social Media websites and link your blog to them.
  •  Must include social media sharing buttons to your blog posts and main blog page.
  • Share your new posts regularly on Social Media websites.
  • Don’t just share new posts, but also give at least one hour a week to organize your older posts and share them to Social Media.
  • Try to build more audience on Social Media.
  • Use browser extensions or other SEO tools to save your time while sharing on Social Media.

The following Social Media Sharing websites are Must to Post websites:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. StumbleUpon
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Google Plus
  6. Digg
  7. Technorati
  • Give your 40% available time to Social Media sharing and Social Media audience building. It’s important and in this way you can increase website traffic within very less time.

Remember! The more you use Social Media to get your website more traffic, the more quickly you make your blog renowned to the world! ;)


2. Post Quality and Regular Content:

Another one of the most essential ways to Increase Website Traffic is related to your blog content.

As far as the blog content is concerned, it should have the following two qualities:

  • Always post Quality Content
  • Post your Content Regularly

Regular posting assures your continuous presence on the blogosphere which results in good search engine linking and higher PRs and Quality Posting assures your loyal visitors.

Loyal visitors are those visitors, who after visiting your blog once, find it useful and Bookmark it to visit it later. These visitors are the much needed asset for the success of a blog.

There are many methods of increasing loyal visitors, I will post them in a later post.

  • 12 Tips For Writing Engaging Content For Readers


3. Let not Alexa & Page Rank divert Your Attention

Many new Bloggers, (including me too when I was very new) wasted their precious time in judging there Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank. This is the first step of disaster for a Blogger.

If you follow the same pattern, you should overlook it as soon as possible.

Remember a few things:

  • No blog can get Alexa Rank of 1000 within a month nor a Page Rank of 6 within a month.
  • Just keep these things aside and Focus on QUALITY of your content and REGULARITY of your content.
  • Its simple! Just stick to the basics. Don’t try to be over smart. Analyze some successful blogs and see their writing and presenting methods. Try to furnish your writing skills.
  • Never ignore Social Media integration. As it is the biggest secondary too to increase website traffic, it is atraffic generation tool.

It is nice to see our blog getting more and more increased in Alexa Rankings but what you need is “Traffic” which could only be generated by sticking to the basics.

Focus more to Increase Website Traffic and When you get traffic, you’ll automatically get higher Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank.

  • Top 15 Killer Tips To Increase Page Rank!

4. Involve Yourself with the Blogosphere:

It is very important, as Blogosphere community is a great source to Increase Website Traffic.

Be yourself known to the blogosphere by following some of the methods given below:

  • By commenting on blogs (especially those with CommentLuv enabled)
  • Retweeting some Tweets of top ranking / high follower bloggers, it might also make them to Retweet your tweets too.
  • Making strong presence in all major social media websites.
  • Tweet different good articles from different blogs giving “via @BlogOwner” link.
  • Guest post quality articles.
  • Try to make personal contacts with some of the leading bloggers, so that they may share their experiences with you.

It will be my pleasure if you share some more ideas regarding involving with blogosphere in this Increase Website Traffic post in comments. :)


5. Give Attention to Website Theme & Loading Time:

Nice presentation of blog design and faster loading are the two factors which assure the number of loyal visitors to your blog.

If your blog has a scary look and navigation is difficult, your visitors will start neglecting your website even if it appeared in Google search page one. If you want your visitors to visit again and again, then you will have to choose a simple and easily navigatable design for your blog. It’ll surely help you to boost traffic and also increase website traffic with ease.

Pageload determines the time in which your page loads completely. It also needs to be good if you want your blog to be visited by a visitor every now and then and thus create loyal readers.

Pingdom Pageload Checker is a very good tool for Pageload information. It completely analyzes the performance of your blog and lets you measure each and every aspect of your blog/website. It is really a tool worth trying.


6. Add & Optimize Social Media Sharing Buttons:

Increase Website Traffic

Another way to increase website traffic is to add Social Media Sharing buttons allow your visitors, as well as you to share your stuff on Social Media. These buttons are added to many blogs. But the correct placement of the buttons is what matters.

Try to add the buttons on the eye-catching spots. For example just at the end of post. The reader who reads till the end will surely like to share it to others.

Add an inspirational text above the buttons like:

Found this article beneficial??? Share This to Your Friends. One of Your Friends Might be waiting for Your Share


Share This Post and Help Your Friends

Or you could use some better attention diverting sentence. Its absolutely upto you intelligence. (Sometimes, you also need to be a bit gifted to be successful, but don’t worry, not in all the cases)

Also focus on the color combinations of your sharing buttons. Set them perfectly according to your blog template design so that they shout the visitors to share your post. :D

7. Assure Loyal Readers by Creating Mailing Lists:

A strong mailing list has always been an ingredient for a successful blog. Mailing lists are a major source of assuring continuous traffic and they will surely help us to Increase Website Traffic. A person reads your blog post, likes it and wants to get updated from your blog.

What could he do??

No worries mate! Offer him something to do by adding a nice gadget for Email Subscription in well-optimized place.

The more subscribers you get to your mailing list, the more traffic you get to your blog and thus it will help you to increase website traffic

That’s it! How do you increase website traffic?

These were the 7 Powerful Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2013. So it is a very DENSE EXTRACT and might well help you. And I am sure these tips really gonna help you in the next upcoming year 2013 if you implement them rightly.

If you disagree with any of my point to Increase Website Traffic or want to improve myself, your suggestions are most welcome. I will never dislike your comments (even critical ones) but please be ethical!

Thanks for Reading these tips to increase website traffic. ;-)

If you’re looking for more ways to increase website traffic visit here.

78 thoughts on “7 Powerful Ways to Increase Website Traffic”

  1. Hi Bilal!
    Love your blog! Great tips.
    We are a new startup that teaches students the art of hustling (getting shit done and make money connotation, not the scam one). We are currently competing at StartUp Weekend right now. We would love to give shoutouts and/or feature any of your content in our website and blogs. Currently we are looking for all the exposure as possible in order to make a difference in our communities. Check our website and let us know! Thanks!


  2. Really great blog Bilal. These are really great tips. I would like to add one more point.
    Engage with your visitors. Talk to them , ask question , and tell about good points of your project. I am using Revechat software to engage with my customers. I talk to my visitors, whenever they need, I help them. It is the best practice to increase time. Show them other stffs related to their interest, share blog URLs. sometime I do videochat with my customers.
    Again thanks for this post Bilal. Keep writing. :)

  3. Hi Bilal

    Thank you for sharing these methods for increasing website traffic. You’ve pointed out some vital elements that one needs to consider and take care of in order to drive more traffic back to your own website.

  4. I always recommend to post quality content on regular time. It will help Google to index something fresh from your website which can give you higher ranking placement in search result.

  5. Bilal, what a great post with some really great tips. This is basically a guide book for all of us. Very much appreciated and I need to get busy on a lot of this stuff; once I get out of tax season. Yikes!

  6. Great post, Bilal!

    I agree with all your mentioned points. Traffic is everything. Without traffic, a blog is like a deserted royal garden. No traffic = No earning = No fame = No worth!

  7. Respected Bilal Bhai,

    Really nice blog pots. I appreciate all of your mentioned 7 points. You really rightly describe all the points. But actually , am think, Quality content and a related heading title can make difference in blog traffics. But, google page rank and alexa raking also require for such traffics. However, its great article. Just keep it up.


  8. Great article. Getting laser-targeted traffic is definitely something to die for and not that difficult to get. In fact I just discovered how to rank on top of Google. It’s not about keywords, internal links, meta tags, backlinks, guest blogging, social media or site maps… Of course, every little helps but there are easier ways to get tons of traffic and I know what I’m talking about;) To find out more click here http://www.wealthmoneysuccess.com.

  9. Blog/update your website regularly. The more you post, the greater the chance you have reach an audience plus it keeps search engines busy and happy

    Add the blog/site to search engines. Create a good, concise description for your blog, as well as relevant keywords.

    This might often be overlooked by actually writing comments on other people’s blogs/website might help drive more traffic to your website. People are always grateful for a comment. More often than not, they’ll click on your link and return the favour.

    Comment on people’s comments. A blog is meant to be a community. Respond directly to people’s comments, either in the comments or in a new blog post. This will engage readers so they’ll come back more often.

    Post on forums. Post answers to questions on forums; put your blog/website address in your signature. Don’t spam forums; make sure your posts are relevant.

    Write to other bloggers suggesting a link trade. Put up a link list of your favourite websites/bloggers and let those bloggers know about it. They might just reciprocate.

    Code your site with the best search engine optimization techniques. Google provides a start guide that helps you edit your code, to assist search engines in correctly finding and ranking your site.

    So how to get traffic to your website fast?
    Create pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for Adwords. Adwords is a Google product that places sponsored links to your pages on the first page of the search engine results. PPC can be expensive, but it brings instant traffic to your site.

    Market your site in forums. By becoming a frequent contributor in a website forum and adding your website in your forum signature you show your expertise in the industry and obtain traffic from the signature link.

    Provide compelling content to readers to gain backlinks to the site. Content-rich websites improve your PageRank in the search engines which in turns attracts other readers to post your link to forums, blogs and other websites.

    Start a blog that links back to your website. Blogs are common ways to promote a website, and they are free to install on your site.

    1. Thanks for adding up more tips to this already useful write-up to increase website traffic.
      I would suggest not to indulge in link trade. Back in 2012, it could have been a good idea but now it is like pushing yourself into a dark pit. Once you get penalized by google, it is hard to come out.

  10. Some very powerful, yet, very simply traffic building “traffic generating” tips, Bilal.

    Traffic is so important and is the “life Blood ‘ of websites and online businesses….

    As far as Blogs and websites in general, I believe Updated (fresh content) is a must, and I think this probably matters more nowadays, than even a year or so back….

    Stumbleupon seems to work well, though, for me it’s a case of gaining traffic in spurts(sometimes a flood, other times it may only be a few drops)….

    Site speed is one area that can make a big difference(nobody likes to wait forever for a page to load correctly and fully)…and site loading speed is something I need to work on…..(I have visited some very well known sites that have terrible site/ page loading issues–and I am not sure they really care too much)….

  11. Hey Shafi, Hats off to you man!! I really like your post specially 2nd and 3rd point Actually, I am waiting when my blog is famous like allbloggingtips. I started my new website this june. I hope patience and regularity is the key of success. Thanks for giving me a hope and thanks for sharing and by the way I am working on new website

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  14. Hi Bilal,

    I did search in Google for:
    working way to get targeted traffic 2013

    Your article was the only one with good information on my search.



  15. Hi Bilal Shafi,
    Your way is really powerful and i say you are a powerful talent man. .. I will bookmark your site and take the feeds also…I am glad to find a lot of useful info right here in the article. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Erik Emanuelli

    Great ways to increase traffic, here, Bilal Shafi,
    thanks for sharing!

    I should add be sure to build relationship with other bloggers,
    by also guest posting for their websites.

    Regarding social, there are some great (and secret) groups in Facebook,
    that you might want to be a part of, as they can bring you huge benefits
    (likes, shares, comments, and much more!).

  17. Dear Bilal a very good and useful article. As far as i think according to new SEO updates we should emphasis on Google Plus communities that are a great source of organic traffic pointing to your website, rest your tips are also great. I will follow them.

    Thanks for sharing Dear :)

    1. Yeah! Your point is also encouraging. Google monopoly is also being built over social media with a very fast pace.

  18. Hi Bilal, Great article bro!! Increasing website traffic is every blogger’s dream where they sincerely work on it. I really liked the 3rd point which you have listed above i.e. Alexa & Page Rank divert our Attention. Most of the bloggers are diverting their attention and also getting disappointed by Alexa and page rank. You have really listed some great ways to drive traffic to our blog. Thanks for Sharing!!

  19. Very well written Bilal :)

    Totally agree with you! Specifically with the points – regular update, activities in the blogosphere, optimize social share buttons.

    Hope am doing all the powerful traffic ways to improve my blog’s traffic.

    Thanks for writing this exceptional post!

  20. Sir nice post , i implement it on my new started blog and improve my visitors by implementing on your views.

  21. The attractiveness of your blog also plays a very important. It helps in keeping visitors stay longer on your blog and read more. Thank you for this amazing post!
    Hope to see some more amazing posts in the coming days…

  22. Hi Bilal,

    Well I think social media is the fastest way to increase the traffic to your blog, especially if it’s a new blog. But without great content, the people who end up on your site won’t do anything so it’s very important to write helpful content that solves your readers problems and helps them achieve their goals.

    Also making connections with other blogger is important, by linking to their posts or sharing them on social networks.

    Great post my man.Have a great day.


    1. You have got a good point, but Social Media generates quick traffic only, but SEO generates ever-lasting traffic!!!

  23. Oluwaseun Babajide

    Bilal, I agree with this post. Very well written. For me, number 4 is very important!

    Many thanks,


  24. wow great tips to increase website traffic.And specially i like your paragraph that don’t give much attention to Alexa.I see many people run behind Alexa rank but they don’t know that it is not much important.Any way Great job Bilal.Hope to see more articles here :)

  25. Kashyap Shreepathi

    I cannot find words to thank you… I’m a regular follower of this website. It has helped me a LOT! Thanks for the tips… Will definitely implement them!

  26. Very good Bilal. Worth for reading the whole article. Great point about commentluv enabled blogs to get more link juice. Love to implement this in my blog optimization strategy. Again, great tips….Bookmarked.

  27. Great article Bilal!

    #5 seems to be growing more and more important and its something I’m focussing on myself but I also agree with you on the other points you made. And I do like your idea about adding inspirational text, I’ll try it with my next article ;-)

  28. Hi Bilal

    This is a very nice information. I love to try these tips on my own blog sites. I hope it will work.

    This is awesome tips for everybody!

  29. this is a very helpful tips Bilal, providing such information like this is great. I agree that by securing social media presence you can have the tons of traffic you dream for. facebook and twitter are one of the most powerful one.. i can use this for my marketing campaign.. tnx for that givin advice :D

    thanks to you Bilal.. your such an awesome writer. You rock!

  30. Yes, Bilal, its really a well researched article. You have given very useful tips to increase the blog traffic.
    I am already working on some & try to implement other methods as well on my blog.

  31. i think drown yourself or your blog in to social media sites can be helpful to increase your blog traffic.
    Thanks for such a nice tips to get traffic.

  32. This is an eye opener, as i have not been practicing most of the tips on my blog. I’ll go and try them out and come back to give report on my website traffic. Hope it works, Thanks.

  33. Brilliant post, must admit that you have written your experience. I think you can also include conducting some giveaways and contests. Make a small ebook for your readers.

  34. Such a nice information @Bilal for getting traffic. I am also beginner in blogging. and I Like your No. 3 point it is universal truth for every new blogger. But i don’t care of alexa rank. I believe dailly update and good quality content on my blog.

    thanks for this valuable post. It is good for every blogger.

  35. you are right bilal social media is a great tool for increasing traffic, but some newbies don’t know how to utilize this powerful tool and take more and more advantage of it but i am sure after reading this post it will give them a lot of help thanks for the nice article and keep up the good work bilal…

  36. Great post Bilal, these are nice tips but i will like to add blog communities, sites like blokube.com, bizsugar.com, can also bring traffic.

  37. Mailing list is the biggest obstacle for me since my blog present in two languages. In change, I do engage more in related niche community and offline event and it seems works good on the traffic

  38. I’m not so sure on Stumble Upon and Digg anymore Bilal. Since they changed I haven’t been using them much. I wasn’t getting as much traffic anymore. But I am using Pinterest. (and getting traffic) Do you still see traffic from the other two? I totally agree about being too focused on Alexa and Google ranking. It all comes in time :) Having those share buttons set up correctly is huge too. Excellent point!

    1. Yeah Lisa! I’m getting most of my traffic from StumbleUpon! Its proved to me even better than Facebook and Twitter as far as traffic is concerned.
      Not sure about Digg, but the server of one of my friends crashed as soon as his post appeared on the first page of digg. (due to so much quick traffic) So, it really is a Social Media Website worth using!

  39. I was also putting my efforts on Alexa rank and page rank. I think which is a way of becoming over smart which just wasted my time instead giving me results. Those SEO techniques most of the time backfired. Bloggers please don’t rely on them. I agree with you on page load time. Visitors did increase when page load time was kept as low as possible.

  40. Hey dude thats the great way to promot my blog and definitly i will try these steps for my blog to getting more traffic. I am happy now because of my blog already get the page rank. My blog page rank is 2 now. I am trying to get more ranl. Please wish me. I just want to give you my humble thanks.

  41. Great and unconventional tips there. Nice post. The design and the time of loading influence a lot in blog’s traffic and bounce rate and yeah page rank and alexa rank don’t matter anymore. Great points there Bilal thanks.

  42. Great Content development Strategy with the right mix of social should definitely help people gain more traffic than ever. Nice list Bilal.

  43. Bilal, Increasing website traffic is every blogger’s dream & your research on this post for two weeks is worth and very helpful. Its very important to be active in social media to get good traffic, Good point mentioned on Alexa & Page Rank, every new blogger waste time in increasing the rank. If the quality and post schedule is maintained, ranking increases automatically.Following above tips will surely help to gain more traffic.

    1. Thanks sahil for your reply!

      Yes! As I stated that these are the best tips I’ve choosen from thousands ov them… So they must click!

    2. Hello sahil … sahil these tips are not as much hard as much we take them… i made all steps for making my site to top but still i don’t know the reason happening…. Google is not indexing my site…. If author or anyone can help then please help me please take a look at this site and tell me what happening with this http://www.allowmebe18.com please help me.

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