How to Make The Most Of Your About Me Page?

Your ‘about me’ page is an inside look for your readers.

From here they hope to gain insight on the qualifications of your expertise, details of your life or business, and how you will help them as a reader. Social Media Examiner’s research shows that people are almost as likely to share the information they read in Blogs as a newspaper or magazine. With Facebook and Twitter at every blog reader’s fingertips, you want to fashion a blog they’ll send out to all their friends. A stellar about me page could be the deciding factor.

In this post I’m going to tell How to Make The Most Of Your About Me Page? 😀

How to Make The Most Of Your About Me Page?

Making The Most Of Your About Me Page?


Your about me page should be very simple and easy to understand. Add following things to your about me page.

  • Who you are
  • Qualifications
  • Picture
  • What you have to offer

For them, not you

A common misconception is that this section of the blog should be used to outline every detailed specifics of what brought you to this point in your blogging career. As much as the reader is interested in who you are, they’re more interested in how you can eventually help them. Let’s face it, people read blogs for their benefit. Be concise in your personal details and cater them in a “you” tone.

Point out how YOUR knowledge will help THEM, to encourage their continual reading.


There is nothing worse than wanting to browse though a snippet of the blog’s author, and instead finding a biography on every success they’ve ever had. A blog’s main purpose is to quickly and easily inform the reader. When your about me pageis the exact opposite, you have a problem. Not only does this become annoying, but invites your reader to merely scan through the text, missing details they may need to stay a loyal reader of yours.

Hey, I’m relatable…

No one likes to be talked down to. 😉

No one wants to read a blog that touts all your accomplishments, which can in turn make them feel inferior. The social sphere is about connecting with people who you can learn from and relate to. When you are genuine and sincere, exposing imperfections, your readers will have more to grab onto.

Check out more

At the end, you should give a suggestion to your readers. It would be wise to point them to a particular post or specific section as opposed to suggesting they take in the blog as a whole. You should direct them to a starting point; somewhere that may generate curiosity, leading them to look around a bit more. For more info check our “About Us” page

While creating an ‘about me’ page may seem like common sense, it’s the most overlooked section of any blog. A reader wants to know that you’re qualified and have something to offer, and are still on their level. This is your chance to garner a spark in your reader, toting your talents.

Did I missed any point? Do let me know in comments! 😀

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  1. Nizam Khan says

    Excellent post and informative post! Well yes, visitors/readers are more interested in how one can help them. So, it’s good to be concise in personal details. Thanks for sharing and tweeted :)

  2. says

    I must to say About us page and profile are the most impotany thing for any blog development. Ammar Ali thanks for sharing this crucial topic with bloggers. Any website is measure with content and its about us page.

  3. Mohit Rajwani says

    Just updated my About ME page with the some of points you mentioned.

    Thanks,will be looking for such more tips from you :) :)

  4. Tarun Jaitely says

    Nice tips..
    About me page is as important as the content on your blog. Thanks for sharing these tips :)

  5. says

    Show your previous works. Tell them what are your skills and what is unique about you. Give your contact information for the readers to communicate to you easily.

  6. Jeniffer says

    well, this is true that if you place your qualification and your skills then you can get some clients as well. I usually try to connect my service page from About me page which gives me good clients 😉
    Thank you

  7. says

    An easy way to contact the blog owner is always handy, and the first place I visit for this is the About page. However, many a time I’ve seen someone’s blog and wanted to contact them only to find there was no way to do so! So a contact form, e-mail address, or Twitter @ inclusion is always vital – bung it on your About page!

  8. says

    WOW,Thats really great tips for making a About Me PAge Rock!!
    Thanks a Lot Ammar for all the Tips you have provided, I have been inspired a lot from YOu!!
    I Love ABT!!

  9. says

    I think some times good and tricky about me pages may create some affiliate sales:) i made my first sales through my about me page.thanks for nice tips!!

  10. Khaja moin says

    Many don`t believe but About me page can really help to bring more leads to business.
    Required that you provide with such information which turns user to customer.
    Adding subscribe box, and recommending products used by you can bring much more.

    Hey Ammaar! If you don`t mine thinking to write more about it on my blog.


    • Ammar Ali says

      Thanks Khaja for commenting. Sorry, I didn’t get your last words. What do you mean? :)

  11. says

    It’s true!! My About page is the 2nd or 3rd most visited page on my site. Also I think that adding a photo is a good move as well. And a well written About Me page clears all doubts of your reader.

  12. says

    Providing a Real face & Photograph builds a trust about Genuine and Trustworthy Articles among readers which helps to get more subscribers and traffic. I read your Post and I am glad that I have created a Good About Me page. Thank You

  13. Nicky says

    These are really great tips for an about me page. I never thought the about me is a very important page. I give a very general description. Just something so people will get satisfied. However there is alot more then that.

    I like the tip to add a link to send your readers to a specific part of the website. Right now im not doing anything at all. People who visit the page will only read a short Bio about my website. Sending them to a specific part of the site can make the page very useful. Thanks for sharing this. I will use this tip on my website.

  14. says

    Nice tips given to write about me. I will also follow them all when I will make a ABOUT ME page. Thanks for all helpful tips.

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